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Unique split bushing design, Maintenance-Free Self-lubricating Bushing design self-lubricating bushings through plain bearing & self lube bushings surface engineering technologies.

  • Learn about self lube tribological PTFE/POM composite sliding layer coating bushing products.
  • Learn the benefits of plugged graphite self lube oilless bushing with traditional bearing solutions
  • Learn about the advantages of sliding bushing coatings in a design
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steel backed bushing

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Beyond Bearings: Enhancing Performance with Self-lubricating Coated Bushings Material

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free bearings made from a high-performance self-lubricating material

On-Demand: Self lube bearings a wide range of applications, including automotive, mining, pumps, valve, hydraulic bushing, and industrial manufacturing.

As flange or straight bushing bearings can affect other components including housing, shaft, and support structures, selecting the right automotive metal self lube bearing is critical for car…

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Discover friction and wear reduction oilless bearing & bushing solution that offers optimum tribological properties and improved self-lubricating bearings surface technology, use PTFE, POM coated, or plugged graphite, bimetal bearing technology: steel-backed bronze bushing.

The construction of these Self-lubricating Bushing & Bearings enables them to carry moderate radial and thrust loads at low operating torque while providing high performance with self-lubricating… and lightweight.


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Design your lubricating bearings, custom self-lubricating bronze bushing dimension and bearing material.

  • Customized a self-lubricating bearing size & material design solutions that are efficient and environmentally sustainable for your demand plain bearing bushing parts.
  • Plain and Self-lubricating Bushing & Bearings start at a small size to larger mm sizes, get your customized lubricating bearing parts .

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Principles of self-lubricating bearing material selection

Review self-lubricating bearings data applying composite dry bushing material coatings to applications and seeing significant improvement to design & performance

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A variety application of self-lubrication Bearings.

Self-lubricating Bushing Bearing Applications
Automotive Seat Self-lubricating Bushing Applications

Applications include Fan Motor Bushing, Printer Bearing, Scanner Motor Bushings, Cylinder Motor Bushing, Automotive Seat bushing.

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