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Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating custom-made bronze thrust washer, C863 bronze thrust washer, C954 aluminum bronze thrust washer, phosphor bronze thrust washer other bronze thrust washer material all over the world. Graphite thrust bearing washer is the standard solution.

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The graphite washer uses metal-to-metal contact to compress and control the graphite density and seal. The graphite volume before and after compression is precisely controlled by special structural design and molding process, and the compression and spring back of graphite ring are used to achieve sealing and ensure the minimum creep rate. Under a very small sealing surface pressure (35~ 50MPa), the overall structure can also meet the assembly rigidity. Through the control of metal-to-metal contact, graphite density increases and reaches the sealing state, especially suitable for thermal transient, pressure circulation occasions, its sufficient rebound also ensures the stable sealing performance in long time use.

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graphite bronze thrust washer

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Lightweight, low noise, oil free

With a large number of high performance graphite gasket self-lubricating bearing technology as an example, it is made of selected graphite specially processed. Graphite washer is graphite with high force brass arranged in order. The graphite volume before and after compression is precisely controlled by special structural design and molding process, and the overall structure can also meet the assembly rigidity.

Metal – to – metal copper sleeve high performance graphite self – lubricating bearing technology

Bearing damage and  failure analysis

Self-Lubricating Thrust Washer, High Performance Graphite Washer

The self-lubricating thrust washer combines the wear resistance of copper alloy (ZCuZn24Al6) with the self-lubricating performance of solid lubricant, so that it does not need to be refueled during service. The products are widely used in high load, intermittent or swing motion, such as steam engine production line, water turbine, reservoir work/accident gate, plastic machinery, etc. Various types of copper alloys can be supplied according to the working conditions used.

bronze thrust washer
bronze thrust washer
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Bronze Wear Plate Bronze Thrust Bearings With Graphite Plugs

Thrust bearings have been developed for high load, low speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as lubricant.

Metal self – lubricating bearings metal – to – metal contact

Taking high performance graphite gasket technology as an example, it uses the choice of flexible graphite copper gasket. When the seal is tightened, the gasket contacts (also known as metal to metal contact), and the sealing effect comes from the final compaction of the seal.

Metal-to-metal contact enables a rigid mechanical contact independent of the graphite seal, thereby breaking through the limitations of general mechanical assembly and protecting the seal ring. The elastic recovery capability of the graphite seal will be fully utilized for sealing, and this sealing mechanism also enables the sealing ring to be protected in case of over-tightening. In extreme pressure and temperature applications, this design also prevents failure of the graphite section of the gasket (the sealing section) under transient excessive loads.

Bronze Thrust Washer, self-lubricating

Base Material: Special Brass (Bronze Thrust Washer)
Self-lubricating: Yes
Lubricant: Graphite
Surface Pressure P: 100 N/mm²
Sliding speed v: 30 m/min
P*v-value: 200 N/mm² x m/min
Operating temperature: -50°C / +200°C (max. 300°C)
Friction coefficient: 0,07

Oilless Washer, self-lubricating

Base Material: Special Brass (SO#50SP2)
Self-lubricating: Yes
Lubricant: Graphite
Surface Pressure P: 100 N/mm²
Sliding speed v: 30 m/min
P*v-value: 200 N/mm² x m/min
Operating temperature: -50°C / +200°C (max. 300°C)
Friction coefficient: 0,07


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Oilless Washer Size Chart

Price and delivery time on request,  Please choose the Shaft diameter, find your oilless bronze washer parts.

Graphite Thrust washer without mounting holes, self lubricating

OILLESS WASHER Shaft diameter Inner diameter d Outer diameter D
bronze graphite washer 10 10 10,2 30
bronze graphite washer 12 12 12,2 40
bronze graphite washer 16 16 16,2 50
bronze graphite washer 20 20 20,2 50
bronze graphite washer 25 25 25,2 55

Oilless Washer Size Chart

Price and delivery time on request,  Please choose the Shaft diameter, find your oilless bronze washer parts.

Washer, self-lubricating with mounting holes, 

Oilless Washer, self-lubricating Shaft diameter Inner diameter d Outer diameter D D1 l r M (ISO 10642)
Washer, self-lubricating10 10 10,2 30 20 3 0,5 2xM3
Washer, self-lubricating12 12 12,2 40 28 3 0,5 2xM3
Washer, self-lubricating13 13 13,2 40 28 3 0,5 2xM3
Washer, self-lubricating14 14 14,2 40 28 3 0,5 2xM3
Washer, self-lubricating15 15 15,2 50 35 3 1 2xM3
Washer, self-lubricating16 16 16,2 50 35 3 1 2xM3
Washer, self-lubricating18 18 18,2 50 35 3 1 2xM3
Washer, self-lubricating20 20 20,2 50 35 5 1 2xM5
Washer, self-lubricating25 25 25,2 55 40 5 1 2xM5
Washer, self-lubricating30 30 30,2 60 45 5 1 2xM5
Washer, self-lubricating35 35 35,2 70 50 5 1 2xM5
Washer, self-lubricating40 40 40,2 80 60 7 2 2xM6
Washer, self-lubricating45 45 45,3 90 67,5 7 2 2xM6
Washer, self-lubricating50 50 50,3 100 75 8 2 4xM6
Washer, self-lubricating55 55 55,3 110 85 8 2 4xM6
Washer, self-lubricating60 60 60,3 120 90 8 2 4xM8
Washer, self-lubricating65 65 65,3 125 95 8 2 4xM8
Washer, self-lubricating70 70 70,3 130 100 10 2 4xM8
Washer, self-lubricating75 75 75,3 140 110 10 2 4xM8
Washer, self-lubricating80 80 80,3 150 120 10 2 4xM8
Washer, self-lubricating90 90 90,5 170 140 10 2 4xM10
Washer, self-lubricating100 100 100,5 190 160 10 2 4xM10
Washer, self-lubricating120 120 120,5 200 175 10 2 4xM10
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Bronze thrust washer widely used in automotive products line, water engineering, dam gate, plastic industries, successive casting machines, steel rollers in metallurgy industry, mineral machines, ships, turbo generators, hydraulic turbines and injection molding machines, etc..

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Bronze thrust washers are available in metric and imperial sizes.

Bronze Thrust Washer With Graphite


  • Solid lubricant film
  • Solid lubricant plug
  • Bronze backing

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bronze thrust washer
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Thrust washers – maintenance-free, made of steel-backed- PTFE/POM

Composite dry sliding thrust washers are designed for applications where axial space is limited, maintenance is not possible and where lubricant starvation can occur.

Fiberglide bushing self-lubricating washer fabric
PTFE composite bearing

Dry Thrust Washer 

As well as for composite bushings and strips, supplies composite dry thrust washers as standard from PTFE and POM composite materials.

thrust bearing

Dry Thrust Washers, Steel Backed PTFE Washer

  • Self-lubricating washer and maintenance-free
metal polymer bearing

Excellent price/performance ratio

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POM composite steel backed thrust washers

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