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China Company of Self-lubricating Bearings, Sesimic Isolation and Vibration for Various Industries. Oilless Bushing. Bronze Castings. Straight Type. Material Base Solid lubricant Bushing. Machined parts manufacturer with fabrication and tool room capabilities. We specialize in everything from high-volume production runs to sample run offs and prototyping. Supply of C863 Manganese Bronze Bearing and Slide Plate. C863 Manganese Bronze Plate meets SAE 430B specification.

  • Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Demonstrates high performance under high-load and low-speed operations.

  • Metallic Bearings, slide bearing manufacturer

  • Plain Bearings and Sleeve Bearings, Made of solid aluminum bronze with self-lubricating graphite. Guide Pin Bushings are available in all industry standard metric and inch sizes. Custom Sizes are now Available!

  • wrapped bush rolled bronze bushing supplier

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Custom manufacturer of precision machined parts including oil-free bearing bushing and thrust washers made from bronze. Manufacturing stocks an inventory of plain bronze sleeve bushings in industry standard sizes. Guided Ejector Bushings, Made of solid aluminum bronze either with or without self-lubricating graphite Guided Ejector Bushings come in a variety of industry standard sizes. If a standard size won’t work for your application, We can easily make a custom size. Please contact us. has excelled in manufacturing durable, trusted oilless bushing bearings for products around the globe. Our oilless bushing bearings are the top choice for manufacturers in the automotive, marine, and industrial markets. A lot of customer reviews and the high quality oilless bushings buy from us have proven this.

Standard graphite patterns. For special graphite requirements, please contact our bearing company for assistance.

Oilless bronze bearing bush self-lubricating with ...

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oil-free bushing bearing

Non ferrous Bushes, 2.0966 bronze material equivalent Oilless Bushing, Graphite Solid Lubrication Materials

Graphing Bearing, Graphite filling is provided on all grooved and drilled parts. Graphite filling is used in grooves and drilled holes because of its self-lubricating properties. Graphite filling is perfect for bushings used intermittently or in low speed environments where the RPM required to form an oil film does not exist. Graphite also works well in high speed environments because it provides lubrication during start-up and shutdown as well as sudden shock load situations.

Custom manufacturer of bronze bearings, cast bronze alloy, aluminum bronze bushing, bronze oil free washers using various machining and CNC machining services. Agriculture, construction, automotive, electronic, electrical, medical, military and other industries served. Made of solid bronze in a wide range of industry sizes, and Shoulder Bushings – Metric, Oil Free Bushings – Flanged, Standard, “Flanged, less likely to pull-out.” Oilless Bushing Feature :Maintenance-free. Excellent wear resistance in applications where oil film formation is difficult such as reciprocating, intermittent or oscillating motions under high loads and low speeds. Aluminium bronze Bushings: Aluminium bronze is a copper-based copper-aluminum alloy that is resistant to seawater, acid and abrasion.

Oil Free Bushing – Brass Alloy, Straight and Flanged Sleeve Bushing – Select, configure, order.

Manufacturer of standard and custom flange graphite washers made from bronze.

As a reliable oilless bushings supplier, we aim to supply the best oilless bushings that cater to the varying needs of our customers. We can be produced according to the customer’s mold oilless bushing design drawings, and our company can refer to technical requirements and standards for production such as “MISUMI”, “Disc”, “HASCO”, “DME” “FIBRO” “DANLY”. Greaseless bushings and bearings, Work in High Temp & Submerged Applications!

2.0966 material equivalent cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze bushing with graphite
Oilless Bushings

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Self-lubricating and maintenance-free, Bearing with Graphite insert. Bushings From China – Quality Components & Solutions. Cast Bronze Bushings with Solid Lubricant Inserts. Oilless bushing – Oilless Self-lubricating Tech, We Strives to Offer Cost-saving, Stable Performance Bearings and Bushings. Contact Us. 100% Quality Guaranteed. Worldwide On-time Shipping. View Our Products. Contact Us…Industrial Bronze Bushings – Made to Order Copper Alloys. Saves You Time & Money In Research, Design & Production Costs. E-mail Now! Copper Alloy Bars , Plates & Parts Specialists For Manufacturing & Machining Of All…

Die Bushings Available either with or without self-lubricating graphite, Die Bushings and Plate are made of solid bronze. They are available in all industry standard (inch) sizes.

  • Cual10ni5fe4 equivalent material, Made with solid aluminum bronze with or without graphite.

  • 2.0966 cual10ni5fe4 bronze bushing with graphite

  • cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze bearing bushing, Made with aluminum bronze and available with or without graphite.

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Metal Bushings: The Self-Lubricating Effect – Oilless Bushes.

Choose from our selection of self-lubricating bushings, including plugged graphite sleeve bearings, dry-running sleeve bearings, Metallic & Self-Lubricating Bushings and more. Bronze Bushing Sleeve Bearings!Made of solid aluminum bronze either with or without self-lubricating graphite cast bronze bushings – Metric come in a variety of industry standard sizes. If a standard won’t work for your application, We can easily make a custom size. Please contact us.

Self-lubricating bearings type
composite bearing

Bushings and Plain Bearings – Lubrication.


Metallic Self-Lubricating Bushings.

Oil-free bearing Supplier, Supplies for Oilless Bushing.

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We manufacturing self-lubricating maintenance-free bearings tailored to your needs.

What is an oil-free bearing bushing? How to lubricate oil-free bearings?

Suitable for vertical use. Reduces the time of manufacturing and assembling the housing. Since Oil Free Bushings do not project from the bushing mounting position. According to the different frictional properties, bearings can be divided into sliding bearings and rolling bearings. There are various classification methods for sliding bearings according to the direction of load, the type of lubricant, the nature of the lubricating film, the structure of the bearing sleeve, the material of the bearing sleeve, etc. Among them, according to the different types of lubricants used in sliding bearings, can be divided into oil-lubricated bearings, grease-lubricated bearings, water-lubricated bearings, gas-lubricated bearings, solid-lubricated bearings, magnetic fluid bearings, and electromagnetic bearings.

The so-called oil-free bearings generally refer to sliding bearings, which belong to the category of sliding bearings. If oil-free bearings are defined by whether the lubricant is oil, water-lubricated, or air-lubricated, then electromagnetic can also be included in oil-free bearings. Today we only introduce this kind of bearing that uses self-lubricating material or oil-containing material, which is made by a special process and works without adding lubricant. It mainly refers to inlaid solid lubrication bearings and self-lubrication bearings.

Oil-free Bearing, plugged graphite, solid lubrication bearing

Oilless bushings are made from PTFE, copper alloy, carbon steel, polyacetal resin & bronze. Oilless bushings are available in various models, dimensions & sizes … China manufacturer of graphite plugged bearings made from C95400 aluminum bronze bushing and C8600 manganese bronze materials. Available in up to 5 in. inner or 6 in. outer dia. and 9 in. length. Self-lubricating bearings for heavy loads and high-temperature applications are offered. Bearings are resistant to corrosion and hostile environments. Suitable for viscous lubricants, oils, and grease applications. Serves the manufacturing, architectural, oil, gas, power generation plant, marine, and naval industries.

Take JDB Oil-free Bearing, plugged graphite series inlaid solid lubrication bearing as an example, it takes metal material as the substrate, on the substrate (brass, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, cast iron, GCr15 and other alloy materials) orderly arranged with suitable size holes, then embedded in oil graphite, PTFE, molybdenum disulfide particles as solid lubrication material. When the bearing works under oil-free lubrication condition, the solid lubricating material will be gradually transferred to the working surface of the friction sub due to the friction heat, thus reducing the friction coefficient.

Inlaid solid lubrication bearings are widely used in light industry, heavy industry, construction, metallurgy, transportation and other mechanical equipment, such as: continuous casting machine, rolling mill, injection molding machine, paper making machine, mold guide pillar, ship, machine tool, etc. Flanged Bushings – Metric Made of solid aluminum bronze with or without self-lubricating graphite. Straight Bushings are available in a wide range of industry sizes.

Self-lubricating bearings -oilless bush, oil free bearing

Self-lubricating bearings are made of self-lubricating materials or oil-containing materials by a special process. Self-lubricating bearings are widely used in the sliding parts of various machinery, such as printing machinery, textile machinery, tobacco machinery, micro motors, automobiles, motorcycles and agriculture and agricultural machinery.

Straight Bushings – Metric, Made of solid aluminum bronze with or without self-lubricating graphite. Straight Bushings are available in a wide range of industry sizes. Made of solid lubricating bronze plugged graphite. Flanged Bushings are available in a wide range of industry sizes. China Oilless Bush manufacturers – Select high quality Oilless Bush products in best price from certified Chinese Bush, China Bushes

Oilless Bushings

Oilless Bearing Services: Custom Design, Engineering Support, Short Lead Times.

Oil Free Bushings, Oil Free Bushings, Washers, Linear Motion, Configurable components, factory automation, assembly automation, mechanical, Oilless bushing catalog, e-Catalog, Oil-free bushing bearings Online Sourcing, Online Quote. The oil-free bushing is a kind of novel lubrication sleeve bearing with both the characteristics of metal bearing and oil-free lubrication bronze bearing, the metal matrix bears the load, and the specially formulated solid lubricating material plays the role of lubrication.

Bronze graphite self-lubricating sliding bushings
Spherical bronze graphite bushings are formed from an alloy
The bronze has a porosity of 20-25%. The oil contained in its porosity allows for permanent lubrication space between the bearing and the shaft.
Advantages of the application.
The presence of oil reduces the possibility of scuffing.
Allows bronze-graphite bushings to remain operational
Thousands of hours without wear.
There is no need for lubrication.
They make very little noise.
The products are used in electrical equipment, household appliances
household appliances, printing machines, machine tools, etc.
Ordering: The products can be manufactured according to the customer’s specifications.
Bronze-colored graphite bushings can be purchased on the company’s website.

Graphite Solid Lubrication Materials

Bronze Sliding Bearing With Solid Lubricant Insert and Flange Bushing
Graphite is one of the three isomers of the chemical element carbon; the other two are diamond and amorphous carbon. Graphite crystallizes in a hexagonal system. Carbon atoms are tightly bound together in the form of flakes. Due to the weak bonding between the flakes, graphite shows a low shear strength under friction. Therefore, it can be used as a solid lubricant and has become one of the traditional and main solid lubricating materials.


Oil-free bearing is a new product required by the mold industry

Metal-based inlaid solid self-lubricating bearings (JDB for short) are a combination of
Novel lubricated bearings with the characteristics of metal bearings and self-lubricating bearings, made of metal
It belongs to the matrix to bear the load, and the specially formulated solid lubricating material plays a lubricating role.
It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, and strong self-lubricating ability.
the point, especially suitable for heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swinging, etc. difficult to lubricate and form
In the case of oil film formation, it is not afraid of erosion and erosion by water flushing and other acid solutions. wide
Large users generally reflect that the embedded bearing not only saves oil and energy, but also its working life
The life is also longer than that of ordinary sliding bearings. At present, the products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting
Machines, rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, water turbines, injection molding
Machines and equipment production lines.
1. Due to the requirements of special production processes, some key equipment of industrial and mining enterprises
Ready to operate under extremely harsh conditions. Due to the heavy equipment and high ambient temperature,
The dust is large or the air contains acidic corrosive gases CO, SO 2, etc., which will affect the lubrication of equipment.
Sliding brings many problems, serious friction and wears, so far, domestic
Most of the above-mentioned enterprises still use traditional oil and grease lubrication but in fact these
Mining conditions have exceeded the scope of oil and grease lubrication, and bearings and other
Biting or galling of friction pairs, causing severe wear and damage to parts, often
cause equipment outage. In order to produce continuous operation, except on the original design
In addition to requiring the installation of multiple types of equipment for wheel repair, a large number of maintenance personnel must also be invested. severe
The improvement of productivity is limited, and the consumption of spare parts and energy is extremely large, which has become a
an important obstacle to the development of production. Automobile manufacturing, cement production, petrochemical
And other enterprises have put forward the requirements of providing special lubricating materials under complex working conditions.
To this end, research on inlaid self-lubricating composite materials, in the material formulation and preparation
The technology highlights its own characteristics, and the material properties have reached the international advanced level.
Solved the lubrication problem under special working conditions for the enterprise, and brought obvious experience
economic and social benefits. However, due to various reasons, more domestic enterprises have not adopted
However, the above situation still exists.
2. Key technical principles
Inlaid self-lubricating composite material is a new type of extreme pressure-resistant solid lubricant.
A slippery material consisting of a metal substrate with a solid lubricant embedded in holes or grooves in the substrate
Paste composition. During the friction process, the metal substrate bears most of the load.
After friction, the solid lubricant in the hole or groove is transferred or reversed to the friction surface,
Forms a well-lubricated, firmly adhered and evenly covered solid rotor on the friction surface
Film removal, greatly reducing friction and wear. As the friction progresses, the embedded solid
The body lubricant is continuously provided on the friction surface to ensure the friction pair during long-term operation.
good lubrication.


Aluminium Bronze Oilless Bearing– a corrosion-resistanBronze Sliding Bearing With Solid Lubricant Insert and Flange Bushingt metal in seawater, 2.0966 cual10ni5fe4, cual10ni5fe4 equivalent material, C63000 bronze bushing,

Copper-based alloys with aluminum as the main alloying element are aluminum bronze containing iron and manganese elements, and are high-strength heat-resistant bronze.

Marine applications place high demands on their materials. The high salinity of seawater and ocean currents are just two of the many factors that promote corrosion. However, there is an alloy that can withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean.

Corrosion is a nasty partner in the industry. Accordingly, the expectations for materials are high. They must be of high quality bronze oilless parts, as durable and corrosion-resistant as possible – and all at the lowest possible cost. However, it is not worthwhile to save on material procurement.

General aluminum bronze, usually containing less than 11.5% aluminum, sometimes with some iron, nickel, manganese and other elements added. Aluminum bronze can be heat treated and strengthened, and has higher strength than tin bronze and better resistance to high temperature oxidation. Aluminum-copper has good strength and wear resistance. Used to manufacture higher strength screws, nuts, copper sleeves, sealing rings, etc., parts and wear resistance, the most outstanding feature of aluminum bronze is its good wear resistance. Aluminum bronze is aluminum bronze containing iron and manganese elements, with high strength and wear resistance, after quenching and tempering can improve the hardness, with good high temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Aluminum bronze has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, fresh water and seawater, fair cutability, welding is not easy to fiber welding, and good hot pressing processing.

“Advantages of aluminum bronze self-lubricating graphite bronze bushings in corrosive environments”

Especially in the marine industry, corrosion-resistant bushings for metal components are required, as seawater is the most common corrosion trigger and accelerates the corrosion process. The reason for this is the high content of dissolved salts. They ensure that chemical reactions in the ocean are much faster than on land. In addition, the ocean currents in the water promote erosion-corrosion and cavitation.

Aluminum bronze self-lubricating graphite bronze bushings and its advantages in seawater

One alloy that is particularly resistant to seawater and is often very corrosion resistant is the aluminum bronze alloy bearing. Aluminum bronze alloys consist primarily of copper with 9-14% aluminum added to it. Other metals such as iron, manganese and nickel can be used as additional alloying elements to further enhance certain capabilities, such as sliding properties.

The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum bronze self-lubricating graphite bronze bushings is attributed to its passive protective film. Compared to other metals, this film forms very quickly and heals quickly in case of injury. This protective layer manifests itself in its typical brown color. Although this is not aesthetically pleasing, the film protects the metal it surrounds. Aluminum is the main reason for the formation of this film. It reacts easily with oxygen in the environment, forming this impenetrable barrier. Because of these properties, this material is especially used in the marine industry.

Although this external protective film does not give a good impression aesthetically, it is not worth cleaning aluminum bronze. This is because the alloy loses its corrosion resistance in a short time and chemical reactions can cause damage to the aluminum bronze, which may then limit its functionality. Therefore, aluminum bronze self-lubricating graphite bronze bushing self-lubricating properties, bearings do not require special cleaning and maintenance-free.

Multiple uses of aluminum bronze self-lubricating graphite bronze bushing products

Plant components

Due to the seawater resistance of aluminum bronze alloy, it is often used for plant components such as pumps, valves, flanges, pipe fittings, etc. In addition to seawater resistance, the aluminum bronze graphite copper bushing alloy has high strength and hardness, and therefore has good corrosion and erosion resistance. Salt solutions of different concentrations and temperatures do not have a damaging effect on them.

Desalination plants

The lack of fresh water has also led to a strong demand for desalination plants. Here too, aluminum bronze self-lubricating graphite bronze bushings oilless bearing products are used for their corrosion resistance. Seawater or brackish water is also used as cooling water for industrial plants near the coast. Because of its properties,, aluminum bronze alloy is the first choice for self-lubricating bearings in marine industry applications.

Seawater piping systems

As with many aluminum bronze alloys,, aluminum bronze self-lubricating graphite bronze bushings oilless bearing products are particularly useful in propeller and seawater piping systems on ships and offshore platforms. In addition to its resistance to seawater, the, aluminum bronze self-lubricating graphite copper bushing oilless bearing is also insensitive to pitting and crevice corrosion.

Nonferrous Bushes oilless bearing Graphite Impregnated

Maintenance-free bearing and guide bushes, bronze with solid lubricant

Bushing Size


Base Material:Special Brass (SO#50SP2)Self-lubricating Lubricant:Graphite

SOB 8-12-8 8 12 8
SOB 6-10-12 6 10 12
SOB 8-12-10 8 12 10
SOB 8-12-12 8 12 12
SOB 8-12-15 8 12 15
SOB 10-14-8 10 14 8
SOB 10-14-10 10 14 10
SOB 10-14-12 10 14 12
SOB 10-14-15 10 14 15
SOB 10-14-20 10 14 20
SOB 10-15-10 10 15 10
SOB 12-18-8 12 18 8
SOB 12-18-10 12 18 10
SOB 12-18-12 12 18 12
SOB 12-18-15 12 18 15
SOB 12-18-16 12 18 16
SOB 12-18-19 12 18 19
SOB 12-18-20 12 18 20
SOB 12-18-25 12 18 25
SOB 12-18-30 12 18 30
SOB 13-19-10 13 19 10
SOB 13-19-12 13 19 12
SOB 13-19-15 13 19 15
SOB 13-19-16 13 19 16
SOB 13-19-20 13 19 20
SOB 13-19-25 13 19 25
SOB 14-20-10 14 20 10
SOB 14-20-12 14 20 12
SOB 14-20-15 14 20 15
SOB 14-20-20 14 20 20
SOB 14-20-25 14 20 25
SOB 14-20-30 14 20 30
SOB 15-21-10 15 21 10
SOB 15-21-12 15 21 12
SOB 15-21-15 15 21 15
SOB 15-21-16 15 21 16
SOB 15-21-20 15 21 20
SOB 15-21-25 15 21 25
SOB 15-21-30 15 21 30
SOB 16-22-10 16 22 10
SOB 16-22-12 16 22 12
SOB 16-22-15 16 22 15
SOB 16-22-16 16 22 16
SOB 16-22-19 16 22 19
SOB 16-22-20 16 22 20
SOB 16-22-25 16 22 25
SOB 16-22-30 16 22 30
SOB 16-22-35 16 22 35
SOB 16-22-40 16 22 40
SOB 17-23-15 17 23 15
SOB 18-24-10 18 24 10
SOB 18-24-12 18 24 12
SOB 18-24-15 18 24 15
SOB 18-24-16 18 24 16
SOB 18-24-20 18 24 20
SOB 18-24-25 18 24 25
SOB 18-24-30 18 24 30
SOB 18-24-35 18 24 35
SOB 18-24-40 18 24 40
SOB 19-26-15 19 26 15
SOB 19-26-20 19 26 20
SOB 20-28-10 20 28 10
SOB 20-28-12 20 28 12
SOB 20-28-15 20 28 15
SOB 20-28-16 20 28 16
SOB 20-28-19 20 28 19
SOB 20-28-20 20 28 20
SOB 20-28-25 20 28 25
SOB 20-28-30 20 28 30
SOB 20-28-35 20 28 35
SOB 20-28-40 20 28 40
SOB 20-28-50 20 28 50
SOB 20-30-10 20 30 10
SOB 20-30-12 20 30 12
SOB 20-30-15 20 30 15
SOB 20-30-16 20 30 16
SOB 20-30-20 20 30 20
SOB 20-30-25 20 30 25
SOB 20-30-30 20 30 30
SOB 20-30-35 20 30 35
SOB 20-30-40 20 30 40
SOB 20-30-70 20 30 70
SOB 22-32-12 22 32 12
SOB 22-32-15 22 32 15
SOB 22-32-20 22 32 20
SOB 22-32-25 22 32 25
SOB 25-33-12 25 33 12
SOB 25-33-15 25 33 15
SOB 25-33-16 25 33 16
SOB 25-33-20 25 33 20
SOB 25-33-25 25 33 25
SOB 25-33-30 25 33 30
SOB 25-33-35 25 33 35
SOB 25-33-40 25 33 40
SOB 25-33-50 25 33 50
SOB 25-33-60 25 33 60
SOB 25-35-12 25 35 12
SOB 25-35-15 25 35 15
SOB 25-35-16 25 35 16
SOB 25-35-20 25 35 20

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Technical Bronze Standard Parts Experts – Fast and Convenient. Shop for all your Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings and Plain Bearings & Thrust Washers needs. We offers free CAD download, short lead times, … For example in bushings – aluminum bronze has a tendency to slightly reorganize or redistribute along the axis of motion, thus correcting (or partially correcting) misalignments. Friction, galling and seizure are greatly reduced. In contrast, steel bushings do not have this property, and any misalignment is permanent. Steel bushings are also more likely to damage the pin when worn bushings need to be replaced. All in all, aluminum bronze is a better choice than steel.

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In response to the growing demand for the graphite plugged oilless bushings products, we are pleased to announce that the full line of standard size graphite plugged oilless bushings are available for purchase online at Hundreds of industry-standard size oilless bushings are listed in inch and metric standard sizes. These products are inventoried for rapid shipment. Graphite oilless bushings are a complete line of self-lubricating bushings that excel whenever standard lubrication is impractical, including heavy load and high temperature applications. Oil Free Bushings Material: Bronze with solid lubricant, oilless lubricating. Graphite bronze oilless bushings, Oilless Bushing Production, Have Experienced Professional Production & Design Team From China. Made of solid aluminum bronze either with or without self-lubricating graphite, Shoulder Bushings come in a variety of industry standard sizes. Oil Free Bushing Housing Units – Standard Flanged. If a standard size won’t work for your application, We can easily make a custom size. Please contact us.

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Specialists in oilless bushing, Quality & Experience In Every Details For Customized Plugged Graphite Oilless Bushings From Production To Delivery

Low friction. Range of operating temperatures. Freedom of oilless bushings design on flange shape and the size. Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. This bearing can be used in river or sea water; in liquids where chemical resistance of the metal base and solid lubricant is needed; and in gas where oil supply is difficult. Excellent impact resistance.

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We manufacture bushings for die sets, brass bushing sleeve, metal stamping dies, molds, special machines and all types of heavy equipment. Self-Lubricating Graphite Oilless Bushings are made of solid aluminum bronze and can be ordered with or without self-lubricating graphite. They are available in a wide range of inch and metric sizes, including all NAAMS bushing sizes. And, if a standard bushing does not meet the need, we can economically manufacture a custom oil-free bushing in virtually any size.

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Oilless Bushing Size Online Catalog Download, Contact Us Today For A Quote! Exporter and designer of oil-free bushings, graphite bronze bearing, graphite plugged bronze sleeve bushings, oilless bushings. Oilless bushings is a copper-based self-lubricating bearing for heavy load applications into which solid lubricant plugs are embedded. Cylindrical bushes, grooves, oil holes, slots, etc.


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Oilless Bushings Manufacturer, Oilless Metal Sliding Materials

We manufacture bushings for die sets, metal stamping dies, molds, special machines and all types of heavy equipment. Self-Lubricating Graphite Oilless Bushings are made of solid aluminum bronze and can be ordered with or without self-lubricating graphite. They are available in a wide range of inch and metric sizes, including all NAAMS bushing sizes. And, if a standard bushing does not meet the need, we can economically manufacture a custom oil-free bushing in virtually any size.

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Oilless Bearings | Self Lubricating Bearings, Coiled Steel Backing, coiled steel journal bearings are designed to meet industry standards for self-lubricating bushings.

Self-lubricating Bushings – Survive Upsets & Dry Running.

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Bronzelube Offer Variety Of Bronze Standard Bearings & Flange Bronze Standard Bushings Worldwide, Professional Technology. Low Price. Order Now! Inquiry Us Now. What We Can Offer Our Experience On Bushings & Bearings. Tech Up, Cost Down, Oil-Free Bearing? Find Your Bearings Parts. Oilless Bearings Material: Bronze corrosion in seawater! Shop oilless bushes!

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Aluminium Bronze Oilless Bushes– a corrosion resistant metal in sea water

Finished Machined Aluminium Bronze Parts:Bronze corrosion in seawater, The maritime industry places high demands on its self-lubricating copper bushing materials. The high salt content of seawater and ocean currents are just two of the many factors that promote corrosion. However, there is an alloy that can withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean. Aluminum Bronze Bushing!

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oil-free bushings- self-lubricating bearing manufacturers, oilless bushings suppliers & exporters in China, oilless metal bushing (lubricated metal) major applications: guide bush, bronze with solid lubricant. general industrial machinery and heavy industrial facilities.

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self lubricating bushes catalogue pdf file

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self lubricating bushes catalogue pdf file

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What is the oil-free bearing…? No Oil Or Grease, Non ferrous Bushes,  Graphite Impregnated

 Oilless bearings have been developed for high load, low-speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze material. Oilless bearing(Self-lubricating bearing) can improve productivity and save cost/time by having the material properties .

An oil-free bushing bearing is a self-lubricating, maintenance-free bushing bearing that is the perfect solution for projects where conventional lubrication practices cannot be provided or where conventional lubricants can carbonize. They are developed for high load and low speed applications and can withstand temperatures as high as 400°C (800F) and as low as -200°C (-400F) depending on the materials used.

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Oil-free bushing bearings will greatly reduce any costs for maintenance and oil, as such systems are not required. The bearings are fitted with carbon graphite pins and the inner bearings are covered with carbon particle deposits that lubricate the bearings for life. Oil-free bearings can be used in projects with linear or rotary motion. The stoppers are distributed in a specific pattern to suit the application, covering up to 25-30% of the sliding area.

Oil-free bushing bearings can be used in a variety of environments, such as chemical, wet, dry, and where there is a risk of contamination.

Typical applications include but are not limited to:

lifting equipment, hydraulic pumps and motors, pneumatic equipment, medical and scientific equipment, textile machinery and agricultural machinery equipment.

Oilless Metal Sliding Materials|Standard Components for Sliding Material

Oil-free Bush Material
Oil-free Bush Alloy material standard CODE CuZn25Al5Fe3Mn3 CuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn2 CuSn5Pb5Zn5 GCr15 GB5675-85HT250
GCuZn25Al5Fe3Mn3 CuAl10Fe5Ni5 QSn5-5-5 B1 185Gr250
DIN1709G-CuZn25A15/2.0598 DIN17656 DIN1705 100Cr16 DIN17007
DIN GB-CuAL9Ni/2.1096 G-CuSn5Znpb/2.1096 GG25/0.6025
H5102 CAC304 H5114 CAC703 H5111 CAC406 SUJ2 FC250
B30-92 C86300 B30-92 C95800 B30-92 C83600 E52100 ASTM
ASTM/UNS Class40
Oil-Free Bush Chemical composition of alloy materials Cu(%) Rest Rest Rest * *
Sn(%) * * 4.0~6.0 * *
Zn(%) 22.0~28.0 * 4.0~6.0 * *
Ni(%) * 4.0-5.0 * * *
Al(%) 5.0~7.0 8.5-9.5 * * *
Fe(%) 2.5~4.0 3.0-4.5 * Rest Rest
Mn(%) 2.5~5.0 0.8-1.5 * 0.20-0.40 0.905-1.3
Cr(%) * * * 1.30-1.65 *
C(%) * * * 0.95-1.05 2.5-4.0
Si(%) * * * 0.15-0.35 1.0-1.3
Pb(%) * * 4.0~6.0 * *
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Oilless Metal Sliding Materials

Oil-Free Bushings, Oilless Washer for industrial applications. offers free CAD downloads, short lead times, competitive pricing, and small minimum order quantity.

Oilless Metal Sliding Materials Product name
Straight type SOB
Straight, Thin type SOBU
Straight type for Under Water SOBM
Insulated Bushings/Washers IB,IW
Flange type SOBF
Flange, Thin type SOBFU
Thrust Bush
I.D. E7, O.D. r6 type SOSB
Thrust Bush
I.D. F7, O.D. m6 type SOBB
Thrust Bush
Split bushing SOBBD
Straight, Bronze Castings type SOBC
Spherical Bush SOBS
Spherical Bush Set Standard type, Strong type MTGL/MTGR,MTGHL/MTGHR
Blank Material for Bushing S30
Slide Plate
Bronze, Thickness 20mm SESW,SESWT
Slide Plate
Bronze, Thickness 10mm TWP,TWPT
Slide Plate
Bronze, Thickness 5mm UWP
Slide Plate
Bronze, Thickness 10mm SOLP
Slide Plate
Bronze, Thickness 10mm SOML
Slide Plate
Bronze, Blank type FPLB
Slide Plate
Bronze, High Pressure type Thickness 10mm TLP
Slide Plate
FC, Thickness 20mm SESF,SESFT
Slide Plate
Steel, Thickness 20mm FRP
Slide Plate
Steel, Thickness 10mm TSP
Slide Plate
Copper Powder Sintered, Thickness20mm SOX,SOXT
Slide Plate
Copper Powder Sintered, Thickness10mm TWX,TWXT
Slide Guide
Bronze L-Shaped type SGLDW
Slide Guide
Bronze T-Shaped type TGLWN
Slide Guide
Bronze L-Shaped type SGLXS
Slide Guide
Bronze L-Shaped Blank type SGLX
Slide Guide
Bronze L-Shaped type SOL

Maintenance free bearing and guide bushes, bronze with solid lubricant, graphite oilless bushes

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Graphite Oilless Bushes made of extra hard and resistant bronze with built-in self-lubricating graphite caps for maintenance-free operation. When it comes to high loads and small movements where lubrication is difficult to implement, this Graphite Oilless Bushes is an excellent solution. Graphite plugs cover approximately 25-30% of the Graphite Oilless Bushes surface and are positioned so that the entire Oilless Bushes bearing surface is always lubricated. Graphite Oilless Bushes are available in many designs and can also be manufactured in other alloys to meet specific application needs.


  • Periodic lubrication is not required.
  • Anti-seizure properties. It can work in the absence of lubrication / lubrication faults.
  • Exceptional wear resistance.
  • Excellent incorporability of foreign particles.
  • Reduction of the noise level.
  • It can also be used at high temperatures.
  • Suitable for high loads and high speeds.
  • The products are not contaminated with oil.
  • Cost effective.
  • It can be replaced for sintered bronze / Oilite bearings.
  • Reduction of management costs.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Compact design.
  • Longer working life.
  • Remarkable resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks.

Self-Lubricating Oilless range of Bushes, Bush Bearings, Flanged, Liners & Wear Plates, etc

Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

  • Cylindrical bushes
  • Flanged bushes
  • Thrust washers
  • Flanged washers
  • Sliding plates

Metric bearings and imperial bushes on request: standard bush shapes in special dimensions, half bushes, special shapes by stamping or deep drawing, customer-specific bush designs

Choose Your Graphite Oilless Bushes Style

Self Lubricating Bushing – High-Quality Factory Oilless Bushes Standard slide bearing

Oilless Bushes Characteristics

– Maintenance free (self-lubricating)
– Suitable for heavy duty applications
– Resists extreme temperatures
– Long lifespan

Oilless Bushes Technical Data

Base Material: Special Brass(SO#50SP2)
Self-lubricating: Yes
Lubricant: Graphite
Surface Pressure P: 100 N/mm²
Sliding speed v: 30 m/min
PV value: 200 N/mm² x m/min
Operating temperature: -50°C / +200°C (max. 300°C)
Friction coefficient: 0,07

Oilless Bushes Physical properties

Specific gravity Hardness Elongation Tensile Strength Linear Expansion Coefficient

×10 -5 /℃

7.9 210 or more 12 or more 755 or more 1.9

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Self-Lubricating Oilless Bushes Graphite Plugged Bronze Sleeve Bushings Now Available Online

Graphite oilless bushes are a substrate in carbon steel, bronze powder, PTFE, fibers and other materials through a special process for the production of self-lubricating products, with the characteristics of environmental protection.


  • Base Copper alloy
  • Solid lubricant


1.Solid lubrication film

2.Solid lubricant

3.Copper alloy substrate

Replacement “SOB”oilless bushes (e.g. Inner diameter d 8mm×Outer diameter D 12mm ×Length L 8mm)

Oilless Bushes Size Model


d8 :General use (high load)
e7 :General use (light load)
f7 :High precision

It is written the oilless bushes service range, the test data, and the standard size table, etc.

Oilless bushes feature

1. Oil supply device, oil hole, oil groove
2. Reduction of operating costs
3. Shortened design time
4. Recovery and environmental protection of the lubricant

Explore our extensive Oilles Bushes range of to suit all applications.

  • Oilles Bushes with tie rods for injection molding machines.
  • Oilles Bushes for use at high temperatures, including iron and manufacturing machinery.
  • Oilles Bushes for automotive production line.
  • Armrests Oilles Bushes for driving blades.
  • Activate / deactivate Bush bearings.
  • Heavy engineering applications.
  • Mining machinery.
  • Earth moving and construction machinery.
  • Cranes and transport systems.
  • Pin bearings for oil-free chains.
  • Fulcrum Oilles Bushes for table lifts.
  • Oilles Bushes for pulleys for cranes, etc.
  • Bushes of dam door and water gate.
  • Oilles Bushes for underwater use, e.g. Guide Vane Bearings of water wheels.
  • Oilles Bushes for high, dusty and difficult temperatures.
  • Oilles Bushes Bearings for nuclear power plants.
  • Oilles Bushes Bearings for machine tools.
  • Large support Oilles Bushes for bridges.
  • Carriage axle bearings and radiator Oilles Bushes bearings.
  • Oilles Bushes bearings for the cement industry.
  • Oilles Bushes Bearings to be used under high load, low speed and self-lubricating conditions.
  • Underwater bearings are used as vane bearings in a turbine
  • Oilles Bushes Bearings for use in strong radioactive environments, e.g. Nuclear power plant
  • Hydraulic steel structures,Offshore industry shipbuilding Power, plants and reactors, Metallurgical plants, Construction of bridges, pipelines, etc.
  • Where thermal expansion should be absorbed.

Graphite Bronze Material Oilless Guide Bushes

Oilless bushes


Plug graphite bearings are primarily used in applications that need continual lubrication in hard to reach areas.

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Designed to be self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and maintenance-free, buy oilless bushes directly from china at Excellent price today!

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Oilless Bush. Copper Alloy. Straight type. Material Base Copper alloy . Solid lubricant. Lubricant Type. Lubricating Bushes


80*90*30 80*95*25 80*95*75 80*96*20 80*100*25 80*100*75
80*90*40 80*95*30 80*95*80 80*96*30 80*100*30 80*100*80
80*90*50 80*95*35 80*95*90 80*96*40 80*100*35 80*100*90
80*90*55 80*95*40 80*95*95 80*96*50 80*100*40 80*100*100
80*90*60 80*95*50 80*95*100 80*96*60 80*100*45 80*100*120
80*90*70 80*95*55 80*95*110 80*96*70 80*100*50 80*100*140
80*90*80 80*95*60 80*95*120 80*96*80 80*100*55 80*100*150
80*90*90 80*95*65 80*95*150 80*96*90 80*100*60 80*100*160
80*90*95 80*95*70 80*96*100 80*100*70
80*90*100 80*96*120
80*90*120 80*96*130
80*90*140 80*96*150
85*95*40 85*95*70 85*100*30 85*100*70 85*105*40 85*105*80
85*95*50 85*95*80 85*100*35 85*100*80 85*105*50 85*105*100
85*95*55 85*95*100 85*100*40 85*100*90 85*105*60 85*105*119
85*95*60 85*100*50 85*100*100 85*105*70 85*105*120
85*100*60 85*105*75 85*105*160
90*100*30 90*100*80 90*105*40 90*105*80 90*110*30 90*110*90
90*100*40 90*100*90 90*105*50 90*105*90 90*110*40 90*110*100
90*100*50 90*100*95 90*105*60 90*105*100 90*110*50 90*110*110
90*100*60 90*100*100 90*105*70 90*105*120 90*110*60 90*110*120
90*100*70 90*100*120 90*105*75 90*105*150 90*110*70 90*110*130
Oilless Bushes

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Flange Graphite Bearings – Oilless bearing in High & Low Temps!Oil-Free Bushing – Metal, Straight and Shouldered Oilless Bearings, Customized Oilless bushes products are available made to order from china. Oil Free Bushing – Straight …Oil Free Bushings: The bearing surface has such a low coefficient of static and dynamic friction that the surface runs smoothly without lubrication.

“Stick-Slip” doesn’t happen. Also safe to use in oil. Oil-free bushing, oil-free bushing Suppliers. Oil Free Bushing – Brass Alloy, Straight. Oil-Embedded Bushings can be used within a temperature range of -200°C to +280°C. Adaptable to operations under high load, impact load, intermittent operation, and reciprocating motion.

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Oilless Bushing, Bronze Parts Manufacturer – Self-lubricating bushes bearing. Oilless Bush. Copper Alloy. Straight type. Material Base Copper alloy ,Solid lubricant. Large Inventory of Bronze Material, Bronze Bushing, and Bronze Flange Bearings. An unrivaled range of plain bearings for all applications in all industries. Whether you are working on a large complex project requiring many different sizes of bearings, or a smaller project using standard size bearings, we have the right solution for you. Technical advice for all your plain bearing requirements. oilless bushing bearings or solid bronze bearings are the cheapest types of slide bearings.

Consisting of oil-free bearing surfaces without rolling elements, they are lightweight, compact, and have a high load-carrying capacity for a wide range of applications. Our extensive range of plain bushing includes dry, lubricated, parallel and flanged. They have very good wear and friction properties under a wide range of load, speed and temperature conditions.

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Oilless Metal Sliding Materials, High Quality oil free Bushing with Competitive Price, Suitable for vertical use. Reduces the time of manufacturing and assembling the housing. Self-Lubricated & Maintenance-Free. Inch, metric sizes. Self-lubricating bushes oil free bushing bearing – Wear Plates with graphite. Oilless Bush. Copper Alloy. Straight type. Material Base Copper alloy. Solid lubricantWe Help Grow Your Business Rapidly!Buy Oilless Bush China Direct From Oilless Bush Factories at Help Global Buyers Source China Easily. Oilless bushing is called self lubricating bearings, or plain sleeve bearings, its the most popular industrial components for economic price.

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Oilless Free Bearing for general engineering

General Engineering

Common general engeneering bushings

Oilless Free Bearing for heavy machinery

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