Provides a full range of self-lubricating bearing bushing materials & flat strip or sheet for almost any application.

Self-lubricating Bearing Strip Supplier – Customization as Your Request

Flat Strips-Much more than a metal sheet


Manufacturer of Self-lubricated dry sliding bearings material in flat strips, a composite structure flat sheet consists of a carbon steel backed/bronze backed/stainless backed, an intermediate layer of bronze, PTFE/POM based sliding lining.We maintain a wide selection of standard strips wall thickness and custom sizes to fit all of your bushing & sliding bearings application needs.

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Self-lubricating Bearings Strip Supplier

Plating and coatings, edge conditioning, special surface conditions, profiled strip. Self-lubricating PTFE composite strips, Copper Bimetal Sheet/Plate Customization, High Quality.

Bronze Bushing Sheet – Wholesale Suppliers Online. Choose Your Strip Size and Order Now!

Precision Bushing Bearings

CNC service for machined prototypes and production bushing parts. Bronze Bushes Strips at Best Price in China.

Steel Backed Bushing & Bronze Bushing Strips- OEM & ODM & Design Services, Metric Size & Imperial Size Find by:


Bushings Strips, As well as for composite bushings and thrust washers, we manufactures composite strips as standard from PTFE, POM composite materials and bimetal strips.


Self-Lubricating Bearing Strips & Wear Materials,

Composite dry sliding strips are designed for applications where axial space is limited, maintenance is not possible and where lubricant starvation can occur. Strips can be bent, pressed or coined to form flat linear guides, for example, L- or V-shaped profiles or other types of dry sliding components, and fit the actual application.

Search High-Quality sheet metal bushing To Your Specifications.

Choose from our selection of sheet metal bushings in a wide range of material and sizes.

You can select bushing strips from a complete line of high-performance plain bearings material.

  • Low Friction Coatings for Lubricated Conditions
  • Roller-burnished metal sheets
  • For individual applications in a wide variety of industries

Consist of PTFE fabric with bronze and metal-based material, This structure enables the self-lubricating bearing parts to have more light and easy to install. It is widely been used in pumps, hydraulics, motors, precision linear guides. Chemical industry, fluid hydraulic industries, textile machines, machines, Door/window hinges, etc.


  1. – More compact design
  2. – Less complex system assembly
  3. – Reduced weight
  4. – Increased surface durability

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Self-lubricating Composite Coatings-Roller-burnished metal sheets

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Plain bearing technologies.

Suitable for complex geometries and a wide range of substrates steel, stainless steel, bronze etc. Can be used for both interacting surfaces that are in relative motion.

Wrapped Bearings /Strips

* Dependent on contact pressure, sliding speed and contact geometry.

Your special machining service thickness of the strips can produce non-standard sizes to suit specific customer requirements.

sliding bearings strip & sheet

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Manufacturing process, cutting & machining

We manufacture sliding bearings strip & sheet in accordance with DIN ISO 3547. We can manufacture any intermediate size with diameters between 80 mm and 600 mm. In general, the basic material is 1.5-mm-thick,2.0-mm-thick 2.5-mm-thick metal sheet for composite bearings. We also manufacture other solid bronze bushing strips materials made of CUSN8at our customers’ request.

Self-Lubricated Bearings Strips

A composite bearing material structure consisting of a Zinc/ Tin with Low carbon steel backing, an intermediate layer of sintered bronze, and a PTFE /POM-based sliding lining. Available in inch and metric sizes. Also, bronze versions can be supplied to order.

Strips Specicafition & Tolerance

Standard No. Length L±1 Width W±1 Wall thickness
Flat Strips 500 150 1.00
Flat Strips 500 150 1.50
Flat Strips 500 150 2.00
Flat Strips 500 150 2.50


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