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Equipment operations around the world have benefited from VIIPLUS self-lubricating bearing solutions: forestry machinery in South Africa, forklifts in Australia, mining dump trucks in Brazil and excavators on construction sites in Italy. Our products have proven their worth by optimizing equipment performance while contributing to a substantial return on investment.

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Forestry is rough seasonal work where weather conditions can cause unexpected downtime. Work often occurs in remote areas where operational reliability is critical. VIIPLUS self-lubricating bearing solutions helps maintain the value of wheel loaders, cranes, harvesters and forwarders while contributing to successful operations. Wood processing is an industry with large, maintenance-intensive machines. Lubricated bearings for the machines are critical. Bearing failures are also particularly costly in this industry and are associated with machine downtime. For all bearings wear is a major maintenance factor. The noise of the bearings adds environmental concerns to the service requirements of the equipment. Self-lubricating bearings are low wear and quiet. offers innovative technology and proven components as well as the best cost-benefit ratio.

  • User-friendly self-lubricating bronze bushing and tailored to the specific industry. In tribological solutions specifically designed to meet and exceed individual customer needs.

  • Self-lubricated bronze bearings Improved productivity, resistant against dust, dirt and environmental influences.

  • In addition, the machines are running full time, which makes self-lubricating bushing bronze bearings an unthinkable option.

Metallic Oilless Graphite Bearing Wheel loaders.

Self-aligning type unit bearings applicable to high loads!Spherical Bearings Unit bearings. The oilless graphite spherical bearings are self-aligning type bearings composed of the oilless graphite inner races and high carbon chromium-bearing steel outer races, which are coated with molybdenum disulfide. The outer races are split into two parts fixed with snap rings. Oilless Bearing Feature

  • Oilless bearings and is compatible dimensionally. High precision.
  • Applicable to large oscillating angles in circumferential oscillating motions.
  • Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Features a very long service life.

Self-aligning type unit bearings applicable to high loads, graphite oilless bearings

Wheel loaders are an important type of heavy equipment used in many industrial and construction applications. These machines are designed to move large amounts of materials, such as dirt, sand, and gravel, over rough terrain. As such, they require a number of mechanical components to operate effectively and efficiently, including bearings that are capable of withstanding the harsh conditions they are subjected to.

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Metallic Bearing for Excavators

High-strength brass bearings with embedded solid lubricant, Standard oilless bearings are available in various sizes. Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Demonstrates high performance under high-load and low-speed operations. Demonstrates superior wear resistance in applications where oil film is seldom produced such as reciprocating motions, oscillation, frequent starts and stops, etc. Superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Metallic bearings are self-lubricating bearings composed of high strength brass alloy bases made with advanced casting technology and embedded solid lubricants.

  • They may be combined with various types of solid lubricants according to the conditions of use.

  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure
Custom manufacturer oil free washer and flange bushing

Various standard oilless bearing products are available.

Quality Self-lubricating Bearing Parts, Refer to the self-lubricating bronze bearings catalog for more information.


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Mining processing industry solutions

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Mining Equipment Bushing, lubricated!

We are in changing the game for your mining operations. Our innovative flexible self-lubricating bearings faster and safer to install than and has an overall lower cost. Check out our bushing and materials! The mining industry is a demanding off-highway sector with high loads, temperatures and equipment operating at high intensity. Optimal productivity and uptime can be achieved with self-lubricating copper bearing solutions. In the mining industry, self-lubricating bronze bushings are the key to preventing excessive bushing wear (from dust and water). To meet the need for bearing lubrication, VIIPLUS’ heavy-duty self-lubricating bearings are equipped with an oil reservoir hole design. the VIIPLUS self-lubricating bushings rolled series offer many important advantages.

  • self lubricating sleeve bushings manufacturer. The raw materials that have been mined must be processed so that other industries can further process them. This is the reason why this segment of the mining processing is such an important link in the supply chain.

  • Similar to mining trucks and excavators, VIIPLUS plays an important role in this area. Unplanned downtime due to failures related to lack of lubrication of bearings is very expensive.

  • In addition, the machines are running full time, which makes self-lubricating bearings an unthinkable option. Focusing on customized self-lubricating sleeve bronze bushing solutions for the automotive and industrial markets.

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In transport efficiency and safety. Designed self-lubricating bearing materials in a variety of sizes. Contact our experts today for more information about our plain bearings, self-lubricating bushings and polymer coatings solutions. High Quality And Service. Work in High Temp & Submerged Applications Where Grease, Oil & Plastics Fail. Hi Temp Bearing Solution. Non-galling. Increased reliability. Run dry & keeps running.

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We make bushing bearing ready to ship and deliver your desired component as quickly as possible. self-lubricating bearings are press-fit bearings. The inner diameter adjusts itself only after the bearing has been press-fitted in the H7 housing hole with the recommended tolerance. Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Material maintains sizing capability to a large extent with the capability of higher loads. PTFE bushing, is composite material of compounded PTFE, bronze sintered with steel backed bushing. This self-lubricating composite material structure combines the bearing characteristics of PTFE compound tape with the sizing capabilities of stretched metal.

Engineered as a solution to conquer misalignment reduction when high demands are placed on bearings. In high performance bearing solutions in China.

Du type bushing
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Dry self-lubricating bronze bushes solutions

Custom Steel Bearing & Bushing Solution

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Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing – Super-Huge Type Bronze Bushing. Bushing bearings are self-lubricating, making them ideal for applications requiring long bushes life without continuous maintenance, as well as operating. The self-lubricating busing bearing combines steel and tape to provide noise and vibration damping properties and light-weight construction. PTFE lined plain bearings are customized to deliver optimal performance in your application … PTFE Sliding Bearings supplier, is a composite material of Bearing Strips and steel backing.

  • Self-lubricating Bearing – You Design It, We’ll Make It.

  • The self-lubricating sleeve bearings can also be designed split bushing. Bearings of 1 mm of wall thickness. 1.5 mm, 2.0mm or greater can be produced with an interference fit in the housing. Various methods are available to protect the steel shell from corrosion.


Grease-free & Plain Bushing Benefits

We make your prototype, You receive your finished self-lubricating bearings product! We offer an extensive range of self-lubricating bearings for your application. If you are also interested in MOQ custom bushing and fast deliveries with factory price, then you’ve come to the right place! Suppliers of slide bearings, plain bearings and roller bearings. World class logistics! Self-lubricating bronze bushing manufacturers in China. Use for mining and machinery. Customized bronze bushing Material Good quality and fast delivery.

Self-Lubrication Options for Bronze Bearings, Availability : Self-lubricating bearings available in standard dimensions!

  • Cylindrical Bushes
  • Thrust Washers
  • Flanged Bushes
  • Sliding Plates


“self-lubricating bearing solutions, bronze brass bushing for sale.”

Self-lubricating sleeve bearings design.

Self-lubricating bronze bearings solutions with technical date, good service & excellent delivery precision. Low cost Bearing Design, Low Weight, Maintenance-free, we almost always offers a solution. Longer self-lubricating bearings service life at high loads. The Tribological Solution Provider for Industrial Progress, Regardless of Self-lubricated Bushing Shape. We will ensure our customers receive only the high quality bearing solutions!

  • We have been supplying the right self-lubricating bearing bushing on time to our customers.
  • Bushing Design Online Sales, Buy Self-lubricating Bearing Online, Inspection Process Guarantees the Quality of all Our Bearing Bushing.

  • Strong and flexible. Find your lubricating bushing material.

  • Upon request: easy installation

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“ We are a Chinese supplier of high quality plain bearings, oil-free bearings, custom bearings and self-lubricating bearings. With technical solutions to our products, whether you are looking for a large selection of standard self-lubricating copper bushings or custom oil-free bushings, we are more than happy to help you find the right self-lubricating component for your requirements. We put the customer first, so we are always a trusted supplier of self-lubricating bearings. Deliver on our promises. This, in turn, has allowed us to build trust and long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We are very grateful for that. Welcome to the Bushing Design Guide, Besides your will find the bushing bearings catalog. Can’t find the plain bearings size what you are looking for or have additional questions. Contact us today.

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Self-lubricating bearing bushing catalog

Design & build completely custom layouts

We provide long-term self-lubricating solutions: the right product, on time and on budget! The long-term partnership also provides a fast and smooth process for developing self-lubricating products and logistical solutions. This naturally brings significant benefits to our customers, suppliers and ourselves. Here you can view our self-lubricating bearing catalog and bearing styles and sizes directly in your web browser, save it as a PDF or order your own drawing parts of a custom design. Happy shopping!Standard size bearing bushing products available for immediate dispatch from some work days.

The steel bearings that can do more – Custom Bushing Size Options

Custom Steel Bearing & Bushing Solution

Self-Lubricating Bushes

For optimal distribution of the solid lubricant between the sliding element and the sliding partner, a small sliding gap is required. This gap is achieved through abrasion and swelling from the depots in the micrometer range. Consequently, pairing with zero clearance using our bronze lubricants with solid lubricant is not possible, as it would inevitably result in jamming.

Bronze self-lubricating bushings narrow in the bore after insertion, from a tolerance range F7 to a tolerance range H7. Prerequisites for this are:

  • H7 (the tolerance of the housing bore)
  • A corresponding wall thickness of the housing
  • Control of the optimal wall strength of the socket

Based on our experience with various use cases, the following tolerance fields should be applied for the preferred mating partner:

  • h6 (for the highest precision in cutting tool/mold construction)
  • f7, e7 (for the highest accuracy in general engineering)
  • d8, e8 (for heavy loads in heavy machinery)
  • e8 + D9 (for extreme cases in plant construction/furnace operation/offshore)

For plates, angle strips, and other elements made of bronze with FSS, the clearance should be between 0.02 and 0.15 mm, depending on the application and desired accuracy. In general, guide slides are designed to provide a clearance of 0.05 mm and a vertical clearance of 0.1 mm.

Sliding Partners

Suitable sliding partners for self-lubricating graphite oilless bushes and plates are gas-nitrated or hardened steel alloys with HRC > 35. To ensure optimal sliding behavior, the difference in hardness between the sliding material and the sliding partner should be at least 100 HB. The surface roughness of the sliding partner should be Rz = 3…6.3 µm (grinding). If guides, like in large dies of punching tools, are continuously moved apart during operation, the counterpart partner should be provided with correspondingly generous centering chamfers.

The Advantages and Applications of Self-Lubricating Bearings

Self-lubricating bearings are a popular choice in the industry due to their numerous advantages. Learn about these bearings, their applications, and why they are an excellent choice for many applications.

Bearings are essential components in a wide range of machinery and equipment, and they play a vital role in ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Bearings are responsible for reducing friction and wear between moving parts, which is why they are essential for many industrial applications.

One type of bearing that has become increasingly popular in recent years is self-lubricating bearings. These bearings are designed to operate without the need for additional lubrication, making them a convenient and cost-effective solution for many applications.

In this article, we will explore the advantages and applications of self-lubricating bearings, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about these bearings.

Advantages of Self-Lubricating Bearings:

  1. Reduced Maintenance: Self-lubricating bearings require little to no maintenance compared to traditional bearings. Since they do not require additional lubrication, they can significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

  2. Longer Lifespan: Self-lubricating bearings have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bearings. They are designed to operate for extended periods without the need for additional lubrication, making them an excellent choice for applications that require long-term reliability.

  3. Improved Performance: Self-lubricating bearings can provide better performance compared to traditional bearings. Since they are designed to operate without additional lubrication, they can operate in extreme temperatures and environments that would typically cause traditional bearings to fail.

  4. Cost-Effective: Self-lubricating bearings can be a cost-effective solution for many applications. Since they require little to no maintenance and have a longer lifespan, they can provide a significant cost savings over the long-term.

Applications of Self-Lubricating Bearings:

  1. Aerospace Industry: Self-lubricating bearings are widely used in the aerospace industry due to their ability to operate in extreme temperatures and environments.

  2. Automotive Industry: Self-lubricating bearings are also used in the automotive industry for various applications such as engine components, suspension systems, and steering systems.

  3. Food and Beverage Industry: Self-lubricating bearings are also an excellent choice for the food and beverage industry due to their ability to operate in harsh environments and their compliance with FDA regulations.

  4. Marine Industry: Self-lubricating bearings are also widely used in the marine industry due to their resistance to corrosion and their ability to operate in saltwater environments.


Q: Can self-lubricating bearings be used in high-temperature applications? A: Yes, self-lubricating bearings can operate in high-temperature applications and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Q: How do self-lubricating bearings work? A: Self-lubricating bearings have a solid lubricant embedded in the material of the bearing. As the bearing rotates, the lubricant is released, providing lubrication and reducing friction.

Q: Are self-lubricating bearings more expensive than traditional bearings? A: Self-lubricating bearings can be more expensive upfront, but they provide significant cost savings over the long-term due to their longer lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements.


Self-lubricating bearings are a popular choice in the industry due to their numerous advantages, including reduced maintenance, longer lifespan, improved performance, and cost-effectiveness. They are used in a wide range of applications, including the aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, and marine industries. If you are considering using self-lubricating bearings in your application, it is essential to work with a reputable supplier to ensure that you get the right bearings for your needs

Self-aligning type unit bearings applicable to high loads,

Spherical Bearings

Unit bearings

One type of bearing that is well-suited for use in wheel loaders is the oilless graphite spherical bearing. These bearings are self-lubricating, meaning they do not require any additional maintenance, and are made from a combination of graphite and metallic materials, which offer excellent resistance to wear and corrosion.

One of the key advantages of oilless graphite spherical bearings in wheel loaders is their durability. Unlike traditional bearings, which require regular lubrication to operate effectively, these bearings are self-lubricating, meaning they do not require any additional maintenance. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments, such as in mines or in areas exposed to salt water, where regular maintenance is difficult or impossible. Additionally, the combination of graphite and metallic materials used in these bearings offer excellent resistance to wear and corrosion, ensuring that they remain in good condition even after extended use.

Another advantage of oilless graphite spherical bearings in wheel loaders is their low friction and noise levels. The use of graphite as a component in the bearing reduces friction, resulting in low levels of noise and wear on the machine. This helps to extend the lifespan of the wheel loader and reduce maintenance costs. Additionally, the low friction levels of oilless graphite spherical bearings allow wheel loaders to operate more efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing fuel consumption.

Oilless graphite spherical bearings are also relatively low-cost compared to other types of bearings, making them an economical choice for many applications. The low cost, combined with their low maintenance requirements, resistance to wear and corrosion, and low noise and vibration levels, makes them an attractive option for many engineers and designers of wheel loaders.

In conclusion, oilless graphite spherical bearings are an ideal type of bearing for use in wheel loaders. They are low-maintenance, durable, and resistant to wear and corrosion, and are also relatively low-cost compared to other types of bearings. Whether used in harsh environments, applications with low noise and vibration requirements, or where regular lubrication is difficult, they provide a unique combination of properties that make them ideal for a wide range of applications in the wheel loader industry. Understanding the advantages of this type of bearing is an important part of designing and building reliable and efficient mechanical systems for wheel loaders..


Low friction bearings are bearings with low resistance to motion, allowing for smooth and efficient movement.

“Low Friction Bearings: The Key to Efficient and Smooth Movement

In the world of machinery and engineering, the use of bearings is widespread. They play a crucial role in facilitating the movement of rotating parts and ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Low friction bearings, in particular, are an essential component in many industrial and commercial applications.

At [], we are proud to be a leading supplier of low friction bearings. Our bearings are known for their exceptional quality and reliability, making them the preferred choice of many customers across a range of industries.

Our low friction bearings are designed to offer low resistance to motion, resulting in smoother and more efficient operation. They are made from high-quality materials and are rigorously tested to ensure their durability and longevity. We understand the importance of providing our customers with bearings that can stand up to the demands of their applications, and our low friction bearings deliver just that.

In addition to offering superior quality and performance, we also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We have a team of experts who are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about our low friction bearings. Whether you’re looking for specific technical information or need help with placing an order, we are here to help.

At [], we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience when it comes to buying low friction bearings. Whether you’re in need of a few bearings for a small project, or are looking to place a large order for your business, we are here to meet your needs.

If you’re in the market for low friction bearings, look no further than []. We have a wide range of bearings available, and our experienced team is always on hand to assist you in finding the right solution for your needs. So why wait? Contact us today and discover why we are the preferred low friction bearing supplier for so many customers.”


What makes a bearing low friction?

metal bushes

Self-lubricating bushing bearings are designed to limit friction between moving parts. The rings and balls of these bushes bearings are machined to fine tolerances and a high level of roundness to help reduce friction. Because of this special design, the bushing sliding bearings can have very low resistance to rotation.

Non-lubricated “dry” metal bushes bearings have the lowest resistance to rotation, but they should be stainless steel so that they will not rust when there is no protective coating of oil. Non-lubricated bushing bearings are not suitable for all applications. Unless the speed is very low, stainless steel sleeve bearings should be lubricated. For low friction applications, a self-lubricating metal bearing bushing design should be considered.
Self-lubricating copper-graphite inlay bearings are a good choice for heavy-duty, high-speed applications. This material has a very low coefficient of friction, so these sleeve bearings can be used without lubrication. As a result, self-lubricating metal bearings are known for providing low levels of drag and low frictional torque.

Need more advice on the selection of different types of self-lubricating bushing bearing materials? Please contact us today.

Self-lubricating bronze bearings application

metal bushes

Self-lubricating bronze bearings are made of a bronze base material with a solid lubricant layer on the surface. This unique design provides excellent wear resistance and low friction performance, making them a popular choice in many applications.

One of the main advantages of self-lubricating bronze bearings is their ability to operate without the need for external lubrication, which saves time and cost in maintenance. Additionally, these bearings are also suitable for use in harsh environments, such as high temperature, high load, and corrosive conditions, as the solid lubricant layer protects the bearing from degradation.

Self-lubricating bronze bearings can be found in a variety of industries, including automotive, mining, and construction machinery, as well as in pumps, valves, and conveyor systems.

Maintenance-free Self-lubricating bushings

Cost-effective self-lubricating bearings material for bulk production

Extended self-lubricating bushings service life


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1、Inside diameter of the bushing

The inside diameter of the bushing depends on the diameter of its mating axis.

2、Length of the bushing

The length of the bushing depends on the size of the pressure-shouldering surface.

The longer the bushing, the less pressure at the surface, for the longer bushing, the load
on the bushing is relatively lessened- But simultaneously, it may result in deviation contact or lower cooling efficiency and thus shorten the service life of the bushing. On the
contrary if the length of the bushing is too short, lubricating grease may quickly flow out of the bushing. Therefore, it hardly forms a grease film and capability of the bushing
is accordingly debased.

Wrapped sliding bearing, wrapped bushing, steel backed bushing /POM sliding layer, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

3、Bushing thickness

The main advantage of standard composite self-lubricating bushings rest with their thin wall thickness.

Standard bushings thickness can be 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm,
 2.0mm, 2.5mm.


Self-lubricated Bushings Design Design of the Mating Axis

Surface roughness, hardness and plating of the mating axis will have great influence on the capability of the self-lubricating bushing. High-quality surface of the mating axis
can prolong the life of the bushing while rough surface will shorten the life of the bushing.

1、Surface roughness of the mating axis
When self-lubricating bushings being used in the condition of fluid lubrication and the surface of the mating axis is  rough, the convex points on the bushing and its
axis will cut the oil film and thus the surface of the axis and the bushing will directly contact with each other therefore, to improve the capability of the bushing, it requires
polishing the surface of the mating axis as smooth as a mirror; thus can reduce the clearance of the oil film and make the film work well 
For most self-lubricating bushings applied in the condition of dry friction or marginal lubrication^ controlled roughness from 0.32 to 1.25 is acceptable and there is no need ta
polish the surface of the mating axis as smooth as a mirror.

2、Hardness of the mating axis
If there is no hard article in the lubricating condition, good performance can be achieved by using bushing materials and hardness recommended in the following form. If not,
it would be better to use the harder material for the mating axis.

Design of the mating axis

Self-lubricating Bushings Design

Interference for bushing fixing

With the exception of being burnt, the service life of self-lubricating bushing depends on the abrasion degree of the bushing’s inner diameter. In conditions like dry friction,
boundary lubrication and oil lubrication, the abrasion of the same bushing will be different Main factors that may influence the service life are character and direction of the
load, lubrication condition, running speed, environment temperature, hardness of the mating axis, roughness of the mating surface material of the mating axis, air quality
around etc Therefore, it’s difficult to calculate the actual abrasion quantity.
Regardless the factors like influence from the load and speed, difference caused by running direction, kinds of lubricating oil, mating clearance, roughness and impurities
penetration degree, the abrasion W can be calculated by the following formula.

The service life of bushing

Avoid corrosion

Bushing manufacturer

Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings Reduce noise

A professional manufacture and sale of business entities self-lubricating bearings, since its inception, has been focused on self-lubricating bearings materials.

Custom Part Services – Request a custom self-lubricated bearing prototype!

Maintenance-Free Parts: The right self-lubricating bearings export quality material for your application! We offers many type of self-lubricating bearings materials designed for wear resistance. Whether your application is exposed to high temperatures, chemicals or water – has a solution. Plain and sliding bearings as well as sliding plates are completely maintenance-free and self-lubricating. Spare parts for guidance, bushing and bearing systems for your application as well as metallic plain bearings, bushing bearings or sliding plates meet the harsh conditions. Custom Bearings Made From High Quality Material.

The bronze bushing is manufactured with machined holes and/or grooves into which graphite is inserted.

  1. Submit an inquiry, Plain Bearings – Imperial and Metric Lubricating Bearings
  2. The production process at starts as soon as your order is received.
  3. Receive your final product. Everything is made ready to ship and delivered as quickly as possible.
  • High Performance Steel & Non-ferrous Bushings, Maintenance and lubrication

  • Die & Mold Straight Bushings, Special Brass, Lubricant: Graphite

  • Metric Cylindrical Bushes & Flange Bushing, Custom-made products

Self-lubricating Thrust Bearing Services

Machining Service From $1.00 – Custom Plain Bearing Parts, Self-lubricating Bronze Bearing With Solid Lubricant

Trusted handyman services

Online CNC Machining Services for Custom Parts And Production Parts. China CNC Machining Prototype, Custom Parts & Rapid Prototyping. Order Status Tracking. Online Quote.

Self-lubricating Bushings are flexible, maintenance-free and come with excellent sizing ability.

  • High-temperature resistance bearing with metal backing.

  • Self-lubricating Bearing is a composite material based on the design of PTFE Bearings (strips and metal backing).

  • Self-lubricating Bushing of more than 0.75 mm thickness can be produced with an interference fit in the housing. Stainless steel backed PTFE bushing are available to protect the steel shell from corrosion.

  • Different PTFE composite bushing are available. Fabricated parts include rolled bearings with or without an axial flange, deep-drawn bushing and thrust washer. The metal backing is available in four different steel thicknesses: 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm.

  • With grooves / fixing holes

  • Improve technology and reduce costs, metric or custom diameter of the washer according to the your spec that can be produced

bronze bushings
hardened steel bushes bearings
bronze bushings

Self-lubricating Bronze Bearing Selection

Solid lubricated bearing, Looking for Custom Bronze Materials?

  • Oilless Self-lubricating Bushing Machining Parts – Accept Small Orders – Competitive Price

  • In Providing One-Stop Services. Professional Team To Control The Self-lubricating bronze bushing parts quality

  • A Large-scale Casting Foundry – Monometallic Self-Lubricating Bushing, various kind of shapes and materials for solid bronze lubricated bearings.

  • Graphite Plugged Self-lubricating Bushing Brass – Fast Delivery Worldwide – Custom prototype, Oilless bearing can improve productivity and save cost/time

Bronze Bearings made of CuSn8

Bronze Bushing Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

  • Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, flanged bushes, sliding plates, customized bearing designs

  • One Piece Compact Bushing Design

  • Bearing material made of solid bronze strip with indents for lubrication

  • Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds

bronze bushings
hardened steel bushes bearings

Standard Thickness Self-lubriating Bushing

The standard POM compound contains carbon and graphite. Special POM compounds are available on request.

  • Fabricated parts include rolled bearing with or without an axial flange, deep-drawn bearing and die-cuts.

  • Pom Coated Bushing Design, Metal-Polymer Composite Material, Steel Back + Porous Bronze Sinter + POM

  • A Large-scale Casting Foundry – Powerful Machining Capability

  • Various Size, Various Application Available

bronze bushings

Reliable Self-lubricating Bushing Supplier

Bearings are used in Various Industries. Besides your will find the other self-lubricating bearing & sliding bushing catalog. Self-lubricating Bushing Bearings are used in Various Industries. Design efficient and long-lasting self-lubricating bushing bearings with highly engineered, maintenance-free metallic components from china. Bearings, bushing, self-lubricating sliding bearings and metal polymer bushing for the agricultural industry, construction machinery industry, Design maintenance-free machines with dry-running, long-lasting self-lubricating sliding bearings components, Resistant to chemicals and media, maintenance-free, self-lubricating, Maintenance-free polymer plain bearings in fluid technology industry. Our products are extremely reliable in harsh environments.

Maintenance-Free Parts
Cost-effective solutions
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Reliable & simple bushing
Self-lubricating and maintenance-free
tractor bushings

We offer plain bearings, bushing, self-lubricating bushing bearings, PTFE bearings, graphite bearings, and wrapped bushing that can be used in a variety of agricultural applications, including tractor cabins and doors, disc harrows, fertilizer spreaders, hay rakes, and more. Equipment.Linkage and Pivot. Your customers depend on your equipment to deliver dependable performance that increases productivity and uptime while making it easier to multi-task from sunup to sundown.

harvesters bushings

Optimized Self-lubricating Bushing Bearings for the Construction Industry. Find your self-lubricating bearings for construction machinery You can also contact us today with any questions or to discuss solutions for your application: the self-lubricating bronze bushing demands of construction machinery; however, metallic bearings are designed with tribologically optimized materials that offer various advantages.

hardened steel bushes for tillage sowing machinery

Manufacturers of hydraulic and bushing as well as PTFE facilities rely on self-lubricating components from China. The reason for this is simple: from short linear movements to fast rotating applications, our tribologically optimised plastics provide a high resistance to wear, abrasion, chemicals and temperature as well as freedom from maintenance.

plain bearing for agriculture

Self-Lubricating, Greaseless Bronze Bearings – Maintenance-Free Parts for Aerial Lifts & Platforms

Aerial lifts, telescopic boom platforms and cherry pickers offer very little space for the safe transport of energy, which is why many engineers are turning to self-lubricating bearings

plain bearing for medical application

we offer a wide variety of slide bearings materials that can meet the demanding needs of medical equipment applications. Our tribological bearings and composite bushing can be found in a wide range of applications.

Greaseless Wrapped Bronze Bearings & Tribological Coatings – Medical. Wrapped bronze bushings and sleeve slide bearings surface solutions meet these demands while extending the service life of your hospital bed, wheelchairs, dental seating, and more.

Composite bushing has tested to be one of the best solutions for Wheelchair applications, specifically in the stem and axle.

Pivot points, folding mechanisms, wheel bearings, and ergonomic adjustments are a few of the additional applications bronzelube excels in.

plain bearing for industrial

High-performance maintenance-free industrial wrapped bronze bearings provide solutions for a diverse range of applications from civil engineering to rail, food to medical.

Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion

Bending Presses

Cable Winding Devices



Food processing equipment


Heat-Treating Units

Industrial applications on both land and underwater

Industrial solder machines

Injection molding


Machine Tools

Manufacturing Equipment

Material Handling

Packaging Equipment

Power Tools

self-lubricating bearings for textile machinery

Metal composite plain bushings for the textile industry.

plain bushings and dry bearig bearings are installed in this leather-splitting machine.

plain bearing for packing machine

Filling machine / Packing machine

development plain bushing, bushing bearing production for cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical machinery filling machinery and packing machinery.

self-lubricating bushings for port machinery

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Self-lubricating Cylindrical Bushing & Flange Bushing Official Site, Tested & Proven!

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Introducing the self-lubricating bearing application, Bushing Type. Learn more. Order the Bearing Parts, engineers and manufactures self-lubricating bearings and sleeve bushing products that help global industries operate more efficiently.

Sleeve Bushing

Plain bearings – Our work is integral to keeping global industry in motion.

High-strength brass bearings with embedded solid lubricant
Flange Bushing

Bushing Type: Sleeve; Flange Size. Bushing Dimensions: ; Design Units: Metric and Inch Size.

Pivot Thrust Washers for knife
Thrust Washer

Dimensions: Design Units: Metric and Inch Size.

Plain bearing – Standard or custom made parts

Self-lubricating Plain Bushing – Bearing Catalog

Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing – Self-lubricating bushings for operation in mixed film lubrication conditions – Sliding layer is machinable, Bearing Technology, Bushing Bearings, now offers an extended range of self-lubricating steel backed sinter bronze and PTFE composite bushing.

  • Plain Bearings, Self-lubricating Bushings Supplier

  • Engineered as a self-lubricating bearing busing solution to conquer misalignment reduction when high demands are placed on bearings!