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Supplier Of The High Quality Bronze Bearings. Bronze Bearing – Your Reliable Choice – Bronzelube.Com, Bronze bushing at – We Are Here for You as Always!Bushing replacement, Custom bushings, modified or custom ordered! The production process at starts as soon as your order is received!

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Maintenance-Free, Self-Lubricating Bearings

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We specialize in producing precision custom bronze bearings. Workable Price. Prompt Delivery.

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Full Range. Custom Bronze Bearing – Your Reliable Choice – Bronzelube.Com, View Bronze Bearing Types. Search Cast Bronze Bushing Catalog.

We are working hard to keep self-lubricating bearings in stock.

For those moments when there isn’t much planned to get you ready. We’ve partnered with major self-lubricating material vendors to ensure parts are always delivered on schedule so you’re up and running at 100%. Take a look at our current inventory of complete self-lubricating bearings, available with simple bearing design options for upgrades. Request a custom bushing bearing prototype!

  • Maintenance & Support, Custom Bushing Solutions, Engineered solutions for unique challenges.

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  • Have questions about the custom bushing parts or want help deciding on what bearings would best suit your application? We’re here to help whenever you need it.

Intelligent Custom Bushing Bronze Bearing Design

As a manufacturer of self-lubricating bearing brass bushings, by focusing on quality, material and dimensional design, we are able to offer self-lubricating shapes that are completely unlike anything else on the market. These are not ordinary bearings. They are self-lubricating components; they will excel in the harshest and coldest environments, and they are designed to be maintenance-free and wear-resistant. In our design bearings, we are manufacturing plain bearings to exacting standards and providing unparalleled support to our customers in our domestic and overseas companies.

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Standard & Custom Bushing Bearings Solutions

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Engineered custom bushings self-lubricating bearings solutions for unique challenges. Custom Bearings & Bushings, Along with our standard custom plain bearings and bushings, custom bearings are produced daily. we manufactures the exact custom bearing, or custom bushing, …Guaranteed Custom Bushing Supplier Contact Now & Get Live Quotes! Trade Assurance. Logistics Service. Bushing OEM Production. Services: Machinery Bushing, Bronze bushing Maintenance free sliding bearing customized size.

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Quality Custom Bushing Bearing Engineered for Strength & Durability

Customized bearing, Low Life-Cycle Cost,Cost savings built-in. Ensuring your fleet is ready when you are..

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plugged graphite bearing

Standard plain bearings-bearing bushings

maintenance-free self-lubricating slide bearings with dry lubricating, self-lubricating bearing technology company We take energy forward - making it safer, cleaner, and more efficient for people and the planet.

Find A Bronze Bushing Parts Custom Bronze Bushings,Standard-Stocked Alloys

In these tough times, we are working to support you continuously and deliver what you need. Configurable mechanical components for your industry. Find a wide range of bronze bushings with us! Special Custom Size Bronze Bushing. Fast Delivery.Development, construction manufacturing! Your specialist. in China self-lubricating bronze custom bronze bearings 450°C Temp. Features: Made Of Bronze Material with Lubricant, Maintenance-Free Plain Bearings.Pre-turned or machined ready for assembly parts with fast delivery and top quality. Sliding bearings, custom bronze bushes, oilless bearings.

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Beautifully crafted leather products.

On-Demand Solutions: Go Beyond Self-Lubricating Bearing Bushing Sales…To A New Way To Get Just What You Need, Just How You Need To Get It, And Just When You Need It

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c83600 bronze self-lubricating bearings
custom bronze bushing parts

Custom Bronze Bushing Parts, Large Centrifugal Castings

The metric sized sleeve bronze bushings plugged graphite. The bronze bushings made by from China. Dedicated to providing high performance mechanical bearing bushing parts for any application. In addition to our standard plain sleeve bearings and bushings, we produce custom bearings every day. We produce the exact custom bearing or bushing you need at a low price. Let our experts assist you in finding the most efficient manufacturing method and the ideal high performance self-lubricating material to meet your specific requirements.

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groove bronze bearings

Custom bushing bronze parts/ oilless bronze bushing, oilless bush catalogue, High quality and fast delivery

Suitable for mold manufacturing industry, widely used. High quality brass and graphite are selected to greatly enhance the durability of guide sleeve in guiding performance and have beautiful metallic luster. After grinding, its toughness, smoothness and positioning performance is excellent. High dimensional accuracy, stable quality, complete specifications, wide selection.

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Bushing Customization.

Quality Bronze Bushing Online.

We can provide customized bearing, in addition to providing self-lubricating bronze bushing products.


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flange bronze bushing
graphite bronze bushing
Bushings & Bearings

– Sleeve, Flange, Thrust & Plate

Large Bronze Bushings, Made to Order Copper Alloys: C86300, C83600, C95500, C90500, C83600 Custom Bushing Material Bronze Bushing Parts.

Large Bronze Bushings, Large Diameter Bronze Bearings, Bronze Bushing Sizes, Washer, Plates & Parts Specialists For Manufacturing & Machining Of All Types. Large Diameter Bronze Bearings. We use the term “Oversized” or “Large Diameter” for any bearing requirement an outside diameter exceeding. Saves You Time & Money In Research, Design & Production Costs. E-mail Now! Machined Bronze Parts. Free Design Assistance. Expert Customer Bushing Service. Your reliable source for bearing bronze grades. Applications: Industrial – Selecting Custom Bushing Bronze Bearing Materials. Bushings & Bearings – Sleeve, Flange, Thrust Online Sourcing. The company can not only implement the production of copper alloy according to the National standards of China, but also according to the relevant standards of the United States ASTM/UNS, British Standard (BS), Japan’s JIS, German DIN and other countries, and according to the special requirements of customers for the development of copper alloy materials, our company can also produce precision finished parts according to customers’ drawings.

Custom Bronze Bearings-Search for Low Price

Bronze bearing? – Standard or Custom Bushing Made Parts!

Custom Bronze Bushing Used for excavators, forklifts, auto wheels, transmission, engine, machinery. View Bushing Type. 

sliding bearings type

Type Of Bearings, Sliding Bearing Solutions

Custom Bushing Machined Parts. Discover The Full Line Of Our Self-lubricating Bearing & Bronze Bushings Range At Starting Here.

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Customized Bronze Parts
bronze bushings grooving type

Bushing Finder – Bronze Bushings, Grooving Type!

Types of lubricant groove:There are different shapes and geometries of grooves which should be used according to the type of lubricant and movement.

*Grooves can be closed or open on one or both sides.

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MSave your purchasing custom bushing oilless bronze bush parts budget for your project. Customized Bronze Parts, for Industrial. Excellent Quality. Workable Price. Prompt Delivery. Full Range. Always tested. Always proven. Global website, Custom Bushing Bronze Parts, Bronze Bushings Production!

bronze sleeve bearings

Choose from our selection of custom bronze parts, including sleeve bearings, flanged sleeve bearings, groove type and more. In stock and ready to ship.

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  • Flanged Bronze Bushings with Groove, Fast Delivery

  • Reliable & safe bronze bushings supplier

  • Bronze Bushings by Size: Small minimum order quantity

Your online source for custom bushing bronze bearing, Solid Bronze Bearing & Special Shapes.

Manufacturer of continuous cast bronze bushing and flange bearings. At present, CNC machining has been realized, and the machining accuracy and production technology have been stabilized and improved NAAMS self-lubricating guide sleeve, the product accuracy is reliable, the dimension is stable, may reduce the mold guide assembly time and the mold manufacture expense! * Our enterprise, is one of the undisputed supplier of the highly competitive bronze bushings industry in china.

For those unplanned moments; we have some bushing material that are ready to ship and some that are ready for your custom size options.

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solid bronze bearing
bronze sleeve bearings

Choose from our selection of custom bushes bronze parts, including sleeve bearings, flanged sleeve bearings, groove type and more. In stock and ready to ship.

  • Free Bronze Bushings Samples for Approval

  • Flanged Bronze Bushings with Groove, Fast Delivery

  • Reliable & safe bronze bushings supplier

  • Bronze Bushings by Size: Small minimum order quantity

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Heavy Duty (Construction)

A wide variety of construction machinery custom bronze bushing options are available to you.

Marine & Offshore

Self-lubricating custom bronze bearings for offshore & marine applications · maintenance free sliding materials for offshore & marine applications ·


Custom bronze bushings and bearings have been proven to outperform other materials, even under the harshest of conditions.

Custom Bronze Parts Material

Looking for Customized Bronze Parts

Custom Bronze Bushing & Bronze Part! Search for Low Price – Great Price & High Quality! As a custom bronze bushing supplier, we produce almost all possible dimensions. View Products. Browse Services. Download Brochures. Highlights: Made In China, Offering Cost-Effective Prices. Automotive, Agriculture, Medical Equipment, Household Appliance, Food Processing,etc. Offering Cost-Effective Prices, Brochures Available.

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Looking For A Custom Bushing & Self-Lubricating Bearing?

Special Manufacturing: Providing You With More Design Freedom. With Machined Oil Grooves, Groove Type Bearing. Standard-Stocked Size & Dimensions Flange Bearing. Be the first to know about new bearing bushing design and material. Custom Bushing Bearings Made From High-Strength Bronze.

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