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Plastic Sleeve Bushings

Application of engineering plastics products and solutions in logistics industry

Engineering plastic sleeve bushing supply solutions and products for the logistics automation industry, help your equipment to speed up operation, improve reliability and prolong life, while simplifying installation, reducing noise, and avoiding lubrication pollution.
Plastic Sleeve bushings

Plastic Bushing For Long Life, Self-Lubricating Engineered Plastic Bearing

Experience in application of engineering plastic bearings in stacker, AGV and conveyer. Designed to be self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and maintenance-free, buy plastic sleeve bearings directly from China today!

Superior Plastic Plain Bushing Quiet operation; Ready to install and industrially harnessed:

  • Plastic Self-lubricating Bearings Easy to assemble, plug and play

  • Plastic Bushings Achieve transmission in all directions

  • Plastic Bearings free of lubrication and maintenance;

  • Plastic Flange Bushings Long service life;

  • Plastic Bushing Materials Standing Stock;

  • Engineered Plastic Bushings Improve Technology and Reduce Costs

Cost-effective Price

Self-lubricating plastic bushings have been proven to deliver a longer service life than oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearings.

Reliable & safe exporter and supplier for all branches of industry! The promise of plastic bushings Maintenance-free plain bearings quality! Find Metric Plastic Flanged Sleeve Bearings supplier, manufacturer, High Precision Plain Bearings.

Precision linear sleeve bearings have the same dimensional accuracy as metal ball linear bearings, but they have higher load capacity and extremely low operating noise.

  • Straight Type, Sleeve Bearings Made From Plastic
  • Shoulder Type, Flanged Sleeve Bearings Made From Plastic

Plain Sleeve Bearing & Solutions: Designed to be self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and maintenance-free, buy plastic sleeve split bearing directly from china today! Get a free quote!

Our Plain Sleeve Bearings Guarantee High Precision, Productivity and Log-Term Reliability.

Self-lubricating plastic bushings

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Plastic Bushing Production.

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sleeve bearing with flange, mm Excellent price

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plastic plain bearings
plastic plain bearings
plastic plain bearings
Maintenance-free and lubrication-free.

Maintenance-free plastic plain bearings.

Choose from our selection of plastic bushings, including over Metric Cylindrical Bushes products and Metric Plastic Flange Bushing Bearing (Lubrication-Free Bushing).

Easy to install clips. While the Split bearing Easily assembled via incorporated slot. The slot compensates for holding tolerances, allows low plain plastic bearing bushings clearance and ensures easily assembled.

Top Quality

Excellent cost-effectiveness. Sleeve bearings – maintenance-free, made of plastic.

Plastic Sleeve Bearings

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

    Bushibg sleeve are made from self-lubricating metal bronze materials which facilitate smooth, maintenance-free.

    Sleeve Bearings Made From Metal – Self-lubricating

    Highly skilled certified mechanics guaranteed.

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    Testing plain bearings bushings guarantee predictable service life

    Plain bearings are manufactured from innovative high-performance plastics for a wide range of applications. Typical applications include medium to high loads, medium sliding speeds and medium temperatures. Agricultural machines Construction, machinery Machine building Sports and leisure Automotive, etc.

    Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated

    Bushing: the best ever global industry standard for marginally lubricated metal polymer plain bearings.

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    Composite Bushing Bearing Technologies

    Sleeve bearing composite types maintenance free

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    Bronze Bearing made of CuSn8 with Grease Reservoirs

    Discover CuSn8 wrapped split bronze bushings with large grease reservoirs to increase maintenance intervals. Bronze bearings made of CuSn8 with lubrication indents. For all lubricated operations.

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    bimetal bushes

    Bimetal Bearings From – OEM Bushing

    Bimetal Bearing with Steel Backing and Leaded Bronze Overlay, Self-lubricating and maintenance-free bimetal bearings.

    About this service

    plain bearings range includes sleeve bearings, flange bearings, … to extreme temperatures and chemicals and for simple sheet-metal bushings.

    We strive for excellence in everything we do.

    Sleeve Bushings – maintenance-free, made of metal

    Need a custom bronze bearings?
    dry metal bronze bushing
    • Standard-Stocked Alloys:

    Cras ultricies ligula sed magna dictum.

    Metal-Polymer Maintenance-free Bearing Solutions.

    Straight Sleeve Bushing Bearings Made From Metal. Cylindrical bushings. Sleeve bearings made from high performance metal slide layer provide mechanical stability with the lowest coefficients of friction.

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    metal polymer bearing

    Professional engineer

    thermoplastic polymer bearing

    Best price available

    Engineering plastic self-lubricating bearings

    “Online- shop with large selection of plastic bushings materials and dimensions.”
    Save your purchasing Oil Free Bushings & Sleeve Bearings Made From Plastic budget for your project.


    Sleeve bearing with flange, mm


    Different dimensions available from stock!


    Plain Plastic Bearing & Bushing

    Plain Plastic Bearing & Bushing.

    Select, configure, order.

    Plain Sleeve Bearings, Price and delivery time on request!

    • Free plain bushings samples for approval

    • Fast Delivery

    • Reliable & safe plastic bushings supplier

    • Small minimum order quantity

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    Large range of Bushing & Plain Bearings from china.

    Plastic bushings are chemical resistant, resist high temperatures up to +482°F, and are lubrication- and maintenance-free.

    The comprehensive wear resistance of engineering plastic bearings is improved by embedding high strength fiber and special solid grease into the bearings with high performance engineering plastic as the base material through polymer modification technology. The high strength fiber network structure enhances the material strength, and the special solid grease compound makes the plastic bushings series engineering plastic bearing have excellent self-lubrication and wear resistance. Whether it is automotive, high speed, underwater, high temperature and corrosion resistant applications, or food industry requiring FDA standards, We provides different solutions to the global industry.

    * Our enterprise, is one of the undisputed supplier of the highly competitive plastic bushings industry in china.

    Plain Plastic Bearing & Bushing

    Injection Molded Plastic Self-Lubricating BushingsInjection Molded Thermoplastic Series – Metric Series Bushings are new economic self-lubricating bearings made by kinds of resin with additive fiber as base material produced by injection molding machines.

    Plastic bushings are made of a variety of resins combined with reinforcing fibers and solid lubricants to provide excellent wear resistance and low friction in both dry and lubricated operating conditions over a wide range of applications. EPB material is an economic solution for mass production designs.

    Plastic Plain Bearing Bushing Series Features

    1. Designed for dry and maintenance-free
    2. Lower friction, excellent wear resistance
    3. Higher load capacity
    4. Excellent chemical resistance
    5. Lower moisture absorption
    6. Thin wall thickness design,
    7. reduced space and weight
    8. Can significantly reduce costs when mass produced
    9. No special requests needed for mating material

    Plastic Plain Bearing Bushing Application

    The application for high load with lower speed and lower friction request, like automotive industries, lift machineries, copier, OA machines, sports machines, food industries, chemical machines etc. Compared with the metal bushes, the weight and cost is much lower. The EPB Plastic Sleeve Bushing Series is well suited for large production runs with low cost and short delivery time. The user can select the bearing by temp. of work environment, wear resistance request, moving method, installation method, the cost of the material etc. Normally, the temperature, load, and PV value should be considered first. Bronzelube recommends designing towards a lower PV value since it will lead to longer service life. The thermoplastic materials can be specially formulated to match the requirements of a wide variety of applications including:

    • Economical
    • High-Performance
    • Anti-corrosive
    • Food use
    • Anti-wear
    • Anti-water
    • Electric Conductivity
    • High Temperature
    • High Strength

    Plastic Plain Bearing Bushing Type

    1. Plastic Series – Straight Bushings
    2. Plastic Series – Flanged Bushings
    3. Plastic Series – Thrust Washer Bushings

    Find a plastic bushing for your application, Plastic bushings to replace oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearings.

    Plastic sleeve bushings, sleeve bearing with flange, mm, Quality Built To Last

    Self-lubricating plastics sleeve bearing online design

    Sleeve Bearings Made From Plastic, made to order from china.

    Select your bushing size, Cost-effective Price.

    plastic sleeve bushings plain bearings

    Plastic Sleeve Bushings Material and Color

    Plastic sleeve bearings from Selection according to shaft diameter, bearing width or outer diameter. Online shop with large selection plastic sleeve bushings material.

    Reliable & safe – producer and supplier Plastic Sleeve Bushings for all branches of industry.

    Widely-applicable materials

    Common Capability Unit EPT EPG EPH EPX EPJ EPS
    Density g/cm³ 1.46 1.46 1.65 1.49 1.24
    Color Black gray Dark grey Grey Black Yellow Beige
    Max.water absorption,23℃/ 50% [% weight] 0.2 0.7 0.1 0.3 2.02
    Max.water absorption [% weight] <1.2 <4 <0.3 <0.5 <1.3 <0.1
    Dynamic friction /steel μ 0.05-0.15 0.08-0.18 0.07-0.20 0.09-0.27 0.06-0.18 0.05-0.15
    Max.PV(dry) MPa•m/s 0.4 0.5 1.37 1.32 0.34 0.4
    Mechanical behavior
    E-module MPa 2,300 7,800 12,500 8,100 2,400 830
    Tensile strength,20℃ MPa 80 200 175 170 73 18
    Compressive strength MPa 65 80 90 150 35 10
    Max.static pressure of the surface,20℃ MPa 35 80 150 90 20 10
    Shore D hardness 70 112 87 85 74 73
    Physical and thermal properties
    Continuous work tempreature +80 +130 +200 +250 +90 +260
    short-time work tempreature +120 +220 +240 +315 +120 +310
    Minimum operating temperature -40 -40 -40 -100 -50 -200
    Thermal conductivity W/m•K 0.2 0.25 0.60 0.60 0.25 0.24
    Max.water absorption,23℃ K-1•10-5 7 9 4 5 10 12
    Volume resisticity Ωcm >1012 >1013 <104 <105 >1013 >1015
    Surface resisticity Ω >1015 >1011 <105 <103 >1012 >1015


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    Plain Bearing Installation

    The Plastic Sleeve Bushing Tolerance

    d mm² Tolerance after fit E10 Fit Housing H7 Fit Shaft h9
    >0~3 +0.014~+0.054 0~+0.010 0~-0.025
    >3~6 +0.020~+0.068 0~+0.012 0~-0.030
    >6~10 +0.025~+0.083 0~+0.015 0~-0.036
    >10~18 +0.032~+0.102 0~+0.018 0~-0.043
    >18~30 +0.040~+0.124 0~+0.021 0~-0.052
    >30~50 +0.050~+0.150 0~+0.025 0~-0.062
    >50~80 +0.060~+0.180 0~+0.030 0~-0.074
    >80~120 +0.072~+0.212 0~+0.035 0~-0.087
    >120~180 +0.085~+0.245 0~+0.040 0~-0.100

    Plastic Sleeve Bushings Series vs Metal Bearings

    Change your bushings today!

    self-lubricating plastic bushings are proven to deliver a longer service life than oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearings.

    plastic bushings

    Because the grease immersed in the solid plastic material, the lubricating will be valid continuously no matter how long the bearings are working. Therefore, the traditional sintered oilless bearings provide the lubricating function by utilizing the impregnated oil in the tiny porosities of the material. When the impregnated oil would have been run out of dried, the bearing wear will be increased sharply and the bearing life will be terminated at the same time.

    Plastic Sleeve Bushings Metric Size made to order from china at Excellent price

    Part no.

    Ø d1 [mm]Outer diameter d2 [mm]

    Flange diameter d3 [mm]

    Bearing length b1 [mm]

    Flange thickness b2 [mm]


    Flange Sleeve Bushing Type Made to Order from china at Excellent price

    sleeve bearing with flange, mm

    Part no.

    Ø d1 [mm]Outer diameter d2 [mm]

    Flange diameter d3 [mm]

    Bearing length b1 [mm]

    Flange thickness b2 [mm]


    Plastic Sleeve Bushing Application

    Boats and yachts
    Beverage production & packaging
    Building material manufacturing
    Bulk Material Handling
    Camera and film technology
    Car wash systems
    Composting plants
    Construction Machinery

    Fitness/ physical therapy equipment
    Food production and packaging
    Furniture/ industrial design
    Heavy machinery/ plant construction
    Indoor and EOT Cranes
    Locks & dock facilities
    Machine tools
    Material handling
    Medical technology
    Motorcycles & scooters

    Oil and Gas
    Plastic machines
    Port and Terminal Cranes
    Railway technology
    Service robotics
    Shore power
    Solar technology
    Steel mills

    Theatre / Stage construction
    Truck & Trailer
    Vending machines
    Vertical farming
    Wind power stations

    3D printers
    Industry solutions

    plastic sleeve bushings replacement for igus

    plastic sleeve bushings replacement for

    Buy Self-lubricating Plastic bearings online

    Designed to be self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and maintenance-free, buy plastic sleeve plain bearings directly from china at Excellent price today!

    Plastic Sleeve bushings

    Ready to choose the best plastic bearings bushings for your application?

    Tech up, Cost down

    Learn more about plain bearings & plastic bushings

    Cost-Effective & Grease-Free Plain Bearings Bushings Exist!

    Types of plain bearings

    • Flange plastic bearings bushings
    • Sleeve plain bearings
    • Thrust washer
    • Customized plastic bushings
    • Linear plastic bearings bushings
    • Thin-walled plastic bearings
    View more plastic bush bearings

    Custom Plastic Bushing Design

    Always self-lubricating, Always long-lasting

    View more plain bearing design

    Quality and design services

    Extended Service Life Solutions

    View more plastic bushing service

    The General Purpose Bearing –the most sold plain bearings & plastic bushings worldwide.

    Want to try plastic bushing bearings for yourself?

    Choose the correct bush bearing material to meet your requirements.
    • Maintenance-free, dry running
    • High wear resistance
    • Resistance to dust and dirt
    • Cost-effective
    More information on plastic bushings

    Besides our online plastic bearings bushings Catalog, other online plain bearings catalogs are also available.

    self lubricating bushes catalogue pdf file

    bush bearing material

    Plain Bearings & Plastic Bushings Solutions

    Your plain bearings partner from prototype to production. Plastic Bearings Routinely Deliver Longer Service. Need Assistance Selecting The Proper Linear Bearing Bushing Injection Molded Thermoplastic Series?

    plastic flange bushings

    Bushing Material Selection
    plastic bearings bushings

    Explore More

    More plain bearing & plastic bushing products from china, Designed to be self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and maintenance-free, buy plastic sleeve bearings directly from china today!

    Selecting your plastic sleeve bushing size!


    Custom Bearings – Choosing the sleeve bushing by feature!

    Find your ideal self-lubricating sleeve bushing bearings in wide range of materials in Metal, Bronze, Multilayer and Composite. Reliable Quality, Complete Model, Sufficient Supply, Fast Delivery, OEM & Wholesale. Inquire Now, Get A Free Quote. Improving productivity and save the cost and time with various kind of shapes and materials, etc. Good After sales Service. Made In China. Types: Bronze Bearing, Bronze Bearings, Thrust Bearing, Thrust Washer!

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    Self-lubricating sleeve bushing work by having lubricant impregnated within the sliding layer of the bearing.


    Self-lubricating sleeve bushing for longer life –

    Self-Lubricating bushing consist of pre-lubricated metal wrapped bushing bearing and bronze bushing, bimetal bushes, which varies in shape. .


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