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Self-lubricating polymers & metal bushings and an extensive selection of material components contribute to the versatility of sliding bearing elements. We stand behind the quality of our flanged & straight composite bushings products. Get better Self-lubricating bronze bushing & sliding bearings prices to reduce your costs. Choose Your Right Self-lubricating Bearings Product and Order Now! Logistics Service! The metal-polymer composite bearing is wall wrapped bearings made of triple layer composites material which consists of a steel backing, a sintered porous bronze sliding interlayer and calendared with PTFE and Pb mixture as surface layer.

Lubrication Bearings

Metal-Polymer Composite Bearings- Reduced Costs & Downtime

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Long-lasting, self-lubricating bronze bushing supplier

Experience of over 10 years of self-lubricating bronze bushing projects on oilless bearings material & sliding bearing type designs from China.

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boccole du bushes
Flanged dry bush BOCCOLE
Sliding Bearing Technology

Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated

Explore all of our self-lubricating bushing material suitable for lubricated applications : POM composite & PTFE composite bushing or dry sliding bearings, solid bronze bushing or split type bushings. low coefficients of friction with PTFE slide bearing layer, compliant material safe for direct food contact. adjustable bearing clearance options

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High Standard Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing

The Promise of Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings Quality, excellent wear-resistance, for a wide variety of industrial applications, meet your requirement.

Composite Bushings

“Bushings Design: Flange, Straight or Thrust Washer”

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plate Guide bearings
Maintenance free bearing and guide bushes, bronze with solid lubricant
Oilless Bushings

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Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushing Standard Dimensions Dry Bushings Online, Delivery In Time, Small Minimum Order Value, CAD Design Provided With Quotations Free Of Charge, Free Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing Bearings Samples. Delivery + Consultation. Full Testing Capabilities For Customized Self-lubricating Bearings. Up to 40% more cost-effective than recirculating ball bearings

Our product range includes a wide range of graphite impregnated bronze bush, graphite filled bronze bush and graphite embedded bushes. We are one of the leaders in machining custom bronze bushings and a supplier of bronze bushings & bearings delivered on time and on budget.
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Reduce Your Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing Cost! Guide bushings from stock. Self-lubricating, quiet, light and cost-effective mould and shaft guides. Maintenance-free oilless bearing made ready to install. Stright or flanged size available.

Extremely long service life under extreme conditions

For extreme loads custom bearing size ?
Custom Bimetal Bearings Part Services

Metal & Bi-metal Bearings

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Sliding Bearing forms available in standard dimensions: Plain bearing were developed to promote design flexibility and quick assembly in your configurations. All self-lubricating bearings are equipped with high-performance sliding layer, significantly reducing friction and extending service life. Our best bimetal bearings supplier in China.

A wide variety of bimetal bushing options are available to choose.

Low friction coefficient, good wear resistance, long service life, good anti-bite performance.

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Lubrication Bearings

Bimetal Bearings Made-to-Order

Browse and shop all THIN wALL BUSHINGS

Plain bearings and bushings, the durable heavy duty bronze bearing. Increase service life, reduce costs & eliminate external lubrication. Metric standard size from stock. Split type bushing easy to assemble and more wear-resistant than typical bearings, Selecting your self-lubricating bronze bearing size!

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Configure according to your requirements & applications.

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dry metal bronze bushing
  • Easy installation & Extremely durable

Delivers punctually & offers Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings fair prices.

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Lubrication bushing and maintenance-free, Good price/performance ratio

Guaranteed Top Quality & Service. Quality Self Lubricating Bearing Supplier in China, Contact Now! Wholesale Price. Sliding Bearing Technology. Quality Assurance. Busing Types: Quality Assurance, Wholesale Price! Offering Superior Performance In Hundreds Of Applications Replacing Bearings Products: Sliding Bushings, Bimetal Bearings. Ready-to-install bushing and assembled with small minimum order quantity.

* Discovery the principal self-lubricating bearings dimensions. Take advantage of our experiences and quality for the customized of your self-lubricating bronze bearings products!

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wrapped bronze bushings

Wrapped bronze designed for use meet every industry standard. Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings – Select, configure, order.

bimetal bushing

Self-lubricated, maintenance-free bearings made of sliding metal sleeve.Contact Our Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing Expert Today!

Easy assembly & high lubricate bearing service life.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Polymer Coatings – Tribological Coatings – Bearing solutions that can improve your system & save you cost. PTFE layer for reducing friction on surfaces. Various sizes and versions available. Save your purchasing Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushing for your project. Uses its innovative self-lubricating bearings materials to develop products that provides creative bearings solutions and exceed our customers’ expectations while delivering fast, accurate service. With dry bearing, you can rely on a metal plain bushing that has identical dimensions to conventional recirculating ball bearing systems. This makes a one to one replacement very easy. Dry bushing provide you with the greatest possible flexibility and variety in the design of your application.

Customized self-lubricating solution?
  • Self-lubricating bronze bushing & sliding bearings for longer service life: Discover the infinite potential of our disruptive coating technology.

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Lightweight & quiet

Simple installation & maintenance-free!

Extends its bearing expertise to polymer coatings into the field of tribology. Plain bushing for industrial applications & tested for guaranteed service life. Maintenance-free, self-lubricating & dry-running operation. Resists temperatures up to 450°F. Machined custom bronze bushing & wear plate stock, washer & other nonstandard shapes & dimensions.

Low-cost self-lubricated bushing design promotes design flexibility. Low-cost modular design promotes design flexibility. Explore More Bushing Bearings Products from china, Experienced Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing Supplier in China.

Replace bushing without the need for component disassembly. Keep maintenance to a minimum by replacing plain bearing with a simple tool while the installed on the shaft. Browse metal bushing & more!

Fast and easy plain bearing replacement

Why choose plain bearing bushings?

Self-lubricating Bearing for a wide variety of applications! Low-cost and maintenance-free! Order your free self-lubricating bearings.

Metal plain bushing reduce downtime & increase service life of your parts.

Learn about the wide variety of sliding bearings materials and self-lubricating bearing applications. 8 times longer service life for agricultural machinery by the use of plastic plain bearings. Engineers working in the agricultural industry can benefit greatly from implementing true maintenance-free plain bearing bushing within their machinery. Maintenance-free self-lubricating have several benefits that can help significantly increase efficiency within the agricultural field. Maintenance-free oilless dry metal bushing designs with alternative designs, as well as go into the requirements for creating a true maintenance-free sleeve bearings. Your advantages wit plain bearings and bushing! In many applications, metallic bushings or recirculating ball bearing guides can be replaced by lubrication free polymer plain bearings. We would like to show you how to improve your technology and save costs at the same time. Especially in agricultural applications, you need solutions that can stand up to rough conditions, such as dirt, dust, heat, shock and edge loads. Makes this possible with its plain bearings and bushing bearings that are characterised by their outstanding resilience and long service life. These products are used for instance in tractors, disc harrows, fertilisers, hay rakes, field sprayers, seed drills and other agricultural equipment.

The plain bushing in harsh environments
Durable & Self-lubricating
Durable & Self-lubricating
Dry bushing withstand higher shock loads than ball bearings, no external lubrication
Corrosion resistant
Corrosion resistant
Self-lubricating bearing available in 316 stainless steel
Lightweight & Quiet operation
Lightweight & Quiet operation
reduce weight by up to 50%, dry bearings quieter than ball bearings
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Without lubrication and cost-effective, Many years of successful cooperation.

Self-lubricating bearing solutions!

Designing a true maintenance-free self-lubricating bearing.

Download the slide bearing technology brochure, and self-lubricating bearing catalog.

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    Cost-effective, Plain Bearings & Bronze Bearing Supplier!

    Technical Resources: Technical Downloads, Full Bushing Dimensions and CAD models for all types of Self-lubricating bronze bushing (plain bearings). Provide flexibility for self-lubricating bearings customized solution.

    Reliable & safe- producer and supplier self-lubricating bronze bushings for of industry. We offer a range of self-lubricating bronze bushings in a range of markets areas and can offer custom bushing design to best meet your needs. Custom Machined Bronze Bushing Parts: We provide top notch services to a variety of different industries.

    Overview – Plain bearings

    Advanced Facility Industry Solutions

    Design a self-lubricating to your exact specs or perform a simple sleeve bushing to one replacement. We have very precise stamping machines, CNC machining center and precise test machines. This makes us able to develop and manufacture many new products, which is our strength and predominance.

    Use our tribological bearing knowledge to make the world’s industries work better. International focus – Globe Standard Material.

    Be the china supplier in self-lubricating bearings and bronze bushings parts, continually improving performance, reliability and efficiency. Equipment – Precise Equipment Available.

    Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized self-lubricating bearings solutions, bushing design. The markets, the applications, the customers are different but we have one unique philosophy to achieve success. Service – Custom Machined Bushing Bearings

    VIIPLUS Bearings is a wholesaler/supplier of a wide variety of quality self-lubricating bronze bearings and related plain bushes products. With an extensive knowledge and research done by our expert team, we aim to provide our clients with the most cost efficient and quality assured products from across the Globe.

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    Self-Lubricating And Maintenance-Free Metal Plain Bearings, Your Advantages with Flange Sleeve Bearings Application.