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Digital technology enables a new approach to an old industrial problem: eliminating the unexpected. In industry, nobody likes surprises. Companies spend much of their time working to create conditions where people, assets and materials behave…VIIPLUS Industries has been supplying premium different types of lubricated bushings to various application. We Served Over Than 23 Countries+ With quality and precision, you can also find our self-lubricating bronze bushings with the same toughness and engineered characteristics you would expect. With exceptional fit and durability on bushings, expect to achieve unprecedented hours on your machine.Tradition of Excellence.

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We are always be your best partner for self-lubricating bearing bushings from China.Wear-resistant metal bearing, Self – lubricating bearings with copper and PTFE metal composite bearing, POM and sliding bearing lubrication, used in applications grease or oil.

1) different tribological bearing solutions

2) abundant reference cases in various fields

3) a variety of different applications, customers all over the world

4) the most powerful global engineering technology capability, can work with you to complete the entire design process, to provide you with the perfect solution

5) our application will meet the most demanding applications – harsh working environment, a variety of shapes, STRAIGHT TYPE, FLANGE BEARINGS, THRUST WASHER, or self lubricating bearing materials

6) metal composite products

7) our business covers the whole world, including China, eight countries, four continents, local production, to provide you with services anytime, anywhere

Our engineers apply our expertise and love of tribology to the fields of automobiles, oil and industrial bushings bearing manufacturing.

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