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Industrial Bronze Bushings – Made to Order Copper Alloys

High Performance Bearings Designed in Collaboration with Customers. Made for Your Needs. Speak to an Engineer to Learn More about Our Custom, High Quality Bronze Bearings. Bronze bushings – Request bronze bearings drawings.


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Wrapped or machined bushings

Wrapped Bronze Bushing & Bearing – Excellent Supplier from China.

Saves You Time & Money In Bronze Bushings Research, Design & Production Costs. E-mail Now! We Can Economically Make Custom Bushings In Metric & Inch Size. Sliding Plates Made. Made in China. Highlights: Quick Quote Available, ISO 3547, DIN 1494, Customer Service Available.

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Bronze Bearings made of CuSn8 with Lubrication Indents, Bronze Bushing Lubrication

The sliding surface of wrapped bronze bushing contains diamond shaped pockets that must initially be filled with grease! Saves You Time & Money In Research, Design & Production Costs. E-mail Now! Copper Alloy Bars , Plates & Parts Specialists For Manufacturing & Machining Of All… Premium Bronze Bushings – ISO 3547 DIN 1494, Metric & Imperial Plain, Flanged, Washers… Quality China Made Manufacturing. See Our Online Catalog & Request A Quote!

  • Standard wrapped bronze bushings thicknesses 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 mm. CuSn8P Slide Bearing

  • Composition (standard values)

    • Cu 91.3 %
    • Sn 8.5 %
    • P 0.2 %
  • Diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed.

Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings According to Client’s Design

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Wrapped bronze bushes – metric size.“Wrapped bronze bushings are made entirely of bronze, CuSn8, The bushings are produced from strips which are then wrapped and calibrated.” We are a manufacturer of bronze bushes components, The bronze bushing is manufactured with machined holes and/or grooves into which graphite is inserted.

Wrapped Bronze Bushing & Bearing
Wrapped Bronze Bushing & Bearing
wrapped bronze bearings

CuSn8P standard alloy for wrapped bushings & Phosphor bronze bushings, made to order.

Bronze Bushing Material highly resistant to load, high temperature, corrosion and wear. Under heavy load, it requires a hardened shaft. Wrapped Bronze Bush Bearings· Cylindrical Bush · Flanged Bushes · Industrial Washer · Industrial Bearings · Thrust Washers. Owing to our immense years of industry experience, we are offering a huge array of Flanged Bronze Bushing. The offered cylindrical bush is meticulously tested on various quality parameters and is widely demanded in various industries. Provided cylindrical bush is manufactured by utilizing optimum quality raw material and the latest technology at our manufacturing unit. In line with international standard we provide the entire range in various customized options and at affordable prices.

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wrapped bronze bushing

Factory Price

Import Bronze Bushing from Prequalified Supplier at Factory Price in China. Get Live Quotes Now! Import Bronze Bushing from Prequalified Supplier at Factory Price in China.

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wrapped bronze bushing

CuSn8P Slide Bearings

Wrapped Bronze Bushing Online, Quality Bronze Bearings Supplier & Manufacture in China, Contact Now! Factory Direct.

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Bronze Bushing Production

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Bronze Bushing Projects.

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We offer an extensive range of bronze bushing products for your requirements.

wrappeed bronze bushings

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Custom Cast Bronze Bearings Solutions
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Technical Bronze Standard Parts Experts – Fast and Convenient.

Wrapped Bronze Bushing & Bearing
Wrapped Bronze Bushing & Bearing
Wrapped Bronze Bushing & Bearing
Full range wrapped bronze bushing provider

Wrapped bronze bushings Lubrication pockets & holes help extend bushing service life!

Bronze bushing is a kind of wrapped self lubricating bearing.

We stand behind the quality of our wrapped bronze bushing products and flange bearings. Available ex stock. View Our Wrapped Bronze Bushing Online Catalog. Make An Inquiry.View Products.

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The promise of bronze bushing high quality, meet your requirement.

Wrapped Bronze ‎Bushings

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

Custom Bearings Bushing – Bronze Wrapped Bearings

Breathtaking design for home living.

Solid Bronze Metal Bearings Manufacturer – All Type Bronze Bearings –, Reliable Quality, Fast Delivery, OEM & Wholesale.

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dry metal bronze bushing

Why use Bronze Bushings?

Bronze is a versatile and commonly used bushing material because it has many alloys and components. The most common bronze bushing materials and their uses include.

Bronze. The most common are alloys of bronze with tin, aluminum or silicon, which have high corrosion resistance, making them ideal for marine applications. Popular designs include bronze alloy graphite oil-free bushings, flanged bronze bushings, and sintered bronze bushings. Please contact us about bronze bushing and bearing materials and sizes to learn more.

Bronze bushings or bronze bearings are hard and strong, as opposed to brass bushings, which are softer and more prone to deformation. As a result, bronze bushings last longer than brass bushings. They resist shock and impact, wear and corrosion. They require an external lubricant, such as grease or oil, to reduce friction and wear during installation and operation.

Applications of bronze bushings: They are more commonly used in low-speed, high-load and heavy-duty industrial applications and machinery for steel manufacturing, food processing, injection molding, automotive machinery, earth-moving machinery, pumps and other industries.

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Bronze Wrapped Plain Bearings

Our in-house machining service is able to produce non-standard sizes to suit customer specific requirements..

Wrapped Bronze Bearings Catalog
flange bronze bushing cusn8

Bronze Wrapped Flanged Bearings

Our range of flanged bearings are available in metric sizes

Wrapped Flanged Bushing Size
bronze bushing

Bronze Bushing CUZN32

Our Range Of Brass Wrapped Bushing Are Available In Made Of Copper Alloy Cuzn32

Wrapped Flanged Bushing Size

Phosphor bronze bearings factory price

Other Wrapped Bronze Bushings Mechanical Properties On Request

Wrapped Bush

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CuSn8 Bronze Bearings – VIIPLUS International, Our range of wrapped bronze bush manufactured from CuSn8 rolled phosphor bronze alloy material is extremely versatile and well suited for a wide range of size.

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Flange Bush Solutions

Wrapped Bushing Solutions

Custom Phosphor bronze Washer Graphite Solutions

Save your purchasing CuSn8P Slide Bearings budget for your project.

Our range of CuSn8 bronze bearings manufactured from CuSn8 rolled phosphor bronze alloy material is extremely versatile and well suited for a wide range of applications. These bronze bearings have been developed for slow speed, high load applications, especially suited for oscillating motion and are perfect for the construction, mining/quarrying, agriculture and automotive industries. Our CuSn8 bronze range is capable of taking axial as well as radial loads and have outstanding resistance against saltwater and corrosion cracking and most importantly; are much more cost-effective than machined, roller or ball bearings.

  • Types: The wrapped bronze bearings range is another extremely versatile range. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your specific project requirements.

  • The wrapped bronze bearings can be offered with pockets, grooves or thru-holes for heavier applications.

  • Inquire Now, Get A Free Quote. Good After sales Service. Made In China.

We design Wrapped or machined bushings.

We design Wrapped Bronze Bushings or machined bushings OD up to 100 mm, Wall thickness, depending on OD. Plain bearing bushes. Benefit from our longstanding experience in application consulting: We offer custom size solutions that meet the highest requirements.


  • Robust Construction
  • CuSn8 Bronze bushings Compact size
  • Wrapped bronze bushing with diamond pockets
  • Wrapped bronze bushing with through holes.

* Our enterprise, is one of the undisputed supplier of the highly competitive wrapped bronze bushing industry in china.

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Bronze Bearings made of CuSn8
wrapped bronze bushes
straight bronze bearings
split bronze bearings
gap bronze bearings
bronze bearing diamond

Wrapped bushing, Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547  CuSn8P Slide Bearings

CuSn8P: Bronze highly resistant to load, high temperature, corrosion and wear. Under heavy load, it requires a hardened shaft. Application: Small-end bearings, joint bearings subject to impact load, standard alloy for wrapped bushings.

Bronze plain bearing lubricated


Material: bronze
Other characteristics: lubricated Monometallic Bearing


Monometallic Bearing Material CuSn8 with Lubrication Indents – Bearing material made of solid bronze strip with indents for lubrication – Good wear resistance, suitable for rough conditions – Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds. The split bronze bearing bushing is made of high-density copper alloy CuSn8 tin bronze material strip with special formula as the substrate. The surface can be rolled in diamond shape or holes shape as required by the user. It has the advantages of high density, bearing high capacity, good wear resistance and long service life, etc., which can replace the traditional cast bronze bearings, reduce the mechanical volume and reduce the cost.

The bronze bushing is made of high density copper alloy strip Cusn8 with special material, and the surface can be wrapped with diamond with indented inside surface and oil groove according to customer’s requirement.


Bronze bearings forms available in standard dimensions.

  • Cylindrical Bushes – Metric Size or inch size
  • Flange Bearing – Flange bushing
  • Sliding Plates, – Bronze Plate made of CuSn8 with Lubrication Indents
  • Thrust Washer – Aenean ut purus non tortor rhoncus bibendum
  • Customized Bearing Designs– with non-standard dimensions

the wrapped bronze bearing is made of high density tin-bronze CuSn8; its surface is perforated with oil openings at a certain angle and density; therefore, it is easier to form an oil film when the bushing works. It has good load capacity and anti-fatigue, anti-erosion and load. The products are widely applied under conditions of heavy load, but low operating speed, as in agricultural, construction and engineering machinery.

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Wrapped bronze flanged bearings

Our range of wrapped bronze flanged bearings manufactured from CuSn8 rolled phosphor bronze alloy material are extremely versatile and well suited for a wide range of applications. These bronze bearings have been developed for slow speed, high load applications, especially suited for oscillating motion, and are perfect for the construction, mining/quarrying, agriculture, and automotive industries.

Wrapped bronze flanged bearings are capable of taking axial as well as radial loads and have good resistance against saltwater and corrosion cracking and most importantly; are much more cost-effective than machined, roller, or ball bearings.

The working surface is rolled with diamond-shaped indentations. On assembly or during operation the indentations can be filled with grease or oil which acts as a reservoir creating excellent long-term lubrication.

The bronze bearings are produced from phosphor bronze alloy rolled strip which is hard and has an excellent finish. The material composition is as follows:

Cu – Balance
Sn – 8.5%
P – 0.2%
We offer high stock levels of wrapped bronze bushing bearings and flanged bushings. A majority is online available for immediate deliveries. We ship worldwide.

Rolled bushings are used, on the one hand, in standard dimensions with lubrication pockets.

Chemical Composition

Part No Material Cu Sn P Pb Zn
090 bronze bushing CuSn8 91.3% 8.5% 0.2% / /
092 bronze bushing CuSn8 91.3% 8.5% 0.2% / /

Bronze bushings material

  • Support material CuSn8P bronze bushings
  • alternative CuSn6P bronze bushings available

Technical Parameters Bronze Bushing Tolerance Details

Standard Dia. O.D.Size Housing Bore I.D.Size Matching Shaft Diameter
10~18 +0.065
– 0.016
– 0.043
18~30 +0.075
– 0.020
– 0.020
30~50 +0.085
– 0.025
– 0.064
50~80 +0.100
– 0.030
– 0.076
80~120 +0.120
– 0.036
– 0.090
120~180 +0.170
– 0.043
– 0.106
180~250 +0.210
– 0.050
– 0.122
250~315 +0.260
– 0.056
– 0.137
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Diamond Indentations/ Oil Greasing Holes

The bronze bushings diamond indentations are an excellent lubrication depot and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

The Oil Greasing Holes have the advantage of storing more lubricants than the Diamond Indentations and therefore, the maintenance intervals can be extended.

bronze bushing Diamond Indentations oil holes

Bronze Bushing Type made to order: cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, flanged bronze bushes, sliding bearings, customized bushings designs

Economic solution for bronze bearing application due to a thin wall thickness. The diamond Indentations are an excellent lubrication depot and keeping maintenance to a minimum. Suitable for rough working conditions, good corrosion resistance.
Split bronze bushing cusn8, large lubrication oil holes, complete holes for the storage of the grease, instead of the diamond shaped Indentations pockets
CUSN8 is tin bronze containing iron and manganese elements, belonging to high strength and heat resistant bronze, stable mechanical properties at high temperature (400℃), good anti-friction, in the atmosphere, fresh water and sea water corrosion resistance is very good, hot state pressure processing is good, heat treatment can be strengthened, welding, not easy to fiber welding, cutting is good.
Tin bronze bushing type available in standard dimensions
Cylindrical bushes
Flanged bushes
Thrust washers
Flanged washers
Sliding plates
Get access to CuSn8 split bronze bushing drawings

Material Characteristics

Max. Load Capacity P
Static Load N/mm2 120
Dynamic Load N/mm2 40
Max. Speed V
E92 m/s >2.5
Max. PV Value N/mm2·m/s 2.8
Tensile Strength N/mm2·m/s 450
Yiled Point N/mm2·m/s 250
Hardness HB 90-120
Elongation 40%
Coefficient of Friction μ 0.08~0.25
Operation Temperature Range -100~200
Thermal Conductivity W/(m · k) 60
Coefficient of Thermal HSB-2pansion k-1 15×10-6
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Bronze Bushing Industry

Agriculture machinery, truck cranes & construction machinery, suitable for impact loads

Choose from our selection of split bronze bushings, including sleeve bearings, flanged sleeve bearings, and more. In standard size stock and ready to ship.

Bronze Bushing Split Type Simple Sleeve Design Providing You With More Design Freedom

Bronze split bearings are split bushings, also called wrapped bronze bearings, straight type or without flange. Bronze bushing are wrapped of a cold formable homogenous bronze (CuSn8),particular formulation with high specific gravity. Bronze lube bushings – Sliding Bearing, Plain Bearing 090 & 092 series


Industrial – Mechanical handling and lifting equipment, hydraulic cylinders…

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Wrapped bushes with grease pockets size chart, Price and delivery time on request

Wrapped bushes with grease diamond pockets Inner diameter d Outer diameter D Length L
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  10-12-10 10 12 10
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  10-12-15 10 12 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  12-14-10 12 14 10
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  12-14-12 12 14 12
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  12-14-15 12 14 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  12-14-20 12 14 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  14-16-10 14 16 10
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  14-16-15 14 16 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  14-16-20 14 16 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  14-16-25 14 16 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  15-17-10 15 17 10
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  15-17-15 15 17 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  15-17-25 15 17 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  16-18-10 16 18 10
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  16-18-15 16 18 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  16-18-20 16 18 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  16-18-25 16 18 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  18-20-10 18 20 10
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  18-20-15 18 20 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  18-20-20 18 20 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  18-20-25 18 20 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  20-23-10 20 23 10
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  20-23-12 20 23 12
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  20-23-15 20 23 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  20-23-22 20 23 22
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  20-23-20 20 23 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  20-23-25 20 23 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  20-23-30 20 23 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  22-25-15 22 25 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  22-25-20 22 25 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  22-25-25 22 25 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  22-25-30 22 25 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  22-25-40 22 25 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  25-28-15 25 28 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  25-28-20 25 28 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  25-28-25 25 28 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  25-28-30 25 28 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  28-31-15 28 31 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  28-31-20 28 31 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  28-31-25 28 31 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  28-31-30 28 31 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  30-34-15 30 34 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  30-34-20 30 34 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  30-34-25 30 34 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  30-34-30 30 34 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  30-34-40 30 34 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  32-36-15 32 36 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  32-36-20 32 36 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  32-36-25 32 36 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  32-36-30 32 36 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  32-36-40 32 36 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  35-39-15 35 39 15
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  35-39-20 35 39 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  35-39-25 35 39 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  35-39-30 35 39 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  35-39-40 35 39 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  35-39-50 35 39 50
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  40-44-20 40 44 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  40-44-25 40 44 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  40-44-30 40 44 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  40-44-40 40 44 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  40-44-50 40 44 50
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  40-44-60 40 44 60
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  45-50-20 45 50 20
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  45-50-25 45 50 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  45-50-30 45 50 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  45-50-40 45 50 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  45-50-50 45 50 50
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  50-55-25 50 55 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  50-55-30 50 55 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  50-55-40 50 55 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  50-55-50 50 55 50
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  50-55-60 50 55 60
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  55-60-25 55 60 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  55-60-30 55 60 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  55-60-40 55 60 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  55-60-50 55 60 50
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  55-60-60 55 60 60
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  60-65-25 60 65 25
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  60-65-30 60 65 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  60-65-40 60 65 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  60-65-50 60 65 50
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  60-65-60 60 65 60
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  60-65-80 60 65 80
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  65-70-30 65 70 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  65-70-40 65 70 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  65-70-50 65 70 50
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  65-70-60 65 70 60
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  65-70-80 65 70 80
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  70-75-40 70 75 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  70-75-50 70 75 50
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  70-75-60 70 75 60
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  70-75-80 70 75 80
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  75-80-30 75 80 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  75-80-40 75 80 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  75-80-80 75 80 80
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  80-85-30 80 85 30
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  80-85-40 80 85 40
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  80-85-60 80 85 60
Wrapped Bronze Bushes  80-85-80 80 85 80
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Bushing Material, Phosphor Bronze Bearings

Manufacturer of wrapped bronze bushing, flange bronze bushes, as well as tin bronze bearings. Wrapped Bronze Bearings Parts: Large selection of bronze sleeve bearings. Split-type sleeve bearings are available to buy online.

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Slide bearings

Browse, get a quote and order products easily in bronze slide bearing parts eCatalog

Slide bearings are also used in bearings for modern axle and brake systems, transmissions, differentials and hydraulic pumps, bronze bushing price and delivery time on request, High Precision Oil-free Slide Plates online sourcing.

  • Plain bearing bushes, The excellent tin bronze material gives the bushings excellent sliding properties and high wear resistance.

  • Slide bearing, self lubricating, CuSn8P, ✓, High purity ensures maximum load-bearing capacity.