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Plain Bearings (Sliding Friction Bearings): Plain bearings operate on the principle of sliding friction and do not use rolling elements; because there are no moving parts, they are usually quieter than anti-friction bearings. Sliding bearings can be used in rotary or linear applications. For example, a shaft that rotates in a bore represents a sliding bearing being used to limit rotational motion; a sliding drawer represents a linear application. Sliding bearings are often selected for high load, low speed applications.

  • There are two main categories of bearings, plain bearings and anti-friction (rolling) bearings. Plain bearings operate on the principle of sliding motion, while rolling bearings operate on the principle of rolling motion.

  • Sliding bearings are also referred to as plain bearings, sleeve bearings, bushing bearings, slide bearings, bimetal bearings, dry bearings. Unfortunately, the application of these terms is not always correct, which leads to confusion. For example, bimetal bearings are bearings made from steel and bronze, a soft metal alloy, but people often refer to all sliding bearings as “Babbitt bearings,” which is incorrect.

  • Sliding plain bearings are used in many large machinery items, including steam turbines and large marine two-stroke vessels, but they are also used in almost all internal combustion engines because they allow the bearings to be mounted in two or more separate components.

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Oilless bearings are made from self-lubricating.

Oilless bearings are self-lubricating, which means you never need grease. Extend the life of your equipment by switching to oilless graphite bearings and bushings. flange bearings are made from self-lubricating with graphite materials that promote maintenance-free, dry operation for a wide-range of applications. We take pride in delivering the highest quality finished bronze bearing and metal self-lubricating bushing selection available. There is no part too small nor too complicated for us to machine! Call today for more information on our finishing, machining and cutting services available.


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Extremely long service life under extreme conditions

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Low-cost material, low wear, We provide the raw copper alloy materials in various standard shapes as well as custom cut copper alloys.

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Very low coefficients of friction in dry operation

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What is a journal bearing?

The area on the shaft where the bearing fits is called the journal. A journal bearing is a bearing that is mounted on a journal, but it can also be called a plain bearing, or a bimetallic bearing, etc. This is also true. Confusion often arises about the naming of plain bearings because many of the names are correct, but sometimes applied incorrectly. Journal bearings can be manufactured from a single piece (solid) or multiple pieces (split or multi-piece), and they can be lubricated or non-lubricated.

Sacrificial plain bearing material: The material of the plain bearing is selected as the sacrificial material compared to the journal on which it is mounted (the area on the shaft where the bearing is located). If the two materials rub together, the sacrificial material is the first to start wearing. Plain bearings are sacrificial because otherwise the journals would wear more than the bearings. This is undesirable because the journal (part of the shaft) is usually more expensive and more difficult to replace than the bearing.

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  • Application for plain bearings: Excavators with plain bearings

    Agricultural machinery and construction equipment often have very tough jobs. The moving parts of excavators, dump trucks, tractors and various tillage and planting machines in the field are subjected to very heavy loads. Dirt, dust, rain and snow are especially tough on materials that are not resistant to corrosion.

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plain bearings are a reliable, cost-efficient solution for applications with multi-directional, self-aligning movements.

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Plain Bearing Solid, Split or Multi-Part, Tribological Components

  • Types of bearings: one part or several? Plain bearings can be solid, split or multi-part. A solid plain bearing is the simplest form of bearing and consists of a cylinder with a hole drilled in the central shaft. A split bearing is similar to a solid bearing, but the bearing consists of two pieces. A multi-piece bearing consists of more than two pieces. Examples of solid plain bearings include bushings and sleeves.

  • There are several reasons for the use of split plain bearings:

    1. Split plain bearings can be mounted on shafts that are not continuously straight.
    2. Split plain bearings can be mounted without removing the shaft.
  • Plain bearings are sliding cylindrical bearings made of two different materials. This type of bearing has a thin lining on the bearing surface that mates with the journal. The bearing surface facing the journal is usually coated with a sacrificial material, such as a metallic sliding layer, while the main bearing body (which does not come into contact with the journal) is made of a different material, such as steel, or then copper.

  • Bushing bearings are plain cylindrical bearings manufactured from a single material. There is only one difference between a sleeve bearing and a bushing bearing; a sleeve bearing uses a thin bearing material to mate with the shaft, while a bushing bearing is manufactured entirely from a single material. Bushings are usually thinner and structurally weaker than sleeves.

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All about Plain Bearings Type – Design World, Plain Bearings and Sleeve Bearings Selection Guide
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Bronze Bushing & Slide Plate

Bronze Bushing & Slide rails are widely used in industry across a large variety of different applications to control the motion of a load along a linear path. They are also commonly referred to by terms such as sliding plate, guide bushing, flange bushing, oilless plate, thrust washer and so forth. Bronzelube graphite slide bearing and wear plate are manufactured to carry high loads, low friction between the surfaces and offer high levels of accuracy and a long lubricating bearings service life.

Production and Design: Our design services assist in the selection of self-lubricating bearings to determine size, material, coefficient of friction, etc. Our design process provides you with a variety of self-lubricating bearing options. We can help you decide which option to choose to meet your needs and reduce the cost of purchasing self-lubricating bearings.

  • We Machine Oilless Bronze Bearings In Standard Size, plain bearings are everywhere!

  • Self lubricating bronze plates, A plain bearing can accept any direction of rotation and can accommodate radial, linear, axial, and oscillating motion.

  • Bearings Catalog · The Advantages of Self-Lubricating Bushings · Metal-Polymer Composite Bushings (Plain Bearings) · Bi-metallic Composite Bushings · Bronze Wrapped Bearing…

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Design & build completely custom bronze wear parts

Design & build completely custom layouts

We manufacture a wide range of bronze slide plate type and shapes, including: L-gibs, V-gibs, V-block, Keeper blocks, Guide blocks, Stop blocks, Square gibs

Bronze alloys for slide plates

Bronze is an ideal metal for the manufacture of slide plates due to its low friction coefficient compared to other metals allowing a longer life of the assembly. The base material we use is bronze C86300, C93200, C95400, manufactured at china the most complete bronze foundry in China.

As part of the, We gave immediate access to most extensive range of cast bronze material in the most demanded bronze alloys, high tensile brasses and tin bronze and aluminium bronze. In addition, we offer quick turnaround for alloys and custom sizes not currently in stock to ensure the fastest delivery times of bronze slide plates in the market.

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Self Lubricating Bronze Bearing & Plates

Our self-lubricated bronze oilless graphite series is our range of self-lubricating slide plates. They are used in applications where the slide plates is required to continually operate in hard to reach or inaccessible areas where it is difficult to apply manual lubrication.

They are also used in a range of applications where it is not possible or desirable to use oil or grease as a lubricant. The slide plates are totally maintenance free, offer a long service life and decrease maintenance time required by slide plates requiring external lubrication.

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Self Lubricating Bearings – Self Lube Bushings

Use Self Lube Bushings for High Performance and Low Maintenance. Work in High Temp & Submerged Applications. It is made of solid aluminum bronze and can be ordered either with or without self-lubricating graphite. Bronze Wear Plate, Shoulder bronze bushings made to order from china. Other self-lubricating material bushing,Fibers PTFE Plain Bushes, Solid lubricants wrapped bushing, dry bearing are come in a variety of industry standard sizes.

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Dry Slide Bushings

Tech up, Cost down. It’s our job. Sliding Bushing Maintenance-Free.

Choose from our selection of sleeve bushings, dry slide bushings are available in inch and metric sizes. We use our engineered composite bearing & bushing materials to print wear-resistant parts that have been tested and proven to last three times longer than standard deep groove bearings components. Bearing Finder: When compared to bearings, self-lubricating bearings materials allow for better wear rates with thinner walls.

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We has been manufacturing machine finished wear slide pates, graphite bushings and other bronze groove bearings for equipment manufacturers for rich experience. To follow you will find a selection of some of the graphite plates we have manufactured recently for our clients. Industry Solutions, Products Made Of Self Lubricating Materials, Easy & Safe Payment, Self-Lubricating Bearing & Wear Materials. Online Sales, Self-Lubrication Production, Are you interested in our products? Request a no-obligation, tailor-made offer.

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Graphite Wear Plate

Manufacturing Processes, self lubricating bronze bearings & slide plate

We use state-of-the-art machining and turning centers to manufacture bronze wear plates in large size to meet our customers’ exacting specifications, ensuring industry-leading performance, durability and wear resistance. Our machining process covers all aspects of slide wear plate manufacturing, including lubrication grooves and other necessary configurations. We offer the flexibility to manufacture bronze slide graphite plates, as well as larger batches or entire series. International Services: Please discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable team

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Tribological properties comparable to injection-molded parts and professionals

Self-lubricating Bronze Plates, Understanding Self-Lubricating Oilless Bearing Components. We manufactures machined bronze wear plates that meet the exacting requirements and specifications supplied by our clients. All our wear plates are manufactured bespoke to clients’ designs using the highest quality bronzes in the global market from the China foundry. Cost savings!

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Types of Sliding Bearings … Sliding bearings, also known as bushings, sleeves or sleeve bearings, are usually cylindrical in shape and contain no moving parts.

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There are significant benefits to using self-lubricating mold components, but the premise is that the mold maker really understands what these components are: essentially a traditional component with added lubricant, in the form of a graphite plug. Graphite is a solid lubricant, so for those who are accustomed to using liquid lubricants such as grease or oil, solid lubricants may seem a bit strange, and the same is true for graphite itself.

What looks like a solid graphite block is actually a pile of very thin (single-atom thick) crystal sheets. These sheets tend to slide on each other and fall off easily, which is a very useful feature in mold manufacturing.

The main function of the self-lubricating part of the mold is to guide and control the movement. This mold is usually made of aluminum bronze, which is an excellent bearing material with embedded graphite plugs. The mating part (the guided part) of the mold is usually made of hardened steel. When the two parts move relative to each other, the very smooth single-atom thick graphite flakes fall off and are distributed on the wear surface. In each cycle, more graphite will be distributed, so this process will continue to be replenished. Graphite does not evaporate and is relatively inert, so the lubrication it provides is basically permanent.

The coefficient of thermal expansion of graphite is close to zero, which means that it will not expand and contract with temperature changes like ordinary substances. It is not metal, but it can conduct electricity like metal. It will not melt either. Instead, it remains solid within the temperature range of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and then becomes a gas. It is not very strong, but it can form composite materials with amazing strength.

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However, the strangest thing about graphite is its molecular structure. This is a two-dimensional crystal, because we live in a three-dimensional world, a two-dimensional object seems to violate all logic. Graphite is one of the two crystalline forms of ordinary carbon. The other is diamond, which is a traditional three-dimensional crystal, which means it is strong in all three-dimensional spaces. Because graphite is a two-dimensional crystal, it is strong in two dimensions.

We all know that graphite is a good writing tool. The word “graphite” comes from the Greek word grapho, which means “write”. However, its “slip” characteristics are evident in the writing, which makes graphite also very useful as a lubricant. When you rub the pencil lead, it feels oily, even though it is not actually oily. It is completely dry. What you feel is that its single-atom-thick crystals are constantly sliding. It is this effect that makes graphite such an excellent solid lubricant.

Although self-lubrication will increase the cost of conventional components (components that must be regularly oiled) by about 20%, this additional cost has several benefits:

Maintainability. There is no need for regular lubrication, which means that during the life of the tool, the cost savings of preventive maintenance (PM) may be several times the upfront cost of self-lubrication.

reliability. Lubrication is always present, eliminating the risk of failure or shortened life due to skipping PM. In addition, the absence of liquid lubricant means that nothing attracts grit and other contaminants to wear the surface.

Simple design. The use of self-lubricating components eliminates the need for regular lubrication, eliminating design constraints, potentially reducing costs and/or improving functionality.

Cleaning operation. No liquid lubricant drips or splashes onto the parts, which means very clean operations, less waste and rework.


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  • Graphite-plugged Bearing Suitable for All Environments
  • No Need for Additional Lubrication
  • Lowest Total Life Cycle Cost

The plain bearing – function, types, and applications

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  • VIIPLUS Bearings is a wholesaler/supplier of a wide variety of quality self-lubricating bronze bearings and related plain bushes products. With extensive knowledge and research from our expert team, we aim to provide our clients with the most cost-efficient and quality-assured products across the Globe.
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Graphite Plug Bearing & Plates

Bronze Bushing & Slide Plates with External Lubrication

Extremely long service life under extreme conditions Self Lubricating Bronze Plates

Our Bronze Bushing & Wear Plates have been proven to run successfully in an extensive range of industrial applications. Excellent wear resistance especially with high loads. “to provide a oilless bushing product that meets or exceeds the quality standards expected by our customers and to continually improve on this objective.”

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Self-Lubricating Bronze Bearings & Sliding Bearings Technology.

We produce bushing components for prototypes and small minimum order quantity required! Custom plain bearings from us are made from our high-performance lubricating that have been proven to last up to 3 times longer than standard bearing materials inside moving applications. Explore Other Metal Bushing. Customized solutions, and predictive performance capabilities to write the next success story for our customers. Self-lubricating Long Bearing Life-Cycle Cost. Cost savings!

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We extensively test our engineered composite metal bushing materials inside our test lab to ensure every plain bushing part offers exceptional wear resistance comparable to injection-molded components. All oilless bushing parts are low-friction, maintenance-free and self-lubricating. Standard bearings Choose your plain bearing by Huge Selection of Size. Designed To Be Self-Lubricating, Wear-Resistant & Maintenance-Free. and special custom shape or size is possible. Discover self-lubricating bushings solutions that ensure absolute confidence for the toughest jobsite conditions.

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Self-lube Bushing Design, Bushing, Thrust Washers & Strips Selection

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High quality oilless parts guaranteed,Sliding Material & Bushing Type Selection Guides

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Maintenance Free Bearings Parts, We are experts in solving problems.

Self-lubricating plain bearings are classified as “low maintenance” or “maintenance-free”.

Self-lubricating plain maintenance-free bearings use PTFE material to separate the inner and outer rings; this type of bearing is sometimes referred to as a “PTFE on metal” bearing, plugged graphite. PTFE or graphite is self-lubricating and the bearings do not require maintenance (no added lubricant).

Low-maintenance plain bearings require periodic lubrication; this type of bearing is sometimes referred to as a “metal on metal” bearing.

I know it sounds like we’re bragging, but our skilled team is here to solve your self-lubricating bearing problems, and we offer bearing sizing and material selection to help you design your bushings as quickly as possible. We are committed to minimizing downtime, and we offer quotes and customization services for every bearing size or type, so why not experience the difference?

Understanding Self-Lubricating Components. Self Lube Mold and Die Products. Recognizing that they are essentially conventional components with lubricant added in the form of graphite will help the molder realize significant benefits. Discuss your project with a bearings expert.

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We provide self-lubricating bushings product selection, sizing and configuration, technical support, and application engineering services customized for your needs.

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We provide everything from conveying solutions to bearings to food-grade lubricants to comply with this highly regulated industry’s strict hygiene, precision, and automation needs.
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