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Plain Bearing Manufacturers

Wrapped plain bushes requiring low-maintenance series

You can find the largest size range plain bushes at VIIPLUS. Choose from your right plain bushes type and order right away.

Plain Bushes

Standard-Stock Size Available

  • Steel + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Fillers
  • Bronze + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Fillers
  • Steel + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Pb
  • Bronze + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Pb
  • Steel + Porous Bronze Sinter + POM Lubrication
  • Solid Bronze Bushing
  • Wrapped Bronze Bushing
  • PTFE Composite Thrust Washer



Advantages of wrapped plain bushes include:

  • insensitive to contaminated environments
  • resistant to shock loads and vibrations at slow speeds
  • good resistance to corrosive environments

Applications include:

  • agriculture machinery
  • hoisting equipment
  • construction machinery
  • forestry machinery

The standard plain bushes can be divided into different types. There are wrapped slide bearings and cast bronze slide bearings. All of these plain bushes are also available as flange bearings. If the correct material with low friction is used on the appropriate counter material in the correct application, this can result in huge savings and improvements.

Plain bushes forms available in standard dimensions

  • Cylindrical bushes
  • Flanged bushes
  • Thrust washers
  • Flanged washers
  • Sliding plates

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Understanding the types of metal-polymer bearings, composite bearing, sleeve bushing, PTFE bearings & POM bushing and determine which one is best lubricating bearings for your needs.3-layer bearing, wrapped of copper-plated steel with a layer of PTFE/POM.Metal Polymer Composite Bearings – Bushing | Bronze Lube.

Reduce Bushing Size / Weight!

Wrapped bronze straight & flange plain bushes requiring low-maintenance series.Whatever grease or oil is used, a good quality lubricant will reduce friction and wear by separating a bronze bushing from its shaft.
Wrapped Bronze Bushing