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Self-lubricating Dry Bearings – Environmentally friendly for many years

Self-lubricating Bushing bearings utilize special polymer liners for self-lubrication and improved wear properties.

The steel backing can be zinc or copper plated or stainless steel can be used for maximum corrosion resistance.

The metal backing supports liner materials made to withstand high loads, speeds, and adverse environments.

Self-lubricating Bearings Bush has a very low Coefficient of Friction when run dry.

Self-lubricating Bushing bearings are available in inch and metric dimensions in various combinations of liners and backing materials.

Thin metal walls allow for easier design without loss of performance.

Even if wear-thru occurs in the liner, the supporting interlayer is a self-lubricating material as well.

All liner self-lubricating sliding layer types can take extreme load conditions and speeds, even without lubrication.

The steel-backed bearings material provides structural and mechanical support for the bonding layer and the bearing surface.

The type of liner chosen is dependant on the application. Each liner has unique properties (and benefits).

thrust bushing


Thrust Bushing Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings and our full line of Oilless products. Self-Lubricating Bearings - Extreme long lifetime! Get started today Thrust Bushing - Brass Alloy, Shouldered We have the best instructors Please check the product specification for your part number on the Thrust Bushing - Brass Alloy, Shouldered. We offers metric thrust bushings with lubricant plugs, free CAD downloads, short lead times, competitive pricing, and small minimum order quantity. High strength brass alloy made with advanced casting technology and embedded solid lubricant for high load oil free bearings! Thrust [...]

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Cylindrical Bush


Quality. Service. Value. The Right Bushing for your Applications. Search our Industrial Products catalog by clicking here. Contact us today Quality. Service. Value. The Right Bushings for Your Applications: cylindrical bush Designs and variants : The various bushing types, bushing designs. Providing our customers with the high quality cylindrical bush products, competitively priced, with a level of service and support that exceeds our customers' expectations. Bushing design guide, Same-Day Orders & Delivery Learn more about me Bushings & Plain Bearings - Types [...]

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steel shoulder bushings


Self-lubricating Steel Metallic Bearing Bushing STEEL BUSHING (LUBRICATED METAL) Steel Shoulder Bushings Is a Wrapped Bushing Made Of Steel Or Stainless Steel Lubricated Metal Material! Split Bushing Bearings Metallic Bearing Made to Order! Metric Bronze Plated Shoulder Bushing. Want to help? Contact us! Bearing Life Calculation - Bearing Loads & Speeds Self-lubricating Steel Bearings, Shoulder Bushing, Standard Bush Sizes For Sale. Shoulder Bushings - Self-Lubricating, Steel shoulder bushing, anti-friction metal, special number offer, top hat bushes steel, teflon bushings sizes, flanged bushing steel, dry slide lubricant feature friction bearing supplier, DU order by size, ptfe linear [...]

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how calculate specific load sliding speed


What are specific load and sliding speed? Learn how to calculate specific loads and sliding velocities Specific load, also known as bearing pressure, is based on the force that a bearing is subjected to during its service life. It is a function of the force and contact area of the bearing material. The SI (International Standard) unit of specific load is Newton per square millimeter (N/mm2), also known as megapascal (MPa). Sliding speed, also known as velocity (U), is the relative sliding speed between the bearing surface and the mating surface (shaft, thrust surface or liner sliding surface). The [...]

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Guide Bearings and Bushings


Blog Title Bushing and bearing are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference, here we explain what they are. Efficient Production & Fast Delivery Bushing or Bearing, what's the difference? - Request a free quote Self-lubricating Bearings - A Guide to Bearings & Bushings With no moving parts, plain bearings are simple. They are usually cylindrical, although exact designs depend on movement. Read on for more technical details Maintenance Savings. We’re customizing bearings. 100% “We received the best services we could hope for!” Get in [...]

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axial vs radial


Blog Title What are radial and axial plain bearings? Maintenance-free plain bearings supplier Efficient Production & Fast Delivery Thrust Bearing Factory, Self lubricating Bushings - Request a free quote Self-lubricating plain bearing bushing - Extreme Stable and Durable What are radial and axial bearings? Thrust bearings are used to carry axial loads. They are also called axial bearings. Similar to radial bearings, thrust bearings contain two races, a set of rolling elements, and a cage that holds the rolling elements. The main difference between axial (thrust) and radial bearings is the arrangement of the [...]

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Seamless steel tube


Blog Title Seamless Steel Tubing - Custom Cut to Size Options, Stainless Steel Bushing, Most Competitive Price. Efficient Production & Fast Delivery Steel Bearings Factory, Self lubricating Bushings - Request a free quote Self-lubricating steel bushing - Extreme Stable and Durable Switch from Bearings - Steel Bushing & Lubricating Bearing, Choose from our selection of bushing stock products in a wide range of sizes. Includes material certificates and CAD models. In stock and ready to ship. 100% “We received the best services we could hope for!” [...]

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automotive bush


Reliable sliding bearing solutions for automotive applications Call Us Today! Quality Self-Lubricating Bushings. Inch, Metric And Custom Sizes. Made In China. Highlights: Quick Quote Available, Iso 9001 Certified Company, Customer Service Available. Get Started! Meet Elevated Standards for Quality and the Environment Tomorrow's competitive advantage for the automotive bush industry – starting today. Learn More > Create a Superior Driving Experience Many Years Of Quality And Service. Sign Up To Receive Our Email Newsletter. Plain Bearings For Automotive. Learn More > Rely on World Customer Support [...]

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marine bush


Start a new voyage with sliding bearings to create a new future for shipping! The specialist for manufacturing and supply marine bush bearings. Slide Bearings. Radial/axial bushing bearings. Thrust Washer. Highlights: Highly Qualified Staff Available. Get Started! Quality Control We have the latest self-lubricating bearings measurement and quality-assurance systems to guarantee high quality of entire production. Learn More > Bearing  Package Modern design individual box securely protects the sliding bearings. Learn More > Bushing Worldwide Successfully works with many country of the world! Choose [...]

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wind turbine bushings


Innovative self-lubricating bearings solutions for the renewable energy industry Viiplus offers a wide range of self-lubricating bushing & bearings or water-lubricated materials suitable for a variety of hydropower, solar and wind power applications. Get Started! Gas & Steam Turbines - Self-lubricating Bearings Specialist in developing high performance thrust bearing & plain bearings, engineering bushing, High temperature resistant materials, bronze bushing & metal bearings solutions. Maintenance issues, downtime and increased costs caused by unreliable bearings are challenges that many applications in the renewable energy industry face. That’s why we offers innovative bearing solutions designed [...]

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