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Wrapped sliding bearing, wrapped bushing, steel/POM sliding layer, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

Need a Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated?
  • Metric bearings and imperial bushings manufacturer: standard bushing forms in special dimensions, half-bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping, bushings with locating notches, lubricant holes and machined grooves, customized bushing designs
Bronze bushing design.

Reliable Customized Size Self Lubricating Bronze Bushing.

View our bushing guide – learn how to start your self-lubricating bearing solution today.

self lubricating bearings

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Design & Engineering

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Machining & Production Capabilities

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Guidance On Your Bushing Material

Complete Range Of Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings Design & Development Services.

Production Experts Design Your Self-Lubricating Bearings

Production Oilless Technologies

we have the manufacturing bushing material to finished parts, customize parts shape for your bearings solution. Our production engineers select the appropriate oilless sliding bearings technology based on your specific application.

Bronzelube uses its sliding bearings experience designing and manufacturing cylindrical bushing to continually advance performance across size ranges and configurations, including inch and metric and flange size, thrust washer and customized sliding plate designs.

Creating The Right Size, Material, And Final Finishes Bushing Bearing Parts!

Your full-service manufacturer for Self-lubricating metallic bushing , meaning we machine all of our widely range bushing products. Manufacturing bronze parts, we take pride in creating the perfect bearing bush from start to finish.

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Guidance On Your Lubricating Bushing Material!

Self-lubricating bushing can be highly customized with specific types of slide bearing bushing and metal polymer materials, and our engineers are here to help each client choose the exact right bushing material for your application.

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ve bearing with flange, mm, Cost-effective

Maintenance-free, plain bearings.

Custom design to manufacturing and finished parts. Low wear against different shaft materials.

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The Plain Bushings Design and

Engineering Process

Self-lubricating Bearings from Reduce Costs by 40% & Weight by 80%。 Self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant & maintenance-free metal for industrial equipment. The shipping department at will provide effective shipping standards for your plain bearing shipment to arrive on time without compromising quality.

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slide bearing bushing

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free

Self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant & maintenance-free metal for industrial equipment

Pom composite bearing

Extremely cost-effective and lightweight

Self-lubricating bearings are also lighter and much quieter than metal bearings.


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By switching to metal, you can reduce your bearing costs by 40% without sacrificing quality and calculate bushing expected service life before it’s installed inside your machine.


Custom Oilless Bushing Design & Engineering

Metal Self-lubricating Bearings, Contact a oilless bearing bearings expert, Custom Graphite Bronze Oilless Design & Engineering. Your problem isn’t off-the-shelf. That’s why our bushings are custom designed and manufactured to your exact specifications. Our engineers, experts in the production of self-lubricating plain bearing materials, know their processes inside and out and can bring the performance benefits of self-lubricating materials to your unique project.


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  • Self-lubricating bronze bushing material are made using a mixture of metallic and composite slide layer that’s customizable for your application. Need a oilless bearings?

  • Oilless material, Metal Backed, Bronze Alloy, 3 layer, 2 layer, Custom & Standard Inner/Outer Diameter Bushing.

  • You can control both the outer and inner size and diameter of each self-lubricating bronze bushing or bearing.

Sliding Bearings Design Guides

Our Design Guides Provide An In-Depth Description Of Sliding Dry Bushing Products To Ensure You’Re Making The Right Material Decision For Your Application. Contact Us Today To Talk With Our Engineering Team About Your Metallic Bushes Bearing Specific Application.

Plain Bushes Design Guides
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Non-Corrosive Properties For Harsh Salt Water Conditions.

Plain bearing for a wide variety of applications Low-cost and maintenance-free, Worldwide Shipping: Fast & safe shipping. Every time. Everywhere. Engineered Bearings: Engineered bearings feature precision tolerances, proprietary internal geometries, and quality sliding bearing materials. Our cylindrical bushing, flange bushing, thrust washer, plain bushes, bronze bearings, precision sleeve bearings, and sliding bearings deliver strong performance, consistently and reliably.

  • Corrosion resistance protects against saltwater and rust
  • Low to no moisture absorption
  • Lighter weight bearing bushing materials
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Maintenance-Free Greaseless Bearing Bushings Eliminate Corrosion in Your Application

We are looking forward to start a self lubricating bronze bushings project with you! At, we believe in developing a long-term relationship with our clients. As a china self lubricating bronze bushings supplier, we work as partners on your projects, providing optimum solutions and high quality self lubricating bronze bushings. Experience you can trust, service you can count on. Self lubricating bronze bushings forms available in standard dimensions:

  • Cylindrical bushes
  • Sliding plates
  • Flanged bushes
  • Thrust washers

We’ve worked together to develop the right solution for your sliding bearings product. We understand what benefit you and are providing what you need.”

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sleeve Bushing Design & Engineering Capabilities

Expertly Designed To Your Sliding Bearing Bushing Specifications

Browse our bearing application case studies to see how we’ve solved complex challenges just like the one you’re facing now. You can filter by industry or bearing material characteristics. “Customized Self Lubricating Bronze Bushing Reliable From Production To Delivery.” Choose Your Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings!

Composite Bearings

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Wrapped Bronze Bushing

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flange graphite bushes

Graphite Bronze Bearings

Custom Wear Strips, Graphite Bushing & Bearing, Supply Chain Issues? Not with BronzeLube!

Oilless Bearing Parts
self-lubricating bronze bushings
self-lubricating bronze bushings
self-lubricating bronze bushings
Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings Online Sale

Custom self-lubricating bearings designed renovations completed reliably from start to finish.

Self-lubricating bronze bushings are bushings that are manufactured with some form of pre-lubrication function, designed to provide continuous lubrication over the life of the bearing. This pre-lubrication eliminates the need for any additional additional lubrication. Self lubricating bronze bushings (lubrication free bushings) Basic Compositions

  • Strong Cast Bronze with Solid Lubricants
  • Bronze Wrapped Bushings
  • Bronze Powder with Steel Material
  • Sintered Bronze

How to add the self-lubricating properties: Some of the first self-lubricating bronze bearings were sintered metal bushings impregnated with oil and manufactured by the powder metallurgy process. An additional method of self-lubrication is the use of plugs with solid lubricant. More precisely, a plug resembling graphite or graphite. The self-lubricating graphite plugged bronze bearings are made of cast bronze.

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Oilless Bushes Features, The promise of bulk order self lubricating bronze bushing high quality, meet your requirement.

Self lubricating Bronze Bushings

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

Custom Self-lubricating Bronze Bearing Manufacturer.

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Reliable Quality, Complete Model, Sufficient Supply, Fast Delivery, OEM & Wholesale. Inquire Now, Get A Free Quote. Good After sales Service. Made In China. Types: self-lubricating plain bearings , Bronze Bearings, Thrust Bearing, Thrust Washer!

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Bronze Bushings Solutions

Provide high-quality self-lubricating bronze bushings solutions for small and medium-sized enterprise clients without a middleman.

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A self-lubricating bronze bushing is essentially a bronze bearing that is impregnated with a grease that will be generated from the material when it is needed to be used.

Custom Wrapped Bushing

Self-lubricating bronze bushing, as the name suggests, provide their lubrication during operation without requiring the application of grease or oil lubricants.

bimetal bearings

“Inspired by Engineering & Tribology Thinking.”

The tribological characteristics of bimetal bearings under dry sliding conditions Sliding layer CuPb10Sn10、CuPb6Sn6Zn3、CuPb24Sn4、CuPb30 were systematically investigated. Wrapped composite sliding bearing, Copper-plated or tin-plated steel/bronze, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Maintenance-free, With lubrication pockets. The bi-metal bushing is backing on low carbon steel, sintered with CuPb10Sn10 or CuSn6Zn6Pb3 bronze powder, which has the highest load capacity among the bi-metal bushings. the application including balance suspensions of heavy-duty trucks, track roller of bulldozers, It is a kindly of high load and low-speed bushing, with wide application.

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“Driving the Future of Global Industry.”

Explore our self-lubricating bearing & plain bushing products. Our growing portfolio of engineered self-lubricating bearings and metal sleeve bushings products is designed to meet our global customers’ evolving needs.

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self-lubricating bearings

Self Lubricating Bronze Bushing Work Reliability

✔ Standard-Stocked Online Sales Economy, Maintenance-Free, Self-Lubricating Bronze Metal Bushing For Longer Life – Bronzelube.Com. Self-Lubricating Bronze Metal Bushing & Slide Bearings Extend Service Life & Reduce Costs By Up To 40%. They Are Maintenance-Free, Universally Applicable & Resistance To A Wide Range Of Extreme Conditions And Chemicals.

oilless bush supplier

Bushing Guides has professional production and design team from china.” Self-lubricating bearings work by having lubricant impregnated within the sliding layer of the bearing.

Custom Design Oilless Bushes

Explore all of our high quality for self lubricating bronze bushing, oilless bushes & more.” Always tested. Always proven.

Oilless Bushes High Performance

The self lubricating bronze bushings are widely used in every area.” Self-lubricating bearing bushing Predictable service life.

Tribology Surrounds You!

Discover How Tribology Keeps Life Moving, your Self-lubricated Bushing Supplier. From offshore oil and agricultural machinery harvesters bearing bushing, our self-lubricating bronze bearings can help you reduce warranty claims on your equipment.

Check out our online bronze lubricating bushing catalog with more than 1,000 products with full type & size available for download – all free of charge! We offers a growing portfolio of engineered bi-metal bearings and thin-walled bearings bushings products and services to keep industries moving efficiently and reliably.

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