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Composite PTFE bearing, Wide range of operating temperatures Minimum wall thickness, minimum space requirements, good sliding properties, composite plain bushes virtually no stick-slip. Supplier of straight bushings, flanged bushings, thrust washers, strips. The PTFE Flanged bushing bearing is made of a metal strip with a PTFE layer. The bearings are mainly designed for rocking motion, for fits with frequent repetitive starting or where dry friction without lubricant is required. The bearings are resistant to most media. The thin layer that forms the sliding surface needs to be protected during assembly. Operating temperature -200°C to 250°C. Shaft tolerance f6 – f7. Tolerance of the body H7. Also available in special versions: stainless steel base, bronze base, lead-free sliding layer. Applications: lever jacks, pneumatic cylinders, textile machines ……….

PTFE Sleeve bearing cost effective?

Three advantages of composite metal plain bearings

RED PTFE metal composite bearings have been one of the most popular self-lubricating bearing products.

RED PTFE Sleeve is a metal-polymer bearing with excellent frictional properties, perfectly balancing dry friction, oil lubrication and grease lubrication, as well as high static and dynamic load carrying capacity for many rotary, oscillating, reciprocating and sliding movements.

RED PTFE Sleeve is compact in size, light in weight, and does not require machining after assembly, and can also be finely assembled after assembly to reduce the tolerance range.

  • Excellent response to a wide range of working conditions

  • Wide range of applications, Technical Solutions For Factories & Plants

  • The choice of many customers
PTFE composite bearing

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Teflon coated bearing

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PTFE Bushings and Bearings – The Composite Bearings

Low friction & wear resistant metal-polymer bushings. Ideal for a variety of applications. Improved Energy Efficiency, Extended Service Life, Zero Maintenance and Quick Assembly. Global Sourcing. Customer Support. Free of lubricants. Higher load capacity. Teflon Bushing- The Tribology Solution Flange plain bearing cylindrical carbon steel PTFE-lined. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as the “king of plastics”. It has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, high lubrication, non-stickiness, electrical insulation and good aging resistance.

Metric & Imperial Bushings – China Plain Bushing Supplier

Maintenance Free PTFE Composite Bushing Solution, Low Friction Bearings: PTFE composite bushings that replace DU bushings are widely used in gear pumps, shock absorbers, hydraulic, and other automotive parts, and general-purpose industrial machinery.

PTFE Lined Wrapped Bearings – The Better Choice For Industrial Engineers & Specialists. Our Composite Dry Bearings Series Features Metric & Imperial Plain, Flanged, Washers & Strip Options. Bearing Strip. Plain Bearings. PTFE Washers. PTFE Lined Wrapped Bearings Developed Many Applications. Contact Our Friendly Team Today, On Hand To Answer Any Questions

The PTFE bushings offer high performance, maintenance-free solution for many applications.
Wrapped Composite PTFE Bushings


Oil Free Bushing – Multi-Layered, Straight

Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings(Bushing Material:Sintered Bronze with PTFE)

Since bearings are usually subjected to a lot of frictional resistance that generates heat, lubricants such as oil or grease are used to prevent seizure or abnormal wear that may result from this frictional heat. Non-lubricated bushings do not require lubrication because the bearing body has a lubrication structure that is achieved by a lubricant or embedded solid lubricant or similar in the bearing body.

  • Because they do not require lubricant, lubrication-free bushings are often used in applications such as precision machinery that is difficult to replenish with lubricant and in equipment that has a poor affinity for oil.

  • Technical Solutions For All Factories & Plants, They also significantly reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for periodic lubrication and enabling long-term stable operation.

  • Lubrication-free bushings are available in a variety of shapes and can be used for different applications as needed. Examples include straight pipe bushings, annular bushings, flange bushings and housing bushings.

metal bush

Oil Free Bushing – Multi-Layered, Straight Split PTFE Type

PTFE Multi-layer, Shouldered Bushing


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Dry bush, self lubricating Industrial, Plain Bushes For Everything That Moves

Dry bearing material with good wear and friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperature conditions

  • PTFE bushing also performs well with lubrication
  • Available from stock in a wide range of standard size
  • Oil Free Bushings – Multi-Layer LF Bushings (Dry Bush) – Flanged

It is the dry bearing which has sintered porosity of bronze powder on the steel back plate, … Lead-free bearing which can be used without lubrication. • Excellent sliding bearings. Lead Free. PTFE composite material for compact radial spherical plain bearings for small envelopes with bore diameters as small as 6 mm. This expansive plain bush portfolio enables us to provide you with the right plain bearing for virtually any application. Thrust washers, maintenance-free, with steel backing. Dry bush, self lubricating application: Agricultural equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, forming machines – metal, plastic and rubber; office equipment, medical and scientific equipment, packaging equipment, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors, railroad and tramways, textile machinery, valves, etc.

Plain Bushes
Plain Bushes
Plain Bushes
Top Quality Dry Bearing

Plain bushes stand for quality and expert application support – all from a single source.

Dry Bushing Custom Solutions

The Right Plain Bearing for Every Application,Custom Solutions for Demanding Technical Requirements

Beyond bearing bushing, Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings(Bushing Material:Sintered Bronze with PTFE)

We manufacturer PTFE Multi-layer Straight Bushes tailored to your individual needs.

PTFE bushing, PTFE Multi-layer Straight Bushes

Steel PTFE bushings are made of a low-friction material capable of withstanding huge temperature swings, making it great for lot of industrial applications. Made of acetal with a PTFE filler, these bearings handle velocities up to twice as high as standard acetal bearings. PTFE bushings are ideal for chemical industries and applications that require excellent corrosion resistance. The stainless steel 316 backed material resists almost all corrosive!

More than ten years of experience in research and development of self-lubricating bearings. Strict product quality control, excellent quality, and durability. Patented production technology to meet production needs. Strong production capacity, and guaranteed delivery time. A manufacturer specializing in the production of various self-lubricating copper alloy products using centrifugal casting, continuous casting, and metal-type casting processes. The production process is monitored and controlled, and the material composition is tested and controlled before the furnace, while the post-furnace products are tested regularly to ensure that the material composition meets customer requirements.

PTFE Multi-layer Straight Bushes Supplier,Oil Free Bushing – PTFE, Flanged

PTFE Multi-layer Straight Bushes metal composite self-lubricating bearings with high-quality low carbon steel as the substrate, the middle sintered spherical porous copper layer, and the surface tied with PTFE-based wear-resistant lubricating material as the working layer of the bearing, this material has the excellent mechanical load-bearing capacity, the middle copper layer can not only timely transfer the heat generated during the operation of the bearing, while It also improves the bonding strength of the plastic layer and the substrate. PTFE is designed for completely dry friction and has been developed to meet the requirements of lubrication, friction coefficient, and durability. PTFE Multi-layer Straight Bushes 1 metal composite provides the best performance over the widest range of loads, speeds, and temperatures with or without external lubrication. Engineering expertise with the highest quality PTFE bushings and another thrust washer.

Note: Products can also be selected according to different working conditions with different substrate materials, such as bronze substrate (SF-1B), stainless steel substrate (SF-1S), lead-free (SF-1W), and other formulations of products.

1. Polytetrafluoroethylene

2. Spherical bronze powder

3. Steel backing

4. Copper/tin plating

PTFE Bushing

PTFE Bushing Can be used without oil, has thin walls, and is lightweight, and allows for a more compact size.

The self-lubricating bearings, also known as bushings, are constructed using a three-layer design:

Surface Layer – PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene): The top surface layer is composed of PTFE, a material known for its low friction coefficient and high lubricity. This allows for smooth movement of parts with minimal friction.

Middle Layer – Sintered Bronze: The intermediate layer is made of sintered bronze, a metal that provides additional strength and acts as a reservoir for lubricants, enhancing the self-lubricating properties of the bearing.

Back Metal Layer: The base layer, also referred to as the back metal layer, typically consists of steel. This layer provides the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity for the bearing.

Together, these layers form a self-lubricating bearing that is capable of functioning efficiently under various conditions. Its design allows it to be used in a range of applications where reduced friction and increased lifespan are essential.

Oil-free bushings

Since bearings typically receive a lot of frictional resistance and generate heat, lubricants such as oil or grease are used to prevent seizure or abnormal wear that may result from this frictional heat. Lubrication-free bushings do not require lubrication because the bearing body has a lubrication structure that is achieved by a lubricant or embedded solid lubricant or similar in the bearing body. Because they do not require lubricant, lubrication-free bushings are often used in applications such as precision machinery that is difficult to replenish with lubricant and in equipment that has a poor affinity for oil. They also significantly reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for periodic lubrication and enabling long-term stable operation. Lubrication-free bushings are available in a variety of shapes and can be used for different applications as needed. Examples include straight pipe bushings, annular bushings, flange bushings and housing bushings.

PTFE Bushing Wear resistance

SF-1 has excellent wear resistance, which is mainly due to the special molecular structure of PTFE. SF-1 wear can be roughly divided into three stages

1) “Run-in” stage: The surface layer of PTFE mixture is transferred to the counterpart surface to fill the pit of the counterpart surface and form a transfer film, at this time, the friction coefficient is larger and the material wears faster. As

2) “Stable” wear stage: the friction after running together becomes the friction between PTFE, the friction coefficient is low and stable, and the wear rate of the material is low and smooth.

3) “Sharp” wear stage: The PTFE lubricant in the pores of the porous layer is consumed, and it is not possible to obtain enough lubricant between the friction interfaces. Poor lubrication between the friction surface, the friction coefficient rises rapidly, the wear rate of the material also accelerates sharply, until 70% bronze bare, PTFE bearing life is close to the end. As shown in the figure Ⅲ curve.

The main factors affecting the PTFE Bushing life

1) Influence of PV value

The PV value is a valid indicator to determine the wear life of SF-1. If a longer life is required, the PV value must be reduced.

2) Influence of ambient temperature

The higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the life of SF-1.

3) Influence on the coupling

The life of PTFE bearing can be significantly increased when the coupling is made of alloy steel or hard chromium plated shaft and the surface roughness is within the range of Ra=0.4~0.63.

In addition to the standard products shown in the catalog, we can also provide non-standard products or order according to customer requirements.

PTFE Bushing Application areas

Agricultural machinery: tractors, combine harvesters, crop sprayers, bulldozers, graders, etc..

Automotive industry: power steering pumps, steering thrust pads, disc brakes, shock absorbers, door hinges, wipers, chair adjusters, air valves and solenoid valves, etc.

Office business machinery: copiers, fax machines, printers, mail processors, etc.

Hydraulic components and valves: gear pumps, piston pumps, vane pumps, ball valves, butterfly valves, cylinders, oil cylinders and other hydraulic components, etc.

Household appliances: refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, cleaning machines, microwave ovens and fitness equipment, etc.

and other logistics machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, port machinery, mineral machinery, forest machinery and all kinds of engineering machinery and equipment.

Choose your PTFE bushings standard dimensions

“PTFE Composite Bushings Are Engineered To Exacting Standards During Production.”


Self-lubricating bearings offer several advantages compared to traditional plain bearings. Here’s why:

  1. Superior Wear Resistance: Self-lubricating bearings are designed to minimize wear even under high load or high-speed conditions. This significantly extends the lifespan of the bearings and the machinery they’re used in.

  2. Seizure Resistance: These bearings are also highly resistant to seizure. The self-lubrication feature ensures that the bearings remain functional and reduce the risk of mechanical failure due to overheating or friction.

  3. Improved Friction Properties: Self-lubricating bearings exhibit a lower coefficient of friction compared to standard bearings. This can enhance the efficiency of machinery and reduce energy consumption.

  4. Performance Enhancement: The combined benefits of wear resistance, seizure resistance, and improved friction properties result in overall performance enhancement of the equipment or machinery in which the bearings are installed.

  5. Maintenance-Free: Perhaps one of the most significant advantages is that self-lubricating bearings are maintenance-free. They do not require additional lubrication, which simplifies maintenance procedures and reduces associated costs and downtime.

In conclusion, self-lubricating bearings offer substantial improvements over regular plain bearings in many aspects. Their unique features contribute to enhancing the performance and lifespan of various applications while also reducing maintenance requirements.

DU Bushing alternative

Glacier Bushings are a type of metal bushing sleeve used in a variety of industrial and mechanical applications. They are typically made of high-quality materials, such as bronze or steel, and are designed to provide a low-friction and durable bearing surface for rotating and sliding parts.

The main advantage of Glacier Bushings over other types of metal bushing sleeves is their ability to operate in high-temperature and harsh environments. They are often used in applications that require a high level of durability and reliability, such as industrial machinery, automotive and transportation, and aerospace and defense.

Glacier Bushings are available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different applications. They can be plain bearings, ball bushings, sintered bushings, or flanged bushings, and can be designed with or without self-lubricating properties.

When selecting a Glacier Bushing, it is important to consider factors such as load capacity, operating temperature, and environment (e.g., corrosive or abrasive conditions). It is also important to consider the level of technical support and customer service offered by the manufacturer, as this can be critical in ensuring that your bushing performs to your expectations and that any issues are quickly and efficiently resolved.

In conclusion, Glacier Bushings are a high-quality and reliable option for applications that require a low-friction and durable bearing surface. They are available in a range of sizes and configurations and are designed to operate in high-temperature and harsh environments. When selecting a Glacier Bushing, be sure to consider factors such as load capacity, operating temperature, and environment, and the level of technical support and customer service offered by the manufacturer.

The alternative of DU Bushes & DX Bushing Bearings

Bronzelube offers a wide range of high-performance bushings materials, services & solutions. bronzelube bushings offer high performance, maintenance-free solution for many applications.

DU Garlock Bearings Alternative – Sleeve Bushings

Metal Bronze Bushings Bearings-Sleeves, Flanges, and Washers and More. Standard & Made-To-Order Bronze Bushings And Related Bearing Products. DU alternative Bearings. Dx bushes alternative. Types: Self-lubricating Metal Bearings, Sleeve Bearings, Split Thin-Walled Bushing Bearings.

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Metal-Polymer Composite Bearings.
Ideal in Lubricated Applications.

We are a trusted supplier of self-lubricating PTFE bushings, an excellent alternative to DU Bushings. Our composite PTFE Bushings, which are custom designed at bronzelube.com, are composed of a metal-polymer composite material. This material consists of steel, porous bronze sinter, and PTFE, providing exceptional characteristics such as:

  • Superior Wear Resistance: This is achieved through the combination of boundary surface performance and fluid lubrication.
  • Excellent Load Resistance: Our bushings can handle high-load conditions effectively.
  • Lower Friction: The PTFE element ensures minimal friction, contributing to the longevity and efficiency of your machinery.
  • Excellent Cavitation Resistance: Our bushings are designed to resist cavitation damage, enhancing their durability.

We offer a wide range of products, including standard cylindrical bushes, roll-formed bushes, flanged bushes, thrust washers, flanged washers, and dry bearing bushing strips. We can also create non-standard dry bearing parts to order.

As a leading Plain Bronze Bearings Company in China, we have developed an easy-to-use search tool to find the right composite bearing for your needs. You can navigate to various sections such as Tolerances, Periodic Frequencies, Bearing Life, or Part Details.

We are proud of our growing portfolio of engineered bearings and power transmission plain bushings products. We offer a variety of PTFE bushings styles and sizes, all in stock and ready for shipment.

Our metal bushings are designed to the highest standards, ensuring durability and efficiency. We are a trusted supplier and exporter of dry metal bearings around the globe. We stand by our promise to provide durable, reliable products that enhance the performance of your machinery and equipment.

Sleeve Bearing & Bushing Part Finder, competitively price. Find Bearings for your Application. Request a Quote for the Right Part. Plain bearing Manufacturer

There are many suppliers of Glacier Bushings, both in the United States and internationally. When selecting a supplier, it is important to consider factors such as the quality of the product, the range of sizes and configurations available, the level of technical support and customer service offered, and the overall reputation of the supplier.

Some well-known and reputable suppliers of Glacier Bushings include:
VIIPLUS: viiplus.com supplier of Glacier Bushings and other high-quality industrial products. They offer a range of Glacier Bushings alternatives in different materials, including bronze, steel, and self-lubricating oilless.
Bronzelube: bronzelube.com is a leading supplier of industrial and mechanical products, including PTFE Bushings. They offer a wide range of Glacier Bushings alternatives in different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different applications.
Bronzeoilless: bronzeoilless.com is a  supplier of industrial and mechanical products, including Glacier Bushings alternative. They offer a wide range of Glacier Bushings alternatives in different materials and configurations and provide technical support and customer service to help ensure that customers receive the right product for their needs.
Bearingface Manufacturing: bearingface.com Manufacturing is a leading supplier of Glacier Bushings alternatives and other high-quality industrial products. They offer a range of Glacier Bushings alternatives in different materials, including bronze, steel, and aluminum, and provide technical support and customer service to help ensure that customers receive the right product for their needs.

When selecting a supplier of Glacier Bushings alternative, it is important to do your research and carefully consider the abovementioned factors. Be sure to also read reviews and gather information about the supplier’s reputation and experience to help ensure that you receive a high-quality product and receive the technical support and customer service you need

Offers a wide range of high-performance bearing materials, services, and solutions. Find the right bearing for your application. Call our experts for more info. Reduced costs.
Composite Material. Cylindrical bushes, thrust washers, Flange Bushes
High Static Load Capacity.
self-lubricating bushings offer very good wear and low friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds, and temperatures in a dry sliding applications.

RED PTFE Sleeve bearings

ptfe composite bearing

RED PTFE Sleeve bearings are suitable for dry friction, oil lubrication, grease lubrication, etc. RED PTFE Sleeve provides excellent wear resistance and low friction performance even under high load, speed and temperature applications, reducing maintenance costs. It is well suited as an entry-level bearing.

RED PTFE Sleeve is used in a variety of applications including: automotive brakes, clutches, transmissions, steering systems, seats, etc., industrial construction equipment, material handling equipment, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, railroads, pneumatic and hydraulic applications.
RED PTFE Sleeve has a lead-free formulation and is compliant with EU ELV, WEEE and RoHS regulations.

Lead-free RED PTFE lined Sleeve steel backed bearing bushing metal polymer material was introduced into the market for automotive shock absorbers and hydraulic applications, and in the same year RED PTFE Sleeve bronze backed was introduced. once introduced, RED PTFE Sleeve bearings became Once introduced, the RED PTFE Sleeve bearing became one of the engineers’ favorite products and was produced locally to increase the speed of production delivery around the world.

RED PTFE Sleeve bearings have been widely used in automotive, industrial, and medical applications and are trusted by customers in a variety of industries.

In addition to excellent product performance, the cost effectiveness of RED PTFE Sleeve bearings is also reflected in the customizable and professional solutions for self-lubricating bearings. Contact us today and let our engineers create your own friction system optimization solution for more efficient cost savings!


The PTFE bearing anticipates the times and customer requirements: it is a dry bearing made in accordance with modern production concepts, free of pollutants and lead. The growing market competition for high-performance products requires continuous research to obtain structural, technical and mechanical improvements and thus optimize the quality of the finished products. The technological evolution of bearings and their applications has allowed the development of new products: from bearings lubricated with oil and grease to bearings coated with plastic material and, finally, to plain bearings with self-lubricating compounds. Using PTFE, we produce bearings that do not require any lubrication.
The wrapped bearings are supplied in various types of materials such as bearings with steel, bronze or stainless steel backings coated with PTFE, POM, PEEK or PTFE fibers on the sliding surface and also comes in solid bronze bearings with lubrication pockets. The wrapped bearings are delivered in various forms such as cylindrical wrapped bushes, flanged bushes, thrust washers, or as special parts manufactured based on the customer requirements. The standard materials in standard sizes are available ex stock where as various special materials and special sizes available upon request.

Type Plain Bearing
flange, cylindrical bushing
carbon steel, PTFE-lined
Other characteristics
self-lubricating, maintenance-free, multilayer, dry

Self-lubricating Bushings, thrust washers & strips | Short lead time, high quality‎

Supplier of composite bushing, Fast delivery, Competitive price. All the self-lubricating bearing parts are made of premium steel backed, stainless backed, bronze backed bushing or other metal backed sliding bushing material. Professional Service. Perfect Service System, Strong Technical Strength.

Glacier bushes alternative parts
DU Glacier Bushes alternative the GGB bushing are plain bearing materials that offer good performance on both wear and friction over a wide range of temperatures, speeds, and radial and axial loads. DU Glacier Bushes alternative parts are ideal for construction and agricultural machines or for any other application which requires rotating and sliding motions.

Glacier Bushes Alternative – Bearings & Bushes – Bearing Online

Take Your Market Intelligence to The Next Level, Metric bearings and imperial bushings made to order from china.

Glacier Bushes – high performance bearing material.

PTFE composite bushings Bushing Types

PTFE composite bushings forms available in standard dimensions

Cylindrical Bushes 
Flanged Bushes
Sliding Plates
Thrust Washer– stamped/deep drawn shapes
Flanged washers – customized designs

Description of the composite bushings
The oil-free lubrication bearing is based on a steel plate. It has the properties of a low coefficient of friction, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and oil-free lubrication. Using this product can reduce costs. Products have been widely used in sliding parts of various machines such as printing machines, textile machines, tobacco machines, fitness equipment, etc.

Material For Quick Learning


  • Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing Material
  • Steel backed + Porous  Bronze Sinter
  • PTFE + Fillers

Tri-layer  bushing have a base of lower carbon steel backed bushings, onto which a porous bronze layer is sintered. PTFE mixtures are impregnated into the  of this bronze layer after rolling process completed. It has good physical & mechanical properties, also has certainly chemical properties. It is suitable for rotary, oscillating movement with performance of self-lubricating. Anti-wear, lower noise.


After rolling process completed, PTFE mixtures are filled in intersice of bronze layer. Under normal operation, Part of PTFE mixture on top layer will be removed and transferred on the mating surface, forms a physically lubricating film, which will reduced the firction coe. and protect the mating shaft.
2 Porous Bronze layer;
The layer provides bonded strength of Self-Lub. Layer.
3 Steel Backing
The layer provides load & thermal conductivity
4 Copper / Tin layer Material

Material Chemical Characteristic

Type Water Sea Water Air Alkaline Solutions NHSB-1tral Solutions Fuels & Lubricatis Strong Acid Weak Acid

★Good       □Common       ▲Poor

Wrapped composite sliding bearing, tin-plated steel/PTFE, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Maintenance-free

composite sliding bearing can be produced from an ID of 3mm all the way up to 400mm.


Technical data

Performance Data
Maximum load Static load 250N/mm²
Dynamic load 140N/mm²
Line speed Dry friction 2.5m/s
Oil lubrication 5m/s
Maximum PV value Dry friction 3.6N/mm²・m/s
Oil lubrication 50N/mm²・m/s
Coefficient of friction Dry friction 0.04~0.20
Oil lubrication 0.02~0.07
Operating temperature -195℃~+280℃
Thermal Conductivity 42W/m・K
Thermal expansion coefficient 11×10-6/K
hydraulic cylinders, cranes and construction equipment, all kinds of production machines, pumps and medial devices
  • Support material Steel backed tin-plated or copper plated bushings
  • Intermediate layer: Sintered bronze
  • Sliding layer: PTFE composite bushings
Special dimensions are available on request
The composite sleeve made of PTFE is maintenance-free due to the sliding layer of PTFE. Outstanding slip and wear resistance. High load capacity sleeve.
  • Housing ØH7
  • Bushing inner-Ø after mountingH9
  • Shaft tolerancef7 or h8



Flange plain bearing
cylindricalcarbon steel PTFE-lined
flange, cylindrical
carbon steel, PTFE-lined
Other characteristics: self-lubricating, maintenance-free, multilayer, dry

is a maintenance-free material due to the PTFE sliding layer. Outstanding sliding and wear performance. High load capacity and very versatile bushing.

The surface polymer is resistant to chemical corrosion, so its corrosion resistance mainly depends on the steel back and the surface plating. Copper or tin plating on steel back surface can effectively prevent atmospheric corrosion; If working in corrosive medium, steel back can be galvanized, etc.

Composite Bearing Characteristics

The so-called “self-lubricating bearings” means no or less oil is added. The goal of our research is to ensure that the composite bearing can still perform well under such conditions and extend its service life as much as possible. Self-lubricating bearing is the basic working principle of solid lubricant on the surface of the bearing in the early operational stage due to the friction of ask each other to form a transfer film and coat the to eventually form solid lubrication film on the grinding parts to achieve the purpose of self lubrication, which partition the direct contact between the workpiece and good protection of grinding extend the service life of the bearing and artifacts.

bushing material

Composite series metal composite self-lubricating materials with high quality low carbon steel as the substrate, sintering porous spherical copper powder layer, the surface of copper is given priority to with PTFE wear-resistant lubricating materials as bearing layer, the material has excellent mechanical bearing capacity, the middle copper powder layer can not only transfer the heat generated by the bearing during operation in time, but also increased the strength of the combination of the plastic layer and substrate. PTFE is designed for full dry friction and a variety of materials have been developed according to lubrication, friction coefficient and durability requirements. VIIPLUS’s PTFE metal composites provide the best performance over the widest range of loads, speeds and temperatures with or without external lubrication.

Sliding Bushing dimensions can be produced from an ID of 3mm all the way up to 400mm.

Special self-lubricating bearings bushing dimensions are available on request.

0806DU BUSHING Alternative 8 10 6 H7 f7
0808DU BUSHING Alternative 8 10 8 H7 f7
0810DU BUSHING Alternative 8 10 10 H7 f7
0812DU BUSHING Alternative 8 10 12 H7 f7
1006DU BUSHING Alternative 10 12 6 H7 f7
1008DU BUSHING Alternative 10 12 8 H7 f7
1010DU BUSHING Alternative 10 12 10 H7 f7
1012DU BUSHING Alternative 10 12 12 H7 f7
1015DU BUSHING Alternative 10 12 15 H7 f7
1020DU BUSHING Alternative 10 12 20 H7 f7
1208DU BUSHING Alternative 12 14 8 H7 f7
1210DU BUSHING Alternative 12 14 10 H7 f7
1212DU BUSHING Alternative 12 14 12 H7 f7
1215DU BUSHING Alternative 12 14 15 H7 f7
1220DU BUSHING Alternative 12 14 20 H7 f7
1225DU BUSHING Alternative 12 14 25 H7 f7
1310DU BUSHING Alternative 13 15 10 H7 f7
1320DU BUSHING Alternative 13 15 20 H7 f7
1405DU BUSHING Alternative 14 16 5 H7 f7
1410DU BUSHING Alternative 14 16 10 H7 f7
1412DU BUSHING Alternative 14 16 12 H7 f7
1415DU BUSHING Alternative 14 16 15 H7 f7
1420DU BUSHING Alternative 14 16 20 H7 f7
1425DU BUSHING Alternative 14 16 25 H7 f7
1510DU BUSHING Alternative 15 17 10 H7 f7
1512DU BUSHING Alternative 15 17 12 H7 f7
1515DU BUSHING Alternative 15 17 15 H7 f7
1520DU BUSHING Alternative 15 17 20 H7 f7
1525DU BUSHING Alternative 15 17 25 H7 f7
1610DU BUSHING Alternative 16 18 10 H7 f7
1612DU BUSHING Alternative 16 18 12 H7 f7
1615DU BUSHING Alternative 16 18 15 H7 f7
1620DU BUSHING Alternative 16 18 20 H7 f7
1625DU BUSHING Alternative 16 18 25 H7 f7
1720DU BUSHING Alternative 17 19 20 H7 f7
1810DU BUSHING Alternative 18 20 10 H7 f7
1815DU BUSHING Alternative 18 20 15 H7 f7
1820DU BUSHING Alternative 18 20 20 H7 f7
1825DU BUSHING Alternative 18 20 25 H7 f7
2010DU BUSHING Alternative 20 23 10 H7 f7
2015DU BUSHING Alternative 20 23 15 H7 f7
2020DU BUSHING Alternative 20 23 20 H7 f7
2025DU BUSHING Alternative 20 23 25 H7 f7
2030DU BUSHING Alternative 20 23 30 H7 f7
2215DU BUSHING Alternative 22 25 15 H7 f7
2220DU BUSHING Alternative 22 25 20 H7 f7
2225DU BUSHING Alternative 22 25 25 H7 f7
2230DU BUSHING Alternative 22 25 30 H7 f7
2415DU BUSHING Alternative 24 27 15 H7 f7
2420DU BUSHING Alternative 24 27 20 H7 f7
2425DU BUSHING Alternative 24 27 25 H7 f7
2430DU BUSHING Alternative 24 27 30 H7 f7
2515DU BUSHING Alternative 25 28 15 H7 f7
2520DU BUSHING Alternative 25 28 20 H7 f7
2525DU BUSHING Alternative 25 28 25 H7 f7
2530DU BUSHING Alternative 25 28 30 H7 f7
2550DU BUSHING Alternative 25 28 50 H7 f7
2815DU BUSHING Alternative 28 32 15 H7 f7
2820DU BUSHING Alternative 28 32 20 H7 f7
2825DU BUSHING Alternative 28 32 25 H7 f7
2830DU BUSHING Alternative 28 32 30 H7 f7
3010DU BUSHING Alternative 30 34 10 H7 f7
3015DU BUSHING Alternative 30 34 15 H7 f7
3020DU BUSHING Alternative 30 34 20 H7 f7
3025DU BUSHING Alternative 30 34 25 H7 f7
3030DU BUSHING Alternative 30 34 30 H7 f7
3040DU BUSHING Alternative 30 34 40 H7 f7
3220DU BUSHING Alternative 32 36 20 H7 f7
3230DU BUSHING Alternative 32 36 30 H7 f7
3240DU BUSHING Alternative 32 36 40 H7 f7
3520DU BUSHING Alternative 35 39 20 H7 f7
3530DU BUSHING Alternative 35 39 30 H7 f7
3535DU BUSHING Alternative 35 39 35 H7 f7
3540DU BUSHING Alternative 35 39 40 H7 f7
3550DU BUSHING Alternative 35 39 50 H7 f7
3720DU BUSHING Alternative 37 41 20 H7 f7
4020DU BUSHING Alternative 40 44 20 H7 f7
4030DU BUSHING Alternative 40 44 30 H7 f7
4040DU BUSHING Alternative 40 44 40 H7 f7
4050DU BUSHING Alternative 40 44 50 H7 f7
4520DU BUSHING Alternative 45 50 20 H7 f7
4530DU BUSHING Alternative 45 50 30 H7 f7
4540DU BUSHING Alternative 45 50 40 H7 f7
4545DU BUSHING Alternative 45 50 45 H7 f7
4550DU BUSHING Alternative 45 50 50 H7 f7
5020DU BUSHING Alternative 50 55 20 H7 f7
5030DU BUSHING Alternative 50 55 30 H7 f7
5040DU BUSHING Alternative 50 55 40 H7 f7
5050DU BUSHING Alternative 50 55 50 H7 f7
5060DU BUSHING Alternative 50 55 60 H7 f7
5520DU BUSHING Alternative 55 60 20 H7 f7
5525DU BUSHING Alternative 55 60 25 H7 f7
5530DU BUSHING Alternative 55 60 30 H7 f7
5540DU BUSHING Alternative 55 60 40 H7 f7
5550DU BUSHING Alternative 55 60 50 H7 f7
5555DU BUSHING Alternative 55 60 55 H7 f7
5560DU BUSHING Alternative 55 60 60 H7 f7
6020DU BUSHING Alternative 60 65 20 H7 f7
6030DU BUSHING Alternative 60 65 30 H7 f7
6040DU BUSHING Alternative 60 65 40 H7 f7
6050DU BUSHING Alternative 60 65 50 H7 f7
6060DU BUSHING Alternative 60 65 60 H7 f7
6070DU BUSHING Alternative 60 65 70 H7 f7
6530DU BUSHING Alternative 65 70 30 H7 f7
6550DU BUSHING Alternative 65 70 50 H7 f7
6570DU BUSHING Alternative 65 70 70 H7 f7
7040DU BUSHING Alternative 70 75 40 H7 f7
7050DU BUSHING Alternative 70 75 50 H7 f7
7070DU BUSHING Alternative 70 75 70 H7 f7
7560DU BUSHING Alternative 75 80 60 H7 f7
7580DU BUSHING Alternative 75 80 80 H7 f7
8040DU BUSHING Alternative 80 85 40 H7 h8
8060DU BUSHING Alternative 80 85 60 H7 h8
8080DU BUSHING Alternative 80 85 80 H7 h8
80100DU BUSHING Alternative 80 85 100 H7 h8
8530DU BUSHING Alternative 85 90 30 H7 h8
8560DU BUSHING Alternative 85 90 60 H7 h8
85100DU BUSHING Alternative 85 90 100 H7 h8
9060DU BUSHING Alternative 90 95 60 H7 h8
90100DU BUSHING Alternative 90 95 100 H7 h8
9560DU BUSHING Alternative 95 100 60 H7 h8
95100DU BUSHING Alternative 95 100 100 H7 h8
10050DU BUSHING Alternative 100 105 50 H7 h8
10060DU BUSHING Alternative 100 105 60 H7 h8
100115DU BUSHING Alternative 100 105 115 H7 h8
10560DU BUSHING Alternative 105 110 60 H7 h8
105115DU BUSHING Alternative 105 110 115 H7 h8
11060DU BUSHING Alternative 110 115 60 H7 h8
110115DU BUSHING Alternative 110 115 115 H7 h8
11550DU BUSHING Alternative 115 120 50 H7 h8
11570DU BUSHING Alternative 115 120 70 H7 h8
12050DU BUSHING Alternative 120 125 50 H7 h8
12060DU BUSHING Alternative 120 125 60 H7 h8
120100DU BUSHING Alternative 120 125 100 H7 h8
125100DU BUSHING Alternative 125 130 100 H7 h8
13060DU BUSHING Alternative 130 135 60 H7 h8
130100DU BUSHING Alternative 130 135 100 H7 h8
13560DU BUSHING Alternative 135 140 60 H7 h8
13580DU BUSHING Alternative 135 140 80 H7 h8
14060DU BUSHING Alternative 140 145 60 H7 h8
140100DU BUSHING Alternative 140 145 100 H7 h8
15060DU BUSHING Alternative 150 155 60 H7 h8
15080DU BUSHING Alternative 150 155 80 H7 h8
150100DU BUSHING Alternative 150 155 100 H7 h8
16080DU BUSHING Alternative 160 165 80 H7 h8
160100DU BUSHING Alternative 160 165 100 H7 h8
180100DU BUSHING Alternative 180 185 100 H7 h8
200100DU BUSHING Alternative 200 205 100 H7 h8
210100DU BUSHING Alternative 210 215 100 H7 h8
220100DU BUSHING Alternative 220 225 100 H7 h8
250100DU BUSHING Alternative 250 255 100 H7 h8
300100DU BUSHING Alternative 300 305 100 H7 h8
PTFE Sleeve Bushing Bearing

Economic Solution For PTFE Sleeve Bushing Bearing, Carbon Steel Backed Bushing Application Due To A Thin Wall Thickness. Bushing Alternative & Replacement.

Copper plating, improve high performance: render coating adhesion ability, and corrosion ability. We have developed numerous new dry bearing materials & new technologies at its Research & Development Center and other facilities. Sale of plain bearings for automobile, marine, construction, and general industries.
*Tin plating and its alloys are coatings with good weldability and corrosion resistance, which are widely used in self-lubricating bearing bushings. Besides hot dip, spraying and other physical methods, electroplating, dipping and electroless plating have been widely used in industry due to their simplicity.


Always self-lubricating, always long life.

The range and variety of our plain bearing bushing, with a complete range of plain bushing ready in stock that is able to satisfy any request and design need. Plain Bushes Plain bushes are an independent type of plain bearing, used to prevent friction. They are a cylindrical lining used within a shaft, pin or hinge to prevent wear inside a hole. Plain bushes are inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications..

Bushing & Plain Bearings Catalog

Search Our Online Bushings & Plain Bearings Catalog.
Glacier Bushes alternative the GGB bushing Catalogue Search by Bushings Number / Flange Size. Type Number: glacier bearing catalogue online. Browse All Bushing Type And Plain Bearings Size In The Bronzelube.Com Online Self-Lubricating Bearings ptfe lined bushings Catalog Including Composite Bushing, Wrapped Bronze Bearings, Cylindrical Bushing, Cast Bronze Bearings, Oilless Bearings, Bimetal Bearings … Search By Specification. Search Bushings Catalog Information From The Most Trusted Internet Sources. Discover Bushings Catalog From Across The Web. Search And Find Now. Information 24/7. Web, Images & Video. The Complete Overview. Trusted Source Online, Immediate Search Results, Search Multiple Sources, Plain Bearings Expert Advice, And Get A Free Quote.

Bushings & Plain Bearings Catalog
Plain Bearings Bushing

Bearing Bushing Customized Size

Choose Your Bushings Size Product and Order Now! Bushing Design. Logistics Service. Different Material. Trade Assurance. Types: Steel Backed PTFE Lined Bushings. PTFE self-lubricating bearing is a sliding bearing formed by rolling the steel plate as the base, sintering spherical bronze powder in the middle, and rolling the mixture of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and fiber on the surface. Features: 1. The mixture of PTFE and fiber is 0.01~0.03mm, which can form a good transfer film to protect the grinding shaft and provide the self-lubricating performance of the bearing. 2. The copper powder layer is 0.20~0.30mm, which has good bearing capacity and wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity can transfer the heat generated during the operation of the bearing in time. The composite material can penetrate into the gaps of the copper powder balls, improving the bond strength. 3. Low carbon steel, which provides good bearing performance and heat transfer. Products have been widely used in sliding parts of various machinery, such as printing presses, elevators, textile machines, tobacco machines, fitness equipment, hydraulic trucks, micro motors, solenoid valves, automobiles, motorcycles, etc.

  • Inch Sleeves, Inch Flanges
  • Inch Washers, Metric Washers
  • Metric Sleeves, Metric Flanges

Plain Bearings Bushing – Standard & Customized Bearings: Heavy Duty Plain Bearings at bronzelube.com, Solutions in Principal Markets Worldwide. The Alternative of DU and DX Bearings. GlobalExporter in Bearing Solutions. Increased durability.

Straight Plain Bearings

Version Straight, flange, washer
Stat load <250 N/mm²
Dyn load <140 N/mm²
Sliding velocity <2,5 m/sec
Friction coeff 0,8%
Temperature -200 to +280ᴼC

Flange Bronze Bushing Diamond

Flange Bronze Bushing Diamond

FB090 – Bronze grease pockets
Version Straight, flange, washer
Stat load <120 N/mm²
Dyn load <40 N/mm²
Sliding velocity <2,5 m/sec
Friction coeff 0,7% lubricated
Temperature -40 to +250ᴼC
Steel/POM Bushing

Steel/POM Bushing

Version Straight, flange, washer
Stat load <250 N/mm²
Dyn load <140 N/mm²
Sliding velocity <2,5 m/sec
Friction coeff 0,8%
Temperature -200 to +280ᴼC

Plain Bearings Made From Self-Lubricating Metallic Bushing

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Plain Bearing Solutions and Service: a full-line distributor of composite bearings, sliding bearings products, bushings, sliding plate,, and related plain bearing parts. Get Top Quality Sleeve Bearings Without A Premium Price.

  • Completely self-lubricating bushing, Excellent price/performance ratio
  • High wear resistance
  • Resistance to dust and dirt
  • Cost-effective
  • Most popular plain bearing bushing material worldwide

*Understanding the types of PTFE sleeve bearings material & technical parameters and determine which one is best for your needs.

consists of three layers bronze backing bushing

Bushings, thrust washers and strips teflon bushings and PTFE bushing

PTFE composite bushings are the maintenance-free solution for heavy load/medium speed applications.

Straight bushing Maintenance-free Steel/PTFE Series

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The PTFE-based sliding surface permits smooth, low-friction operation without lubrication. Shop Bushing Material Sintered Bronze with PTFE – Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings from china, we offers FREE CAD download, short lead times and …

PTFE & POM Composite Bushing Supplier

Ptfe bushing Solutions

Custom Solutions

Maintenance-free, plain bearings

One-Stop-Shop For Self-lubricated Bearing Solutions:

Global Expertise And China Support Offer Unique Self-Lubricating Bearings Solutions. Bushing For Industrial Applications. Your Global Partner For Sliding Bearings Technology. View Details.

We can reduce composite bushing bearing costs by up to 40% buy plain bearings from the bronzelube.com

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bronzelube.com providing superior engineered composite bearings solutions for us.

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PTFE bushing – For industrial applications

Teflon Bushing – China PTFE Bearings Manufacturer

Industries where products are used. Wide range of markets. Has a Thin wall and is compact. Volume Discount is available. More configuration options are available now. New Pricing. Rapid Design! Fast Shipping. Technical Product Support. Tracking Orders!

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