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Maintanance free PTFE composite bushing solution

PTFE composite bushings replace DU bushings are widely used in gear pumps, shock absorbers, PS pumps other automotive parts, and general-purpose industrial machinery.

The PTFE bushings offer high performance, maintenance-free solution for many applications.
Metal-Polymer wrapped composite plain Bearings, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), steel backing,lead free Available for orderBearing sleeves
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PTFE Bushings


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Wrapped Composite PTFE Bushings – Custom Design By
  • Excellent wear resistance due to the boundary surface performance and fluid lubrication.
  • Excellent load resistance.
  • Lower friction.
  • Excellent cavitation resistance.
Choose from our selection of PTFE bushings in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.
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bushes, maintenance-free, with steel backing
thrust washers, maintenance-free, with steel backing
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PTFE composite material for compact radial spherical plain bearings for small envelopes with bore diameters as small as 6 mm. This expansive plain bush portfolio enables us to provide you with the right plain bearing for virtually any application. Thrust washers, maintenance-free, with steel backing

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PTFE composite bushings Bushing Types

PTFE composite bushings forms available in standard dimensions

Cylindrical Bushes 
Flanged Bushes
Sliding Plates
Thrust Washer– stamped/deep drawn shapes
Flanged washers – customized designs

Description of the composite bushings
The oil-free lubrication bearing is based on a steel plate. It has the properties of a low coefficient of friction, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and oil-free lubrication. Using this product can reduce costs. Products have been widely used in sliding parts of various machines such as printing machines, textile machines, tobacco machines, fitness equipment, etc.

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Material For Quick Learning


  • Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing Material
  • Steel backed + Porous  Bronze Sinter
  • PTFE + Fillers

Tri-layer  bushing have a base of lower carbon steel backed bushings, onto which a porous bronze layer is sintered. PTFE mixtures are impregnated into the  of this bronze layer after rolling process completed. It has good physical & mechanical properties, also has certainly chemical properties. It is suitable for rotary, oscillating movement with performance of self-lubricating. Anti-wear, lower noise.


After rolling process completed, PTFE mixtures are filled in intersice of bronze layer. Under normal operation, Part of PTFE mixture on top layer will be removed and transferred on the mating surface, forms a physically lubricating film, which will reduced the firction coe. and protect the mating shaft.
2 Porous Bronze layer;
The layer provides bonded strength of Self-Lub. Layer.
3 Steel Backing
The layer provides load & thermal conductivity
4 Copper / Tin layer Material

Material Chemical Characteristic

Type Water Sea Water Air Alkaline Solutions NHSB-1tral Solutions Fuels & Lubricatis Strong Acid Weak Acid

★Good       □Common       ▲Poor

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Wrapped composite sliding bearing, tin-plated steel/PTFE, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Maintenance-free

composite sliding bearing can be produced from an ID of 3mm all the way up to 400mm.


Technical data

Performance Data
Maximum load Static load 250N/mm²
Dynamic load 140N/mm²
Line speed Dry friction 2.5m/s
Oil lubrication 5m/s
Maximum PV value Dry friction 3.6N/mm²・m/s
Oil lubrication 50N/mm²・m/s
Coefficient of friction Dry friction 0.04~0.20
Oil lubrication 0.02~0.07
Operating temperature -195℃~+280℃
Thermal Conductivity 42W/m・K
Thermal expansion coefficient 11×10-6/K
hydraulic cylinders, cranes and construction equipment, all kinds of production machines, pumps and medial devices
  • Support material Steel backed tin-plated or copper plated bushings
  • Intermediate layer: Sintered bronze
  • Sliding layer: PTFE composite bushings
Special dimensions are available on request
The composite sleeve made of PTFE is maintenance-free due to the sliding layer of PTFE. Outstanding slip and wear resistance. High load capacity sleeve.
  • Housing ØH7
  • Bushing inner-Ø after mountingH9
  • Shaft tolerancef7 or h8
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is a maintenance-free material due to the PTFE sliding layer. Outstanding sliding and wear performance. High load capacity and very versatile bushing.

The surface polymer is resistant to chemical corrosion, so its corrosion resistance mainly depends on the steel back and the surface plating. Copper or tin plating on steel back surface can effectively prevent atmospheric corrosion; If working in corrosive medium, steel back can be galvanized, etc.

Composite Bearing Characteristics

The so-called “self-lubricating bearings” means no or less oil is added. The goal of our research is to ensure that the composite bearing can still perform well under such conditions and extend its service life as much as possible. Self-lubricating bearing is the basic working principle of solid lubricant on the surface of the bearing in the early operational stage due to the friction of ask each other to form a transfer film and coat the to eventually form solid lubrication film on the grinding parts to achieve the purpose of self lubrication, which partition the direct contact between the workpiece and good protection of grinding extend the service life of the bearing and artifacts.

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Composite series metal composite self-lubricating materials with high quality low carbon steel as the substrate, sintering porous spherical copper powder layer, the surface of copper is given priority to with PTFE wear-resistant lubricating materials as bearing layer, the material has excellent mechanical bearing capacity, the middle copper powder layer can not only transfer the heat generated by the bearing during operation in time, but also increased the strength of the combination of the plastic layer and substrate. PTFE is designed for full dry friction and a variety of materials have been developed according to lubrication, friction coefficient and durability requirements. VIIPLUS’s PTFE metal composites provide the best performance over the widest range of loads, speeds and temperatures with or without external lubrication.

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Sliding Bushing dimensions can be produced from an ID of 3mm all the way up to 400mm.

Special self-lubricating bearings bushing dimensions are available on request.

Economic solution for PTFE sleeve bearing, carbon steel backed bushing application due to a thin wall thickness.

Copper plating, improve high performance: render coating adhesion ability, and corrosion ability.

Tin plating and its alloys are coatings with good weldability and corrosion resistance, which are widely used in self-lubricating bearing bushings. Besides hot dip, spraying and other physical methods, electroplating, dipping and electroless plating have been widely used in industry due to their simplicity.


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Understanding the types of PTFE sleeve bearings material & technical parameters and determine which one is best for your needs.

Always self-lubricating, always long life.

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