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Oil Free Bushings made to order from China for industrial applications. We offers free CAD downloads, prompt lead times, competitive pricing, and small minimum order … available metric size and inch size. Wide Variety of custom bushing products and free CAD data.

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Custom Bearings Made From Metal Bearings The production bushing process at viiplus starts as soon as your order is received.

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On this page you will find a short overview of the bronze bearings and can access further bushing bearings descriptions directly via the links. Have fun browsing!

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As a manufacturer, we produce almost all possible plain-bearing bushing dimensions. Small Minimum Quantities. Cost-Effective Prices. Short Periods Of Delivery. Plain Bushing Brochures Available, Offering Cost-Effective Prices.

Whether you’re customizing a standard sliding bearing or starting from a concept; we have extensive engineering and state-of-the-art production capabilities to design.

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How to distinguish the pros and cons of bearings

How to distinguish the quality of bearings To identify the quality of equipment bearings, we usually do it from the following aspects:

1. Is the outer packaging clear?

Under normal circumstances, the brands produced by regular manufacturers have their own dedicated designers to design the external packaging and arrange factories that have passed the production conditions for production. Therefore, the packaging of the products should be very clear from lines to color blocks. unambiguous.

2. Whether the steel printing is clear

Each bearing product will have its brand words, labels, etc. printed on the bearing product body. Although the font is very small, the products produced by regular manufacturers are printed with steel stamping technology, and they are embossed before heat treatment. Therefore, although the font is small, it is deeply concave and very clear. Under normal circumstances, the fonts of counterfeit products are not only vague, but because of the rough printing technology, the fonts float on the surface, and some can even be easily erased by hand or have serious hand marks.

3. Is there any noise

Hold the inner sleeve of the bearing body with the left hand, turn the outer sleeve with the right hand to make it rotate, and listen to whether there is any noise during the operation of the bearing. Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products and the completely manual workshop operation, impurities such as dust and sand will inevitably be mixed into the bearing body during the production process, so there will be noise or unsmooth operation when the bearing rotates. . This is the key to judging whether the product comes from a branded product of a regular manufacturer that has strict production standards and is operated by machines.

4. Is there any turbid oil on the surface?

Whether there are turbid oil traces on the surface, we should pay special attention when purchasing imported bearings. Due to the gap between the current domestic anti-rust technology and foreign advanced manufacturing countries, it is easy to leave thick oil traces when the bearing body is anti-rust treatment, and it feels sticky and sticky when touching it with hands. There is hardly any trace of anti-rust oil on the imported bearings. According to industry insiders, people who are particularly attentive can smell a special smell on imported bearings, which is the smell of anti-rust oil.

5. Is the chamfer uniform?

The so-called chamfer of the bearing is the junction of the horizontal and vertical surfaces. Due to the limitation of production technology, counterfeit-bearing products are not handled well in these corners and corners. We can easily distinguish this point.

Custom and Made to Order Bearings: Choose your correct self-lubricating bearing for your application. Maintenance-free! Longer life!

Made to order finished bushing & bronze parts and self-lubricating bronze bearing based on your drawings.

Applied for high load low speed rotation and rocking motion, often used in frequent opening and closing under load and hard to form hydrodynamic lubrication occasions.

Custom-sleeve bushing: adapt their bushing bearings to your needs. Optimized shape, materiel, lubrication, or even water tightness. Solutions based on bearings and injection.

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Customer can made to order order their special bushing part made of tribological optimized metal-polymers bushing from china online.

“Custom Bushing Bearing Manufacture – Special Dimension….” Just select a bushing type and tell us your desired sleeve or flange dimensions, Custom Made-To-Order Experts. Choose any item anywhere & tell us how you wanted it, Specializing in custom bushing bearings. Bronze Bearings. Oilless Bearings. Steel Backed Bushing Bearings. Sliding Bearings.

Bushing Catalog Online Available, Select Your Preferred Index To View the Available Sliding Bearings Products.

We Have Been Supplying All Kinds of Self-lubricating Bearing, Special Dimension Bronze Bushing and Custom Flange Size.


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Bushing Bearings Shipping & Delivery Service, quality bearings are manufactured from high-performance material.

Custom Parts Tailor-Made Especially for You -www.bronzelube.com, Manufacturing service for customized parts made of … We make your prototype. Bushing Design, Made to order From China, You will see the price immediately, allowing you to then order the component online or make a request.

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Bronze Lube offers customized bearing & bushings, metric size & inched sized in different type plain bearing specifications through self-lubricating tribology technology. Quality Bushings Bearings Online – Precision Bronze Parts, Purchase Your Bushing Here – bronzelube.com, Fast, Convenient & Easy. Self-lubricating polymer bushing from China. Save 40% over metal bearings! Fast Delivery. Small MOQ. Various Types Available. Fast Delivery. Get Quote Now For Wholesales Price.

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