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Customized bushing designs. Cylindrical bushes with non-standard. Use Composite bushing material; Suited for dry & Hi Temp Applications. Inquire Online! Highlights: Plain Bearing Experts Available, Over 10 Years Of Experience.

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POM composite bushing
pom composite bearing

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Engineering Composite Bushing

“Extensive range of composite bushing, Pom or PTFE lined sleeve bearings, wrapped bushes, split bushing.”


Wrapped sliding bearing, wrapped bushing, steel backed bushing /POM sliding layer, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

Wrapped sliding bearing, Wrapped bushing, steel backed bushing /POM sliding can choose different matrix materials according to different working conditions, such as: bronze substrate, stainless steel substrate, and “lead-free” formula products. Environmental protection lead free bushing series, color is orange, orange, blue POM composite.

Wrapped sliding bearing, wrapped bushing, steel backed bushing /POM sliding layer, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

Product pom composite bushings introduction
POM COMPOSITE BUSHING is a lead-free self-lubricating product with boundary made of carbon steel substrate, bronze powder, modified pom and other lubricant materials by special process, which has the characteristics of environmental protection. It not only has a certain chemical properties, at the same time, it has good physical properties and mechanical properties, can be used in all kinds of low speed load, sliding, rotation, swing, and instead of the traditional bearing linear reciprocating motion parts, because of wearing layer surface with oil holes facilitate assembly before daub grease, work with low coefficient of friction, breaking-in performance is good, wear resistance, etc.

Sliding layer POM (MoS2)/ lubrication pockets

Chemical properties: The surface polymer is resistant to chemical corrosion, so its corrosion resistance mainly depends on the steel back and the surface plating. Copper or tin plating on steel back surface can effectively prevent atmospheric corrosion; If working in corrosive medium, steel back can be galvanized, etc.

  • Flange bearings – Plain bearing within mountable housing unit
  • Sleeve bearings – Always self-lubricating & grease-free
  • Customized bearings – We will manufacture the exact self-lubricating bearing you need at a low cost.
  • Split type bushings – Easy to install
  • Simple design – Cost-effective

BRONZELUBE.COM is one of the entities specialized in the production of self-embellishment bearings, sliding bearings, composite bearings, oil-free bearings, dry bearings and maintenance-free bearings in China. Its product quality and performance have reached the level of foreign counterparts.


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  • Support material Steel backed bearings copper-plated or tin-plated
  • Intermediate layer Sintered bronze
  • Sliding layerPOM (MoS2)/lubrication pockets


1 Self-lubricating bearings Layer POM 0.3-0.5mm.
After rolling process completed, POM are filled in intersice of bronze layer, lubrication indents are stamped, which are full of oil grease, which will be removed and transferred on the mating surface, forms a physically lubricating film, which will reduced the firction coe. and protect the mating shaft.
2 Porous bronze layer;
The layer provides bonded strength of self-lubricating Layer.
3 Steel Backed bearings
The layer provides load & thermal conductivity
4 Copper / Tin layer bushings.

Max. Load Capacity P  
Static LoadN/mm2250
Dynamic LoadN/mm2140
Max. Speed V  
Oil Grease Lubrication Continuous Operationm/s>2
Max. Pv ValueN/mm2 · m/s2.8
Coefficient of Frictionμ0.05~0.20
Operation Temperature Range-40~110
Thermal ConductivityW(m · k-1)42
Coefficient of Thermal HSB-2pansionλST11·10K-6


POM Composite Bearings is a low self-lubricating bearing material with MoS2 sliding layer and lubrication pockets.

Wrapped sliding bearing, wrapped bushing, steel backed bushing /POM sliding layer, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

Composite bushing is often used in cranes, truck cranes, tail gates, container equipment and agricultural machinery and construction machines.

Bore diameter [d]Outside diameter [D]Width [B]Outside diameter flange [D1]Designation
Composite Bushing Design
Composite Bushing Material
Unit system

BUSHING 6025(straight type design, split type metric size)
Plain bearing
Composite material POM
Metric size
6025 Dimensions [mm]:
60= bore diameter d
65 = outside diameter D
25 = width
POM composite.

(straight design, inch size also available) Plain bearing
Composite material
Inch size Dimensions, whereas bore diameter and width in sixteenths of an inch:
bore diameter
The sizes are according to DIN 1494/ ISO 3547 with tolerances to be press fitted into a H7 housing for a h8 shaft tolerance.
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Housing ØH7

Bushing inner-Ø after mounting

in the range of D Shaft tolerance h8


Composite Bushing Industry 

Bushing assembly, balancing sleeve, brake clamp, steering kingpin axle sleeve and truck tail plate axle sleeve, haulage truck, crane, truck crane, forest machinery, packaging machinery, construction machinery, hydraulic motor, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, hydraulic machinery, steam truck, steel rolling industry, etc.

The composite bushings are made from a steel backed bushing, in which MoS2 is sintered on the surface, using an intermediate layer of bronze powder as a binding agent. These raw material slabs are then cut into a rectangular shape, then wrapped and calibrated to the right size.

Composite Bushing Application

Wrapped sliding bearing, wrapped bushing, steel backed POM (MoS2)/lubrication pockets, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Low-maintenance used in cranes, truck cranes, tail gates, port equipment and agricultural machinery and construction machines.

composite pom bushing is a Low-maintenance bearing material with MoS2 sliding layer and lubrication pockets. An initial greasing during installation is necessary, after that, periodic greasing with oil or grease is mandatory.

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Metal-Polymer Bearings
Pom Composite Bushing

Maintenance-free, POM lined composite bushing with steel or bronze backing.
Price and delivery time on request.

Grease-lubricated composite bushes

  • Straight bushes
  • Collar bushes
  • Thrust washers
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Use Composite bushing material; Suited for dry & Hi Temp Applications. Inquire Online!

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