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An excellent alternative to oil-filled bronze, graphite-filled bronze provides dry lubrication in temperatures as high as 700° F.

Graphite Bushings & Bearings – Use Bronze Bearings

Offering Superior Performance In Hundreds Of Applications Replacing Carbon Bearings. Graphite bronze bushings is suited for Submerged and High Temperature Applications. Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings According to Client’s Design, An excellent alternative to groove bronze, graphite-filled bronze provides dry lubrication in high temperatures.

  • Bronze Bushing Graphite Bronze Bushings – Super-Huge Type Bronze Bushing, Self-Lubricating Graphite Plugged Bronze Sleeve .

  • Technical Solutions For All Factories & Plants, High lead bronze bushing manufacturers in China. Use for mining and machinery. Customized bronze bushing Material ZCuPb10Sn10 or CuSn6Zn6Pb3 material Good quality and fast delivery.

  • Processing Of all customization bronze parts, Plug Graphite Bearings

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Brass Bushing with graphite inserts:

Cast Bronze Bushings with Solid Lubricant Inserts

Oil-Free Brass Bushing

  • Our experts are ready to help you find the right brass bushing solution for your specific application.

  • tal and Bimetal – Maintenance-free Bearing Solutions: Popular material includes bronze alloy graphite oil-less brass bearing, flanged brass bushings, and cast bronze bushings.

  • Brass Bushing Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushes, flanged bushes, thrust washers, sliding plates, pintle bearings, half-bearings, axial and radial segment rings, self-aligning spherical bearings, customized bearing designs

    • Brass bearings are available in different bronze alloys:
    • Standard material fulfills most application requirements
    • High load capacity with maximum corrosion resistance
    • Brass Bearing Highest load capacity, less corrosion resistance
  • Graphite Solid Lubrication Materials: Graphite is one of the three isotropic forms of the chemical element carbon; the other two are diamond and amorphous carbon. Graphite crystallizes in the form of a hexagonal system. The carbon atoms are tightly bound together in the form of flakes. Due to the weak bonding between the flakes, graphite shows low shear strength under friction. Therefore, it can be used as a solid lubricant and has become one of the traditional and main solid lubricating materials.

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  • Lubricant Graphite

    VDI Guide bush

    VDI Guide bush, Material: Special Brass Self-lubricating Lubricant. Price and delivery time on request.

  • phosphor bronze bearing lubrication

    Precision Machining

    Range of solid bronze bushings for maintenance-free industrial operations. Flanged Bearings & Bushings - Call Our Team of Experts

  • graphite plugged BRONZE BUSHINGS

    Flange bearing bronze

    Oilless Flange Bronze Bearings - Select, configure, order. We deliver punctually and offer factory prices.

  • Aluminium Bronze Graphite Oiless Bushing

    Aluminium Bronze/Graphite Oiless Bushing

    Aluminum bronze bearing and bushing, wear high corrosion strength. Choose aluminum bronze products in a wide range of customized sizes. Includes material certificates and CAD models. In stock and ready to ship.

  • C86300 manganese bronze bushing

    C86300 manganese bronze bushing



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Graphite plugged PLATE

Excellent Service, Graphite filled bushing Cylindrical bushing, slide plates

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Solid Lubricant

Cylindrical bushing, Self Lubricating, Bronze with solid lubricant

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Standard Size, Maintenance Free, Graphite filled bushing!

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Graphite Solid Lubrication Bearing Design, Ready to growth your business?

Bulk production of copper tubes, tin bronze tubes, aluminum bronze tubes, brass tubes, high force brass tubes, copper rods and other copper materials, and can be customized production in various forms and standards according to the needs of customers. We can also implement the production of copper alloy materials according to the Chinese national standards, and also the production of copper alloy according to the relevant standards of the United States, the European Union and other countries, and moreover, we can develop copper alloy materials according to the special requirements of customers, and also produce precision finished parts according to customers’ drawings..

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Brass Graphite Bushing Selection, Flange Bushing

Embedded Graphite Brass Bearing & Flange Thrust Bearing, Washers

  • Material: Oilless Bush. Copper Alloy. Flange Type. Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes / Plates!

  • Product Type: Flanged bush, brass with solid lubricant …

  • High-strength Brass Alloy Solid Lubricant Embedded
  • Special custom size, Cylindrical bushing, flanged bushing, thrust washer and slide plate are standard fabrication. Special designs and material can be made according to your design.

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Lubricant Graphite

Oil Free Graphite Bushings Impregnated Guide Bush

Graphite Embedded Brass Bushing Flange Bearing, Lubrication-Free Copper Alloy

Make your prototype and precision parts different, Your Bronze and Graphite Bushing manufacturing supplier…Oilless Guide bushes with Collar Standard Flanged Size. Advantages of bronze Graphite Embedded Brass Bushing include:

  • very high sliding velocity
  • lubrication free
  • maintenance-free operation
  • good frictional properties

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Industries Graphite Embedded Brass Bushing: No industry is like the other. Purposely designed self-lubricating bearing solutions work more effectively. Modified solutions based on our Graphite Embedded Brass Bushing are capable of mastering every industry requirement. Looking for a special solution? Let’s talk about it today. Manufacturer Of Graphite Filled Bronze Bush – Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bush, Graphite Embedded Brass Bushings Offered By We are at your service – worldwide, Do you want to get into contact with us or do you have any questions about our delivery parts?Contact us today!

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Choose Your Partner for Oilless Bushings Application, Graphite Embedded Brass Bushing, Viiplus is a world leading designer and manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings for energy control valves, safety, and monitoring products for engines, compressors, turbines, and other rotating equipment.

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Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings(Bushing Material:Graphite Impregnated Brass)

As a reliable partner we support oilless bushes manufacturers worldwide in the manufacture of safe and affordable bearings – with our products and our expertise.

gleitlagerbuchsen bronze graphite

viiplus offers you the flexible trade terms and excellent service. The company is mainly engaged in the professional technical metal products supplying, include self-lubricating bearings, bimetal bearings, solid lubrication bearings, oil sintered bearings and ball retainers. The main products are self lubricating bearings, which are widely used in many fields such as automobile, lathe industry, construction machinery, industry and agricultural equipment and so on. Parts produced according to ISO3547, DIN 1494 and internal quality standard. The quality and performance of products have reached the same level compared to the same trade overseas, and exported to many countries include America, Canada, Germany, Czech and the UK, etc.

Price & Delivery Time on Request. Metric & Inch Size.

Bronze With Graphite

The graphite embedded brass bushing material is made of solid cast bronze base metal with special built-in solid lubricants. The base metal withstands high load and the solid lubricants provide self-lubrication. The bearing exhibits excellent performance without pre-lubrication under extremely high / low temperature conditions at low speeds.

This material provides a maintenance free bearing solution, especially for heavy, intermittent loads of oscillating motion.


This type of bearing can be applied in dry, high temperature, high pressure, corrosive, water or other chemical environments where no oil can be introduced.

Currently, it is widely used in the automotive industry, water engineering, dam locks, plastics industry, consecutive casting machines, steel rollers in the metallurgical industry, mineral machinery, ships, turbo generators, hydraulic turbines and injection molding machines …

Graphite embedded brass bushing in different material

Base Material CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 CuSn6Zn6Pb3 Steel+ CuSn6Zn6Pb3 HT-250 GCr15
Base Hardness HB230 (HB270) HB 90 HB 80 HB 210 HB 60
Friction Coef(u) <0.16 <0.15s <0.14 <0.17 <0.177
Temperature Limit 300°C 350°C 300°C 400°C 350°C
Dynamic Load Limit 100N/mm2 60N/mm2 70N/mm2 60N/mm2 250N/mm2
Load Limit Under 1M/Min 25N/mm2 15N/mm2 20N/mm2 15N/mm2 70N/mm2
Speed Limit (Dry) 0.40 m/s (Oil) 5 m/s 2m/s 2m/s 0.5m/s 0.1m/s
PV Limit 3.8N/mm2·m/s 0.5N/mm2·m/s 0.6N/mm2·m/s 0.8N/mm2·m/s 2.5N/mm2·m/s
Graphite Embedded Brass Bushing Type Application Features
Graphite embedded brass bushing-JDB-1 Can be used in low, middle and high load. When under high load, wear peformance degrades accordingly.
It’s a general-purpose product and be applied under low or high pressure, low or high temperature, and oil, water or
dry lubrication.
Can be applied in consistent cast machine, rolling machine, conveyor equipment; plastic injection machine, high
voltage switch; hoisting supporter, hydraulic gate supporter; paper-making machine, automobile die etc.
Graphite embedded brass bushing-JDB-2 JDB-2 is also one type of JDB series. It is mainly used for circumstances under low load, high temperature and
middle speed, e.g. gemel is furnace gate, convery way of the baking furnace, light industry and tooling machine
industry etc.
Graphite embedded brass bushing-JDB-3 JDB-3 has almost the same constructure as JDB-2. Suitable for lowload position, wear performance worsens
when under middle or high load. The mating layer is same as JDB-2 so that more cost-saving than JDB-2 whereas
compression strength increases and weldable. Most suitable for dry position in construction, metallurgical
machines, conveyor machines etc.
Graphite embedded brass bushing-JDB-4 JDB-4 is based on cast iron Ht250 and embedded with solid lubricant. Very good performance when under low load.
Not suitable for middle and high load.
A typical cost saving material, can substitute JDB-2 to be applied in the position without high requirements such as
die guider, plastic injection machines etc.
Graphite embedded brass bushing-JDB-5 JDB-5 is reinforced product of JDB series. It is based steel GCR15 and embedded with solid lubricant. It is of high
compress strength and particularly suitable for supporting position in hoisting machines, e.g. The support or stand
of windlass and of crane. But it should not be applied in water or in acid/alkali circumstance.
Graphite embedded brass bushing-JDB-1U JDB-1U takes oil in inner grooves to work. It can be used in low speed because of larger load, longer life and higher
HB than Al-Cu bearing. Now JDB-1U is mostly used in gear cases and joint parts of grabs.
Part Number I.D. d O.D. D Overall Length L Operating Temperature Range Operating Temperature Range (No Lubrication) Min Operating Temperature Range (No Lubrication) Max Operating Temperature Range (Periodically Lubricated) Min Operating Temperature Range (Periodically Lubricated) Max
(mm) (mm) (mm) (℃)
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ5-8 5 9 8 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ5-9 5 9 9 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ5-10 5 9 10 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ5-12 5 9 12 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ5-15 5 9 15 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ6-8 6 10 8 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ6-9 6 10 9 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ6-10 6 10 10 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ6-12 6 10 12 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ6-15 6 10 15 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ6-16 6 10 16 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ6-19 6 10 19 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ6-20 6 10 20 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ8-8 8 12 8 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ8-9 8 12 9 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ8-10 8 12 10 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ8-12 8 12 12 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ8-15 8 12 15 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ8-16 8 12 16 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ8-19 8 12 19 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ8-20 8 12 20 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ8-25 8 12 25 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-8 10 14 8 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-9 10 14 9 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-10 10 14 10 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-12 10 14 12 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-15 10 14 15 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-16 10 14 16 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-19 10 14 19 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-20 10 14 20 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-25 10 14 25 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ10-30 10 14 30 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-8 12 18 8 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-9 12 18 9 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-10 12 18 10 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-12 12 18 12 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-15 12 18 15 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-16 12 18 16 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-19 12 18 19 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-20 12 18 20 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-25 12 18 25 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-30 12 18 30 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ12-35 12 18 35 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-9 13 19 9 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-10 13 19 10 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-12 13 19 12 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-15 13 19 15 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-16 13 19 16 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-19 13 19 19 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-20 13 19 20 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-25 13 19 25 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-30 13 19 30 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ13-35 13 19 35 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ15-9 15 21 9 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ15-10 15 21 10 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ15-12 15 21 12 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ15-15 15 21 15 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ15-16 15 21 16 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ15-19 15 21 19 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200
Graphite embedded brass bushing – MPBZ15-20 15 21 20 -40~150 -40 150 -40 200

Shoulder Bushings & Custom Bushing

Beautifully crafted leather products.

High performance self-lubricating bronze parts for every application. Bushings: manufactures bushings for die sets, metal stamping dies, molds, special machines and all types of heavy equipment. bushings are made of solid brass, manganese bronze, aluminum bronze and can be ordered with or without self-lubricating graphite. They are available in a wide range of inch and metric sizes, including all NAAMS bushing sizes.

And, if a standard bushing does not meet the need, can economically manufacture a custom bushing in virtually any size.

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flange bushing
oilless bushes bronze graphite
Beyond dry lubricant bearings

Make graphite brass bushing an advanced lubricant tailored to your needs.

Graphite bushes are a type of bearing

Graphite bushes are a type of bearing that are commonly used in a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. These components are made from a graphite material that provides a unique combination of low friction, high heat resistance, and low wear. These characteristics make graphite bushes an ideal choice for many applications where high temperatures, low friction, and low wear are required.

Graphite bushes are often used in applications where high temperatures and high speeds are present. For example, they can be found in high-speed spindles, motors, and gearboxes. In these applications, the low friction properties of graphite bushes help to reduce the wear and tear on the other components of the system, increasing its overall lifespan and reliability.

In addition to their use in high-speed applications, graphite bushes are also commonly used in applications where heat resistance is a critical factor. For example, they are often used in the manufacturing of heat exchangers, where they are subjected to high temperatures and corrosive environments.

One of the key benefits of graphite bushes is that they are self-lubricating, which means that they do not require external lubricants to function. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance and helps to increase the overall efficiency of the system.

When choosing a graphite bush for your application, it is important to consider a number of factors, including the size and configuration of the bush, the maximum operating temperature and speed, and the type of environment in which the bush will be used. In addition, it is important to choose a reputable supplier that can provide you with high-quality products that meet your specific requirements.

In conclusion, graphite bushes are a versatile and reliable type of bearing that are commonly used in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. With their low friction, high heat resistance, and low wear, they are an ideal choice for many high-temperature, high-speed, and corrosive environments. When choosing a graphite bush for your application, it is important to consider a number of factors and choose a reputable supplier that can provide you with high-quality products that meet your specific requirements.

Graphite Lubricant Brass Bushing, Plain Bushes & Self-Lubricating Bearings(Bushing Material:Graphite Impregnated Brass Material Data)

Since bearings typically receive a lot of frictional resistance and generate heat, lubricants such as oil or grease are used to prevent seizure or abnormal wear that may result from this frictional heat. Non-lubricated bushings do not require lubrication because the bearing body has a lubrication structure that is achieved by a lubricant or embedded solid lubricant or similar in the bearing body. Because they do not require lubricant, lubrication-free bushings are often used in applications such as precision machinery that is difficult to replenish with lubricant and in equipment that has a poor affinity for oil. They also significantly reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for periodic lubrication and enabling long-term stable operation. Lubrication-free bushings are available in a variety of shapes and can be used for different applications as needed. Examples include straight pipe bushings, annular bushings, flange bushings and housing bushings.

Bronze is a versatile and commonly used bushing material because it has many alloys and components. Bronze bushings or bronze bearings are hard and strong, as opposed to brass bushings, which are softer and more prone to deformation. As a result, bronze bushings last longer than brass bushings. They resist shock and impact, wear and corrosion. They require external lubrication during installation and operation, and graphite lubricant can be added to reduce friction and wear.

Applications of bronze sleeves, Self Lubricant Graphite Brass Linear Motion Bearing

They are more commonly used in low-speed, high-load and heavy-duty industrial applications and machinery for steel manufacturing, food processing, injection molding, automotive machinery, earth-moving machinery, pumps and other industries.

Two common bronze bushing materials and their uses include.

High-tension brass Bushing. Bronze bushings formed using self-lubricating bearing technology. High-tension brass sleeve bearing, the chemical formula is ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3, mechanical properties are different zinc content, mechanical properties are different, pressure processing properties have good plasticity, can withstand hot and cold processing. It can be adapted to high and low speed machinery, high and low temperature machinery, and food grade applications.

High force brass is widely used, and is made into shingles and bushings by casting. The solid lubricated oil-free bearings (referred to as solid lubricant bearings), which are mainly made of high force high strength brass as the substrate and radially embedded with ordered cylindrical polymer fillers as the friction material (generally graphite, molybdenum disulfide, PTFE, oil and other lubricants), are superior mainly because they make Copper alloy and non-metallic wear reducing materials have their own complementary advantages, not only has a high load-bearing capacity, but also break through the general bearing relying on oil film grease lubrication boundary, to achieve oil-free lubrication, embedded solid lubrication easy to form a lubricating film, its friction and wear performance has played a great role in improving the stability and reliability of high cost. Compared with the composite oil-free bearing, it has the advantages of good machinability, high precision, strong load-bearing capacity and good wear resistance. This self-lubricating guide bush guide plate can be used in many fields such as: construction machinery joint parts, such as excavators, mining shovel machine, rotary drilling rig, concrete pump truck, rock drilling machinery, winch, port crane, etc., and metallurgical machinery continuous casting machinery, water conservancy machinery, conveying machinery, rolling mills, blowing machine film blowing machine, injection molding machine crosshead clamping differential, tire curing machine, trailer balance beam, vacuum switch, etc..

Bronze. The most common are tin bronze, aluminum bronze or manganese bronze alloys, which have high corrosion resistance, making them ideal for marine applications.

Popular designs include bronze alloy graphite oil-free bushings, flanged bronze bushings and oil groove bronze bushings.

Visit our bronze bushings and bearings products to learn more.

Graphite Lubricant Brass Bushing, Product’S Benefits

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Suitable for Continuous Sliding, Rotating and Oscillating Movement
  • Replace Roller Bearing
  • Quality and Reliability
  • Common to One Piece Compact Design
  • Increased Wear Resistance
  • Dry operation
  • Dimensional Stability

Many of our brass bearing components are self-lubricating, due to the graphite plugs embedded inside the component. Graphite has some unusual properties that make it an excellent lubricant, and it has several advantages over traditional lubrication methods. Cast Bronze Brass Bearings from China, graphite impregnated bushings, graphite bronze bushing bearings deliver excellent performance under high loads and intermittent operation. Its structure consists of cast bronze with graphite-free solid lubricant inserts which exhibit a lower wear rate and longer service life than graphite.

Now offers Graphite impregnated bushings bearings, lead-free, PTFE-based metal-polymer plain bearings, which comply with the European Parliament’s ELV directive on the elimination of hazardous materials in the construction of passenger cars and light trucks. The company also has introduced its maintenance-free graphite impregnated bushings cast bronze bearings for heavy-duty applications.

Brass Bushing Suitable for all environments

We offers a broad range of bushing sizes, forms and materials in monometallic and metal bronze brass bearings. For demanding specifications operating in harsh operating conditions, our wide range of copper-jacketed, self-lubricating bearing components increase reliability and durability while reducing operating costs. With excellent corrosion resistance in industrial outdoor applications as well as in water, marine and offshore environments, these bearings can be made in a variety of sizes and forms, including thin-walled, thick-walled, flanged, cylindrical, and more.

Graphite plug parts are suitable for any environment where conventional lubricated parts are used. For clean operations, graphite parts are ideal because they do not require liquid lubricants such as grease or oil at all, which can cause contamination of the product. Self-lubricating parts, on the other hand, work well in very dirty environments. Without the presence of grease or oil, there is nothing to attract contaminants to the bearing surface, which translates into a longer service life.

Brass bushing no additional lubrication required

Bronze Bearings Manufacturer,Hard and strong bronze bearings have a long life and resist vibration, shock, wear and corrosion (external lubricants are required to reduce friction and wear during installation and operation).

Graphite provides sufficient lubrication and no additional lubrication is required in all applications. In fact, additional lubrication may impair graphite’s ability to self-lubricate. Liquid lubricants tend to attract dust and grit, leading to premature graphite damage. Grease is a particular problem and graphite parts should not be coated with grease. If these precautions are taken, the life of self-lubricating components is virtually unlimited.

Sleeve Bushing Bronze, Lowest Total Life Cycle Costs

Cast Brass Bronze Bearings with Solid Lubricant Inserts, Self-lubricating graphite brass bearings feature maintenance-free operation and are suitable for complex shapes when high speed operation is required and when used in applications with limited space and variable loads.

In terms of total life cycle cost, self-lubricating parts cost significantly less than conventional parts. Graphite is extremely durable and can provide years of continuous lubrication. No additional lubrication is ever required. The cost of periodic lubrication over many years is avoided, as is the risk of not lubricating and the costs associated with premature failure. Includes wear plates, wear bars, bushings and many other related items.

Specialists in
Graphite Brass Bushing & Shoulder Bushings

Customer brass bush graphite size

Products: We Offer High-Precision Graphite Bearings, Embedded Graphite Bearing, Industrial Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushing, And Oilless Bronze Bearing Bushes Parts As Well As Highly Individualized Solutions. These components are made of solid aluminum bronze and are available with or without self-lubricating graphite. Straight bushings are available in a wide range of industry sizes. Choose Your Flange Or Cylindrical Graphite Embedded Brass Bushing!Solid-Lubricating Bearings, Bronze Bushings Enables Very High Sliding Velocity!For bearing bores > 200mm, tolerances should be calculated by our application engineering team based on the parameters of each application. Your specific application may require special fitting instructions. Brass Bushing Applications include:

  • electrical equipment
  • household equipment
  • printing machinery
  • machine tools

High-Temperature Dry-Running Bearings and Thrust Bearings,

Graphite provides a layer of dry lubrication that operates in high-temperature environments.

Graphite Solid Lubrication Materials
Oil graphite impregnated self-lubricating

Supply Tin bronze bronze bushing for turbine parts, graphite embedded brass bushing

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Graphite provides a layer of dry lubrication that operates in high-temperature environments.

841 bearing bronze bearings are porous and embedded with graphite. They handle higher temperatures than 932 bearing bronze bearings.

932 bearing bronze bearings are cast, making them strong, wear resistant, and excellent at handling shock loads. They are sometimes called 660 leaded bronze bearings. Graphite plugs distribute lubricant along the bearing’s surface. Note: Dynamic load capacity is the maximum load a bearing can withstand at a given shaft speed. If your application’s load and speed requirements are below the values listed, the bearing will work.

The production of graphite embedded brass bushing bronze bearing suppliers, bronze bushings for sale, bronze casting technology to hold sufficient to ensure that the bronze liquid forming speed, to ensure that the centrifugal casting bushing bronze bearing density of the casting speed of choice, the casting of brass bushing , various specifications of bronze bushing, large bronze bearings by the industry repeatedly praised, welcome to map processing.

Our Products Have Great Surface Finishes, Discover Our Huge Inventory Of Cast and Graphite Bronze Bearings. Explore Our Website. The steam turbine is a rotary power machine that converts the energy of steam into mechanical work. It is also called steam turbine. Mainly used as the prime mover for power generation, but also can directly drive a variety of pumps, fans, compressors and ship propellers. It can also use the steam turbine’s exhaust steam or intermediate extraction steam to meet the production and domestic heating needs.

graphite embedded brass bushing bronze bearing is one of the key components of the turbine, which plays a supporting role for the rotor of the turbine with heavy load and high speed operation under the lubrication and cooling effect of circulating lubricating oil. Bearing tile in the work, in addition to and journal wear, but also with the journal to its load, so the bearing tile material should have a small coefficient of friction, good anti-wear and have a high enough compressive strength and toughness. Therefore, the organization of the bearing alloy is required, in a fairly soft matrix distributed on a certain size of high hardness phase composition.

Tin bronze casting properties, good friction reduction and good mechanical properties, suitable for the manufacture of graphite embedded brass bushing bronze bearing, worm gears, gears, etc.. With high elastic limit, elastic modulus, good wear and corrosion resistance, suitable for the manufacture of various elastic components corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good mechanical properties and process properties, and can be well welded and brazed, impact does not produce sparks.

Tin bronze is divided into processed tin bronze and cast tin bronze. Tin bronze used for pressure processing contains less than 6% to 7% tin, and the tin content of cast tin bronze is 10% to 14%. Cast tin bronze bronze bushings are wear resistant, high temperature resistant, and corrosion resistant. With advanced centrifugal casting technology and precision CNC lathe processing, various large bronze bushings can be processed.

Tin bronze bronze bushings in the electrical and electronic industry is widely used, with large, accounting for more than half of the total consumption. Used in a variety of cables and wires, motors and transformers of this kind, switches and printed circuit boards In the manufacture of machinery and transport vehicles, used in the manufacture of industrial valves and fittings, instruments, slide bearings, molds, heat exchangers and pumps, etc.

ZCuSn10Pb1 cast bronze alloy has high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to produce bite, good casting properties and cutting properties, good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water.ZCuSn10Pb1 cast bronze alloy can be used for wear-resistant parts working under high load (up to 20MPa) and high sliding speed (8m/s), such as connecting rods, tin bronze bushings, shaft tiles gears, worm gears, etc.

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Solid bronze bronze plain bearings, brass bushing sleeve and slide plate for heavy duty applications.

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Our self-lubricating graphite bronze bushing solutions allow for a wide range of combinations. Flanged bronze bushings, slide plate, straight bushings, we can smoothly and cost effectively modify and design and manufacture to specific industry requirements at any time. Our self-lubricating bronze bushings have proven their reliability and cost effectiveness in a variety of applications for decades. Are your requirements really special? We will evaluate the basic conditions in detail and build a self-lubricating bearing solution precisely for your application. For example, requirements such as alloy copper internal oil groove design, corrosion resistance, low noise and self-lubrication, and high temperature resistance are all important specifications that we take for granted to meet. Can’t find your industry? No problem! We will find an application-specific solution for your industry in cooperation with you. Make your prototype and precision parts different!

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