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Our bronze bearings products. Your partner in ferrous and non-ferrous material. Aluminum bronze c63000 Creating consistent quality and durability.

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Continuously and centrifugally cast bronze, Which resulted in a significantly presence in the brass market

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We are an international wholesaler/stockist of self-lubricating bronze bearings. Over the years, our delivery program has expanded to include Aluminum Bronze C954 bearings, Brass Bushing and RG7 Gunmetal alloy copper bearings. Applications for these materials, each with its own specific properties, are used in machine/mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, glass industry, automotive and mold making. Bronze Bushing – Aluminum Castings, Centrifugally cast & CNC machined copper and bronze alloy castings – built to custom specs. Companies Who Depend on Us to Supply High Quality Parts on Time at a Reasonable Price. Customer Service Experts.

  • Superior Casting, our patented high-performance aluminium bronze and speciality copper alloy production technology that delivers the custom bronze bearings size with the most outstanding wear resistance.

  • Aluminium bronze bushing, always Ready To Adapt As Your Business Needs

  • On request we can also supply custom bronze bearings.

Aluminum bronze bearing equivalent, Bronze Bushing Sleeve flange Bearings

We help our customers solve their technical problems with specially designed self-lubricating bearings graphite lubricated bushings, copper bushing alloys and the materials used are readily available and can be easily shipped from any of our service centers around the world. We are the world’s experts in metal solutions. Aluminum bronze bearings are characterized by high mechanical values, even at low and high temperatures. Excellent corrosion and seawater resistance, very durable. Suitable for applications in corrosive environments.

We have an extensive stock program of aluminum bronze bearing bushings, including C95400 flange bronze bushing, straight bronze bushing, cast sleeve bushing, and many sizes of thrust bearings and washers. the most common alloys are The most common alloys are CuAl10Fe5Ni5, CuAl10Ni5Fe4 and the C95400 equivalent.

flange bronze bearings

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flange bronze graphite

C954 Bronze with Graphite,Bronze Bushing cual10fe5ni5 equivalent

Custom manufacturer of plain bushing C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bushing Available in Large Diameter. Premium Bronze Bushings – Large Range Of Sizes. Quality Made Manufacturing. See Our Online Catalog & Request A Quote!

Due to the lack of lead and zinc, the bearings of aluminum bronze must be lubricated. Therefore, we usually design and manufacture aluminum bronze graphite bronze bushings that act as self-lubrication.Common production methods of aluminum bronze: continuous casting and centrifugal casting.

For questions about our products, you can always contact us. In addition to information on current and historical standards such as EN, DIN, NEN, BS, etc., our technical documentation library contains a large number of bearing bushings with “customized” specifications..

Manufacturer & supplier of bronze bushing self-lubricating Flange Bushing products.

Manufacturer and supplier of bronze bushing self-lubricating bearing products. EN And DIN Standards Bronze Parts, Flange Bushing Size. We have been one the manufacturers of bronze bushings, bearings, and other industrial components. We also full metal service center supplying bronze bushes, self-lubricating bronze bearing, bushing bearing to manufacturers worldwide. With an expertise in self-lubricating bearings based product services customers in a wide variety of industries. Bronze bushings are manufactured in a number of alloys, all based on copper. By adding one or more alloying elements, certain properties such as corrosion resistance, hardness, tensile strength, workability and color can be affected.

The most common brass alloy is C95400, also known as aluminium bronze, C86300, also known as Manganese Bronze. C93200, also known as Tin Bronze, conforms to DIN standards and has high mechanical values and good wear resistance. cuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3, also known as high strength brass, contains no lead and is used in common graphite self-lubricating bronze bushing applications. We also offer RG7 (GUNMETAL), which is also in accordance with DIN standards. It is suitable for mass production on CNC machines.

Flange graphite bronze bushing catalog
bronze wear plate

Custom C95400 Bronze Wear Plate Business

Product Spotlight: Aluminum Bronze Wear Slide Plate Pad for Industrial Machinery. C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bushing and Sliding Bearing Parts Ability to withstand medium to heavy loads and has anti-corrosion properties.

Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier. Your order will be handled with the utmost care and delivered to you the moment you wish to receive it. Our tremendous experience in self-lubricating graphite bronze bushings and non-ferrous alloy custom bronze bearing bushings allows us to design and manufacture the same day you order. With our modern machinery, we can accurately cut almost all of the materials we stock for copper bushings. We can manufacture into, finished parts, slider series. We will deliver exactly as you wish.

Beyond bronze bushings

We design bronze bearings standard material tailored to your needs.

2.0966 DIN CuAl10Ni5Fe4 Bronze Material

Manufacturer of bronze bushings, bearings and mechanical components, is pleased to present the following product highlights. Recently, produced aluminum bronze wear-resistant sliders have curved bearing surfaces and will be used as an integral part of industrial machinery – bearing sliders.

Aluminum Bronze Oilless Bearing – High quality and low price – Complete model, Material C95400 aluminum bronze ASTM B505, Chinese manufacturer and supplier, with sufficient inventory and complete specifications.

Process. Machining, milling industry. Industrial machinery slider

Used as an integral part of industrial machinery. This concave wear plate is machined from continuously cast C95400 aluminum bronze. The plate starts as a rectangular bar stock and is cut to length. The machining of the recesses, oil grooves, drilling and mounting holes is done on our vertical machining center. Once the wear plate is assembled to the machine, holes are drilled in the face of the plate to disperse the lubricant. These bronze wear plates have threaded mounting holes on the back side for securing the plate to the machine during assembly.

These precision machined bronze parts are machined in one of the Chinese machining centers. This CNC controlled machine is equipped with multiple jaws that allow us to grip many materials at once. By loading multiple workpieces into our machining center, we can machine large bronze parts more efficiently.

To learn more about aluminum bronze bearing plates, please contact us today!

C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bearing, also known as C954 Bushing, is the most popular, all-purpose aluminum bronze alloy cast bearing. Aluminum bronze bearings with machined aluminum bronze bushings are for sale here. c95400 Are known for excellent chemical, wear, and corrosion resistance.

C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushing, Fast Delivery from China – CuAl10Ni5Fe4, CW307G Customized Parts

CuAl10Ni5Fe4 (CW307G)

Alloy CuAl10Ni5Fe4 CuAl10Ni5Fe4
Standard EN 12163 DIN 17665, 17672
Alloy number CW307G 2.0966
Chemical composition Mechanical properties 1)
Cu rest rest EN (R680) EN (R740) DIN
Al 8,5 – 11,0 8,5 – 11,0 Rm ≥ 680 ≥ 740 ≥ 640
Ni 4,0 – 6,0 4,0 – 6,0 Rp 0,2 ≥ 320 ≥ 400 ≥ 270
Fe 2,0 – 5,0 3,0 – 5,0 A5 ≥ 10 ≥ 8 ≥ 15
Mn 1,0 max. 1,5 max. HB ≤170 ≤ 200 ≥ 180
kg/dm³ ca. 7,8
Condition Extruded and drawn up to Ø52 mm
Remarks 1) mechanical properties depend on the size and specification of the alloy. Given values are for the most common alloy.

2.0598 DIN Brass Bushing

CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3-| CuZn25Al5 Bronze Bushing with graphite

  EN DIN  
Alloy CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3-C CuZn25Al5  
Standard EN 1982 DIN 1709  
Alloy number CC762S 2.0598  
Chemical composition   Mechanical properties
Cu 60,0 – 67,0 60,0 – 67,0   EN DIN
Zn rest rest Rm ≥ 750 ≥ 750
Al 3,0 – 7,0 3,0 – 7,0 Rp 0,2 ≥ 480 ≥ 480
Fe 1,5 – 4,0 1,5 – 4,0 A5 ≥ 5 ≥ 5
Mn 2,5 – 5,0 2,5 – 5,0 HB ≥ 190 ≥ 190
Ni 3,0 max. 3,0 max.      
kg/dm³ ca. 8,2  
Condition GZ GZ / GC  
Characteristics Alloy is suitable for high static loads at low circumferential speeds.

About Aluminum Bronze – Strength, Properties and Uses

If you have questions about aluminum bronze, or if you just want to learn more about it, this guide is for you. Here, we will delve into the basics of this metal family, including composition, properties and applications.

What is aluminum bronze?
Aluminum bronze is composed of 6-12% aluminum, replacing the tin traditionally used in other types of bronze. The remainder is copper, although other elements such as iron, silicon or nickel can be added to enhance certain properties of the metal. This material is known for its strength and corrosion resistance, which has led to its use in the marine, chemical and energy industries. Depending on the percentage of aluminum and other elements in the metal, aluminum bronze is divided into different alloy groups, which are described in detail below.

Characteristics of aluminum bronze
The most outstanding characteristic of aluminum bronze is its strength and corrosion resistance, but its properties vary with the form of the metal and the alloy.

The strength of aluminum bronze is comparable to that of low-alloy steel, but varies with the form of the metal.

Aluminum Bronze Properties

Another of the most important properties of aluminum bronze is its corrosion resistance, which is higher than that of stainless steel, especially in seawater. In addition to this, the metal is resistant to oxidation, tarnishing, fatigue and creep, while remaining ductile and non-sparking. It also has low magnetic susceptibility and continues to work well at high temperatures. This type of bronze also has good properties in manufacturing. It is easy to cast and fabricate, and can be machined, metal arc welded, and brazed with special fluxes. In addition to its general properties, each of the four basic aluminum bronze groups has its own specific characteristics. Low-alloy single-phase alpha aluminum bronzes. These have an aluminum content of less than 8%. This type of aluminum bronze is best suited for cold working and maintains ductility at high and low temperatures.

High-alloyed, two-phase aluminum bronze. These have 8-11% aluminum and often have iron or nickel added to increase their strength. The increased aluminum in the mixture makes these metals more suitable for hot casting and machining. Alloys containing 10% or more aluminum have the greatest strength and hardness and are mostly used in special cases where wear resistance is critical. The addition of iron increases the tensile strength of the metal, while nickel and manganese stabilize the structure. Nickel also increases the corrosion resistance and yield stress of the metal. Silicon-Aluminum Bronze. These are strong, ductile, resistant to impact loads and have low magnetic susceptibility. Aluminum bronzes containing 2% silicon and 6% aluminum are called aluminum-silicon bronzes and are stronger and easier to hot work and cast.

Manganese-Aluminum Bronze. These metals have 13% manganese and 8-9% aluminum. Originally developed for propellers, these metals are good at casting and welding, and also have resistance to cavitation and impact. Their drawback is that they are not as strong as other aluminum bronzes.

Uses of aluminum bronze

Because of its strength, non-sparking properties, and resistance to corrosion and magnetism, aluminum bronze has become popular in the marine, water, chemical, electrical and industrial markets. The material has become a popular choice in situations where other metals are more expensive or wear faster, such as in welding and paper machine parts, tools, gears and worm gears, molds and non-magnetic marine chains and anchors. Chemical plants, refineries and desalinization plants use alloys with less than 8% aluminum in pressure vessels and heat exchangers, while the strongest materials with 10% or more aluminum, or those containing nickel, are cast into products such as ship propellers or turbine compressor blades. This material is also a common choice for power generation, aircraft, automobiles, construction, and the manufacture of iron, steel and electrical products.

The China trusted partner in metal Bronze alloy Bearing solutions

Welcome To Bronzelube.Com, Oil Free Bushing – Bronze, Shouldered Bushing. Aluminium Bronze Bushings & Bearings – Sleeve, Flange, Thrust, Aluminum Bronze Bushing High Temperature, Corrosive Condition, Medium Load. Need a custom bronze bushing?

Aluminum Bronze Bearings (Alloy 954/C95400)

C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bushings, lubrication groove. Other dimensions available on request!

We are committed to providing quality Aluminum Bronze alloy C95400 as a standard stock product. Bronze bushings and customized bushing materials services which exceed oil & gas, mining, and earthmoving industries standards. C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bushings, also known by C954 bronze bushing, is the most popular, all purpose aluminum bronze alloy. It provides high yield and tensile strength, good ductility, weldability and exceptional resistance to wear, fatigue and deformation under shock or overload.

C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bushings material
C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bushings

Learn MorE bronze bushings

Oversized Bearing Type – Bronze Bushing, Bronze Cast

Aluminum Bronze Composition, Aluminum Bronze Hardness, Bronze Composition, Bronze Bushing Selection Guide,Applications: Industrial – Selecting Bronze Bearing Materials!Expert advice, service awareness and fair prices. Get your offer now! Make An Enquiry. Download Catalogue. Highlights: Offering Good Service, 2.0966 cual10ni5fe4 material Available.

Aluminum bronze alloy parts.

Development, Construction and Manufacturing.

We are your specialist for plain bearings and sliding components.

oilless bushing

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bronze bushings
bronze bushings
Customized Bushing Service

Bronze Alloy Selection: Solid bronze bushing, high-compressed with evenly applied lubricant, maintenance-free.

C95400 Aluminum Bronze is a Cast Product that is considered the most popular of all Aluminum Bronzes. Custom manufacturer of cast bronze bushing & bearings including aluminum-bronze bushings, Manganese bronze Bushings, Tin bronze bushings, flange bushing. Fabricated in custom sizes and material specifications. Capabilities include machining, grooving, customized logo size. Cual10ni5fe4 equivalent material bronze bushing Available.

Top quality C95400 Continuous Cast Aluminum Bronze Bearing

The promise of bronze bushings material high quality, meet your requirement.

Selecting Bronze Bushing Material

Applications: Industrial – Selecting Bronze Bearing Materials!

Maintenance-free bushing

“ For higher requirements – e.g. higher temperature ranges – different materials are available for your application.”

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Aluminium Bronze Material. Cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze parts

Aluminum bronze bushing is a highly polishable, high-strength, better-grained alternative to brass.

Higher mechanical properties, free of lead and clean trace elements. Aluminum bronze bushing has high wear characteristics and corrosion resistance. The best self-lubricating material for sliding, moving and typical wear parts with friction problems. Recommended for how to solve cavitation problems, galling, tooth surface damage, avoiding nickel contamination, and surface problems with stainless steel. Aluminum bronze alloy is part of the copper alloy family and contains aluminum as its main alloying element. The properties of these alloys are determined by the properties of copper and aluminum when they are melted and cast together in a tight and well-controlled process. Other alloying elements can be used, such as nickel, to further improve corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. These alloys are used in high-load construction components that can be exposed to corrosive environments. The Aluminium bronze bushing product line is a premium bronze bushing product. Our high quality, high property, and unique range of hard metals are trusted worldwide for their wide range of uses. With the aluminum bronze alloy, aluminum bronze even extends to food approved applications.

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Save your purchasing bronze bushings budget for your project.

Bronze Bushings Production, Online Sourcing. Customized bronze bushing materials, made to order from china. Solid bronze bushings are available both as straight and flanged bushings. Always tested. Always proven. Global website, C95500 bronze bearing

bronze graphite bushing

C95400 Alloy, C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushings Application

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Offers bushings in various material types and sizes. Both inch and metric bushings are available to meet your requirements. Whether your design calls for Guided Ejection, Straight or Shoulder bushings, We has the solution for you. With our incredible customer service and wide product selection, you can count on the bearings to meet your needs.

Get Your Bronze Bearings With Easy Online Purchasing. Quality Custom Parts Delivered on Time & On Budget! The C95400 CuAl10Fe3 aluminum bronze is the most common aluminum bronze and is used in many heavy, high-load and high-wear locations. Good tensile strength, ductility, weldability and fatigue resistance. Typical applications include worm gear, shaft sleeves, pump components and bearings. C95400 Aluminum Bronze (C954) – Per ASTM B505, C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bearing, also known by C954 Busing, is the most popular, all purpose aluminum bronze alloy.ent Goes Here.

3Bronze Alloy 954 Bearings
Precision Bronze Bushings C 954

C954 Bronze Bushing Offshore Industry

Aluminium bronze bushing for top drive or vertical suspension applications. Cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze parts. The offshore environment is harsh and places very high demands on bronze bushing components, not only from sun and rain, but also from seawater erosion and extreme weather such as typhoons and storms. It puts a lot of pressure on the equipment. In addition, it is difficult to replace them on site, time-consuming and labor-intensive, low efficiency, etc. Our aluminium bronze Bushings oilless parts combine the self-lubricating bearing characteristics of metallic copper with the advantages of high strength and high load-bearing, and are more resistant to corrosion and require 75% less maintenance than traditional oilless bushes solutions.

thrust bushing

Cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze bearing

2.0966 material bronze parts

Metal-based oil free bearing (finished bearings) with solid lubricant is finely and uniformly dispersed into a bronze base metal. C95400 Alloy C954 Aluminum Bronze Bush parts, cual10ni5fe4 equivalent,2.0966 material equivalent , cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze bushing

Aluminium Bronze Bushes

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Check out bushings and buy aluminium bronze bushes at an affordable price on … C95400 Aluminum bronze oiless lubricating bush, cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze bearing supplier.

Oilless Bearing Solutions,  2.0966 material equivalent, cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze

Finished Parts Solutions , cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze

Oilless Metal Sliding Materials

Machine tool industry

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New Large Diameter C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bearing Self-Lubricating Bushings Available for Purchase Online. C95400 aluminum bronze is one of the most popular bronze alloys available today. known for its ability to withstand medium to heavy loads and its corrosion resistance properties, C954 aluminum bronze has many uses. From industrial to marine, C954 aluminum bronze bearing bronze bushings are used in many critical components. Large diameter C95400 aluminum bronze bushings can be custom manufactured. Bearing, Bush, Washers, Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze, Half cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze bushing…Self-lubricating bearings cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze for machine tools: Machine tools are the “mother of all machines” and are the foundation for areas such as automotive manufacturing or smartphone production. Machine tools can be very complex and include conventional lathes, CNC machines or CNC machines with automatic tool changers and production lines with automation. Their goal is to produce complex workpieces with the help of tools. As automation increases, the range of uses for our self-lubricating plain bearings is expanding. All products, including oil-free plain bearings, can be used in machine tools. Thanks to self-lubricating bearings, the goal is always to reduce costs and refine technology.

metal bushings

Graphite Plugged Oilless C954 Aluminium Bronze Bearing

Advantages of oilless bushes bearing, Cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze, C954 bronze contains at least 10% aluminum for strength and solderability. It is also known as aluminum bronze. It is widely used in bearings, bushings. Guaranteed Custom C954 Bronze bushing supplier Contact and get a real time quote now! Trade guarantee. Logistics services. OEM production of bushings. 954 is a versatile aluminum bronze alloy that provides excellent performance in bearings, bushings and other applications where wear resistance and high strength are required. 954 bronze features include high tensile strength, yield strength and good ductility.

Easy to install and transport, C95400 Alloy B505 C954 Aluminum Bronze Bush Supplier, C95400 Aluminum bronze Bushing : C95400(B505 ) Aluminum bronze is the most common cast aluminum bronze, C95400 is used in many heavy duty, high load Bushing, cual10ni5fe4 bronze beairngs supplier, 2.0966 cual10ni5fe4 bronze parts. Worldwide equivalents of grade 2.0966, C63000, cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze oil-free bushing.

Resistant to impact and vibration

C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bushing Utilized in a number of critical components including industrial and marine applications, Oil And Gas Industry, Etc.


100% resistant to seawater corrosion

save cost

Cost effective

Design Anything, Easy to install and transport

Maintenance free, c95400 aluminum bronze, c954 bronze Bushes, cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze, 2.0966 material equivalent, cual10ni5fe4

Bearing Bushes Quality & Certification.

This higher level of quality is necessary for bronze bushings to match axles and shafts, both in terms of performance and part longevity. Increased lubricity is also present with the bronze bushings to ensure you get a solution specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you want a straight bushing or a flanged bushing with grease modifications, the different bronze bushing materials available are sure to get what you need. CNC Processing, Our range of service:

  • CNC turning/milling
  • Drilling
  • Surface grinding
  • Micro blasting
  • Engraving
  • CNC Laser Working Process cuttings sheet metal
groove bronze bushing

Aluminium Bronze Parts – Price & delivery time on request.

Our bronze bushings Cual10ni5fe4 Aluminium bronze are available in continuous cast, centrifugal cast, pressed, drawn, wrought and forged quality. Include pre-machined or pre-cut high-end bronze bearing, The particular straightness of bronze material guarantees CNC machining in bar loaders and significantly reduces delays. Excellent service life and good processing mean significant benefits for processors and customers.

* Our enterprise, is one of the undisputed supplier of the highly competitive bronze bushings industry in china.

Cast Bronze with solid lubricant plugs – Metric or Customized Size: We offers a complete line of cast bronze bearings and wear plate. Cast bronze bearings, bronze bushings, flanged bushing, brass bushings and custom bronze bushing parts are available with oil grooves or grease grooves. Maintenance-free self-lubricating bronze bearings with graphite filled grooves or graphite plugs are available.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Finished Brass Bushings!

oilless bush
  • Explore More Bronze Bushings, bronze maintenance-free lubricated

Oilless bearings are made from self-lubricating.

Solid bushing, aluminum bronze bushings, High-Tensile Brass Alloy, bronze with lubricant plugs embedded, DIN 1850/ISO 4379, Maintenance-free.

bronze bushings

Aluminum Bronze Bearings Supplier

Raw Materials – Leaded, Phosphor and Aluminium Bronze.

bronze bushing

Manganese Bronze Metal Bearing

Guide To Bronze Sleeve Bearings –

bronze bearing

Tin Bronze Bushing Flange Size

Cast Bronze Bushings with Flange Size

C95400 Alloy, C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushings

Our capabilities include component design, brass bushing material selection, prototype, production, and manufacturing.

C95400 Aluminum Bronze Solutions: Future in the bushing & bearing making. Material: C95400 Aluminum Bronze

Fabricated in custom sizes and specifications. We Supply Aluminium Bronze Finish Parts. C954 Bronze Bushes. Aluminium Bronze Bushing, ZCuAI10Fe3, GB-CuAI10Ni,  Make An Enquiry. Download Catalogue. Highlights:  Offering Good Service. Cylindrical plain bearing bronze maintenance-free lubricated

✔ Cast Bronze Bearings, C95400 – Aluminum Bronze Bushings Cast Bronze Sleeve Bushings Available in metric size & inch size.

C95400, Aluminum Bronze, Bronze Bushings, solid bronze bearings, brass bushings, bronze, copper alloy, Sliding Bearing, and gear components, engine components, underwater bushings, general sea water-related service, water supply industry, oil and petrochemical industries, specialized anti-corrosive applications, and certain structural retrofit building applications.

gleitlagerbuchsen bronze oillessSelecting Bronze Bearing Materials

Aluminum bronzes are the strongest and most complex of copper-based bearing alloys.

Similar or Equivalent Specification

CDA ASTM   SAE AMS Federal Military Other
C95400 B505
  QQ-C-390, G5;
QQ-B-671, Class 3
MIL-B-16033, Class 3 Aluminum Bronze 9C

Aluminum Bronze Bushings Chemical Composition

Cu% Fe% Ni%1 Al% Mn%
Chemical Composition according to ASTM B505/B505M-18
1.50 10.00-

Sliding Bearing Materials

Improve & extend the performance of Brass Bushing

  • Flange bearings – Plain bearing within mountable housing unit
  • Sleeve bearings – Always self-lubricating & grease-free
  • Customized Brass Bearings – We will manufacture the exact self-lubricating bearing you need at a low cost.
  • Groove Brass Bushings – Easy to install
  • Brass Beraring Material design – Cost-effective

Ask The Expert: Engineering assistance & self-lubricating material selection support.


Type: cylindrical bushing bearing parts
Other characteristics :
self-lubricating, maintenance-free, lubricated
Min.: 8 mm (0.31 in)

Max.: 120 mm (4.72 in)

Inside diameter
Min.: 8 mm (0.31 in)

Max.: 90 mm (3.54 in)


The additional lubricant grease contains the same
chemicals as the solid lubricant plugs.
These lubricants are used for break in conditions.
※ Use grease with lithium soap thickening agent
obtainable in the market in the temperature range
from -40˚C to +120˚C (-104˚F to 248˚F) for the solid
lubricants marked with no exclusive lubricants or with
※ A non-soap based polyuria or non-bentonite containing
high temperature break in grease should be used for
temperatures between 150˚C to 200˚C (302˚F to 392˚F).
These greases can solidify at higher temperatures, so
careful consideration is required.
※ SL401 and SL403 solid lubricants for under water
applications are available.

Flange plain bearing bronze bushing series

bronze alloy self-lubricating

Oiles flange bearings are made of extra hard and durable bronze, alloy CuZn25Al5, with built-in self-lubricating graphite plugs for maintenance-free operation. When it comes to high loads and small motions where lubrication is difficult to implement, these bearings are excellent solutions. The graphite plugs covers about 25-30% of the bearing surface and is positioned so that the entire bearing surface is always lubricated.

Maintenance-free (self-lubricating)
Suitable for heavy load applications
Withstands extreme temperatures
Long life span
Areas of use
Hardware and steel fabrication, stamping dies, tooling components for the automotive industry and sheet pressing.

We offer high stock levels of Oiles flange bearings. A majority is online available for immediate deliveries. We ship worldwide.

Do you service machines?
Select the required dimensions below and get a quote online for immediate delivery.

Are you building machines?


bronze, alloy
Other characteristics:
self-lubricating, maintenance-free, lubricated
Min.: 15 mm (0.59 in)

Max.: 100 mm (3.94 in)

Inside diameter
Min.: 12 mm (0.47 in)

Max.: 140 mm (5.51 in)

Cast Bronze Bushing Alloy Materials

Model JDB-1 JDB-2 JDB-3 JDB-4 JDB-5
China Brands
ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 ZCuAI10Fe3 ZCuSu10P1 Steel+ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 HT250 GCr15
GCuSn6Zn6Pb3 GCuAI10Fe3 CuSn12 Steel+CuSn6Zn6Pb3Fe3Ni5 B1
GB-CuSn5Zn5Pb5 GB-CuAI10Ni GB-CuSn10 Steel+CuSn6Zn6Pb3Ni 100Cr6
United States
C86300 C83600 C95500 C90800 C83600 Class40 52100
British Standard HTB2 LG2 AB1 PB4 LG2

Material alloy chemical composition

Chemical Elements JDB-1 JDB-2 JDB-3 JDB-4 JDB-5
Cu ( % ) Rest Rest Rest
Sn ( % ) 6 10 6
Zn ( % ) 25 6 6
Ni ( % )
AI ( % ) 6 10
Fe ( % ) 3 3 Rest Rest
Mn ( % ) 3 0.905 – 1.3 0.20 – 0.40
Cr ( % ) 1.30 – 1.65
C ( % ) 2.5 – 4 0.95 – 1.05
Si ( % ) 1.0 – 1.3 0.15 -0.35
Pb ( % ) 3 3

Technical Parameters

Performance JDB-1 JDB-2 JDB-3 JDB-4 JDB-5
Max.load P ( N/mm² ) 100 60 70 60 250
Max.speed V ( m/s ) Dry0.4 oil5 2 2 0.5 0.1
Max.PV ( N/mm²·m/s ) 3.8 0.5 0.6 0.8 2.5
Density ρ( g/cmsup3 ) 8.0 8.0 7.6 7.3 7.8
Tensile strength ( N/mm² ) > 600 > 250 > 500 > 250 > 1500
Elongation ( % ) > 10 > 4 > 10
Hardness ( HB ) > 210 > 80 > 80 > 160 HRC> 55
Max.temp ( ℃ ) 300 350 300 400 350
Friction coef. ( μ ) Oil lubrication: 0.03 Friction(dry): 0.16

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We also specialize in precision grooving within tight tolerances for all types of parts and for a wide variety of industries.

Our self-lubricating bearing bushings can be used in many fields, especially for high strength and high wear resistance.A wide range of industrial and civil applications, such as hydraulic pumps, automobiles, engineering machinery, aerospace, marine vessels and more.
Send Us Your Specifications I.D. O.D. Length

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oilless bushing bronze bearings

Solid Bronze Bushing, Bronze Wear Plate,Thrust Washer.

Graphite is a form of dry lubrication that reduces friction between two metal surfaces. This form of lubrication can withstand higher temperatures than liquid or oil-based lubricants. Graphitation is achieved by grooving the inside face of the bearing, then pressing graphite into the cavities under extremely high pressure. Graphite is often used in the lubrication of bearings for hard to reach places that cannot be lubricated manually.

Solid Lubricant
Lubricant Features Typical application
SL1 Graphite+add Excellent resistance against chemical attacks and low friction.Temp limit 400 ℃ Suite for general machines and under atmosphere
SL4 PTFE+Additives Lowest in friction and good of water lubricarion ,Temp.limit 300℃ Ship,hydraulic turbine,gas turbine etc

1. No oil supply device, hole injection, fuel tank processing
Cost of oil installations, processing fees, saving assembly fees, extra costs and time, and can significantly reduce manufacturing costs.
2. Lower operating costs
Significantly reduce the use of lubricants and equipment maintenance costs, while also eliminating the risk due to lack of oil supply caused.
3. Shorten design time
Non-oil can make the design and structure greatly simplified, reducing costs, saving design time. In addition, the use of self-lubricating bearings can also improve the mechanical properties, extend life and improve reliability, achieve significant results.
4. Oil recovery and environmental protection
No waste oil recycling, are environmentally friendly.
JDB (500 # SP) self-lubricating bearing as machinery parts and components industry, there is some use in a broad sense. In order to make the mechanical drive is operating normally, a lot of effort. The bearing is divided into Rolling and plain bearings. General sliding bearings
Under high load movement, foreign matter, the temperature condition, fuel, maintenance, etc. imperfect, it can cause nap. Under harsh conditions are generally plain bearings can not be used, solid mosaic self-lubricating metal shaft like this
Order of the abrasion resistance of the nap, play bearing proper performance, to achieve the role of mechanical performance and maintenance-free maintenance.

1.. Where possible, try to use standard design;
2. Please note that the surface of any foreign body assembly;
3. Sliding surface after use, because the solid lubricant film formation results in a surface with black or gray-black phenomenon, please do not scrub, as usual;
4. Before assembly, if the lubricating oil applied to the wear parts, can shorten the running-in period, in favor of mechanical operation, operation;
5. The assembly should be slowly pushed forbidden beat, so as not to damage bearings and cause deformation;
6. Design, should be used in different parts of the appropriate material, in order to improve the mechanical properties, extending bearing life;
7. In the high load, the reciprocating motion, it is recommended to use screws;
8. In fresh water, sea water, and at sea, the shaft, or recommend the use of stainless steel, chrome plated.

1. The flexible design, simple and convenient, using a wide range;
Oil supply system in the mechanical design is a lot of work, time-consuming device, the use of solid self-lubricating bearings need not be considered in the design of fuel means saving fuel plant equipment, and can for a variety of special occasions, the solid self-lubricating bearings designed into a variety of shapes to meet the needs of a variety of special occasions, the use of solid self-lubricating bearings, can significantly reduce the mechanical maintenance, fuel, and other expenses.
2. No oil can be used;
Since the linear expansion coefficient greater than the solid lubricant from the metal substrate, so when solid self-lubricating bearings start running, the film will be transferred to the grinding member of the realized self-lubricating, so solid self-lubricating bearings can be difficult to use in refueling and can not refuel or fat place, even in the case of low-speed high-load, but also can play good lubrication.
3. The use of low cost;
Traditional mechanical design, in a certain operating time, refueling and maintenance should always check the fuel gauge, oil installations are smooth, due to regularly refuel the body itself and cause pollution of the surrounding environment, resulting in the increase of the maintenance costs and achieve after self-lubricating, not only can make the environment clean but also greatly reduce the use of lubricant costs.
4. The high-load, low-speed conditions, can play a superior performance;
Solid self-lubricating bearings are used centrifugal casting high-strength brass alloy as a matrix, play a role in carrying the load, graphite has good self-lubricating properties of specially formulated as a lubricant, play a role in self-lubricating, it combines them the respective merits, even under high load, low-speed conditions can play a superior performance.
5. The reciprocating motion, rocking motion, and frequent start and stop the film formation difficult place to play excellent wear resistance;
The solid lubricant self-lubricating bearings are arranged principle is to ensure that all parts of the grinding member have a lubricant effect during the operation of the thus arranged with the lubricant must be based on the direction of movement of the grinding member arranged to determine the position of the lubricant.
6. superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance;
Solid self-lubricating bearing lubricant is specially formulated with graphite, PTFE, molybdenum disulfide, and other wear-resistant material, which has a stable molecular structure, the metal matrix can have different chemical resistance and corrosion resistance depending on the metal of selected, solid self-lubricating bearings and therefore has excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
7. The cost of the product more competitive, compared with similar products, long working life, required little maintenance, replacement cycle is long, a good performance.

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Modern design for today’s self-lubricating bearing material is undergoing tremendous demand. Even in the severe operating environment and maximum extreme load conditions also require maintenance. As the cost of the increasing demand, business equipment and plant operation reliability requirements are also increasing. Metal self-lubricating bearings to meet the long-term maintenance-free and under the conditions of use of self-lubricating, thus making the design of a long-term reliable self-lubricating system possible. Metal type self-lubricating bearing material can be widely used in high-load low-speed rotation conditions, swivel and linear reciprocating motion, but also for conventional lubrication can not be achieved or prohibit the use of the occasion, or in special conditions such as dust, shock load or irradiation conditions require long-term and stable use.

Sleeve Bushings – A Comprehensive Guide

Sleeve bushings are cylindrical bearings that are commonly used in heavy-duty equipment, agricultural machinery, and marine applications. They provide a low-friction surface for a rotating shaft and can improve the performance and reliability of machinery. If you’re in the market for sleeve bushings, it’s important to understand the different types and their uses. In this article, we’ll explore various keyword clusters related to sleeve bushings and provide valuable information to help you make an informed decision.

Product Information

When it comes to sleeve bushings, understanding their properties, uses, and benefits is crucial. There are several types of sleeve bushings available, and each has unique characteristics that make them suitable for specific applications. Here are some keyword clusters related to product information:

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Product Comparison

Choosing the right type of sleeve bushing can be challenging, especially if you’re comparing multiple options. Here are some keyword clusters related to product comparison:

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Product Application

Sleeve bushings are used in a wide range of applications, including heavy-duty equipment, marine environments, and agricultural machinery. Here are some keyword clusters related to product application:

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Purchase Consideration

If you’re ready to purchase sleeve bushings, there are several things to consider, including where to buy them and how to choose the right type. Here are some keyword clusters related to purchase consideration:

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  • Sleeve bushing customization options: Discover the benefits of customizing sleeve bushings and find out how to order them.

Sleeve bushings are an essential component of many machines and equipment, and choosing the right type can have a significant impact on their performance and longevity. By understanding the different types of sleeve bushings


2.0966 material equivalent, cual10ni5fe4 aluminium bronze, cual10ni5fe4 equivalent with graphite plate and bronze bushing


1. CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 + Graphite

2. ZCuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn2 + Graphite

3. ZCuSn5AlPb5Zn5 + Graphite

4. ZCuSn10Zn2 + Graphite

5. HT250# Cast Iron + Graphite

6.CuSn6Zn6Pb3 + graphite or MOS2

7.CuSn12 + Graphite.

8. CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 (High-stress Brass)


C95400 C95400bronze performance

C95400 is the most popular aluminum bronze alloy offering high tensile and yield strength, good ductility, weldability and machinability, and excellent wear resistance, as well as resistance to impact and fatigue under heavy loads and deformation. At the same time, it also has excellent corrosion resistance and can adapt to seawater environment. Heat treatment and small additions of nickel give it flexible mechanical properties.

C95400 bronze application

C95400 is used in gears, turbines, bushings, bearings, wear strips, valve bodies, valve seats and valve guides for chemical, marine, aircraft, machine tools and earthmoving machinery, etc.

Not only can the production of copper alloy materials be carried out according to the national standards of China, but also the production of copper alloy materials can be carried out according to the relevant standards of the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries, and the development of copper alloy materials can be carried out according to the special requirements of customers. Produce precision finished parts according to customers’ drawings.




Aluminum Bronze ASTM Casting Copper Alloy

C95400 bronze material, aluminum bronze composition

Chemical Composition mass/%
Cu Sn Al Fe Mn Ni Pb Si P Zn
Min83.0 10.5-11.5 3.0-5.0 0.5 1.5
Mechanical properties
Tensile strength Mpa(Min) Yield strength MPa(Min) Elongation % Brinell hardness(HB)
586 221 12 170

Aluminium bronze density,

954 is an all purpose aluminum bronze alloy that offers exceptional performance in bearings, bushings, and other applications where abrasion resistance.
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What is Aluminium Bronze

1 The aluminum content generally does not exceed 11.5%, and sometimes an appropriate amount of iron and nickel are added.

elements such as manganese to further improve performance. Aluminum bronze can be strengthened by heat treatment, its strength

It is higher than tin bronze and has better high temperature oxidation resistance.

2. It has high strength and good wear resistance. It is used for screw with high strength,

Nuts, copper sleeves, sealing rings, etc., and wear-resistant parts, the most prominent feature is its

good abrasion resistance,

3. For aluminum bronze containing iron and manganese elements, it has high strength and wear resistance.

After quenching and tempering, the hardness can be increased, and it has good high temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Good corrosion resistance in atmosphere, fresh water and sea water, acceptable machinability, but not easy to weld

Brazed, press worked well in the hot state.

Properties and Density of Aluminum Bronze

Iron, manganese and nickel are the main additive elements in aluminum bronze. The density of processed aluminum bronze is 7.5-8.9 (g/cm3), and the density of cast aluminum bronze is 7.5-8.9 (g/cm3).

The density is 7.45-9.54 (g/cm3).

How to calculate the weight of aluminum bronze

1. The weight calculation method of aluminum bronze sheet is length x width x thickness x density x number of pieces

-1000000; The theoretical weight is calculated to facilitate the customer to calculate the cost, and the actual delivery is confirmed.

The actual shipment shall prevail, because of the unit conversion relationship, the latter shall be divided by 1000000

2. The calculation method of aluminum bronze bar is 3.14x square of radius x length x pieces

Number x density: 1000000; The theoretical weight hardness can be obtained between (HRC) 22-30 between

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Bronze Bearings are used in Various Industries

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DIN 1850/ISO 4379, Maintenance-free.

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Special Aluminium bronze – Cast alloys

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