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Can Economically Make Your Custom Bushings In Custom Bronze Bearing & Bushing Size. Check Out Our C93200 Alloy Bushing, C932 Leaded Tin Bronze Bearing- Selection For The Very Best In Unique Price Or Custom Size, C93200 Tin Bronze Bearing From Bronzelube.Com, We Hold Immense Expertise In Offering A Broad Range Of Bronze Bushing Which Are Applicable In Many Industries, Such As Plastic Injection, Mold…Short & Reliable Delivery.


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Cast Bronze Sleeve Bearings

Industries Served, C93200 bearing bronze custom parts

Broadest range of standard size bronze bushings in the industry. Manufacture and Supply of Bronze Bearings – Sleeves, Flanges, Washers. C93200 Tin Bronze Bushing & Bearings. Solid Bronze, Groove, Metal Bearing & Bushing, Bearing Services offered include: Large Fabrication, Large C93200 Bronze Bearing Metric and inch size Machining, Thermal Stress Relieving, Shot-Blasting, Painting, Quality/Inspection, as well as Custom Size.. Let us help you find the part you are looking for!

Lubrication tin bronze bearings

Solid bronze bearings are normally lubricated with grease, but the oil is also used in exceptional applications. A good quality lubricant will ensure that friction and wear are reduced by the formation of a film between the plain bearing and the shaft. For heavily contaminated applications it is recommended to seal the bearing. This will protect both the bearing and the lubricant.

Lubrication bearing groove options

Maintenance-free bearings with lubricating plugs, All solid bronze bearings with an internal diameter of 14 mm or more are equipped with an axial lubrication groove. plain bearings cast bronze bearings Find the right bronze bearings for your applications. Get a quote for the bronze bearings that are most suitable for your application. Maintenance-free bronze straight bearings, flange bearings and thrust washers with lubricating graphite are suitable for high loads, high temperatures, vibrations and when used in corrosive environments. Due to the use of C93200 bronze with separate lubricating graphite this plain bearing can also be used in heavy applications.

Premium Bronze Bearings

Quality Bronze Parts Made Manufacturing. See Our Online Catalog & Request A Quote! Bearings & Cast Materials Made To The Highest Standards. Shop Our Huge Range of Material, C93200, C86300, C95400. Premium Bronze Bearings – Made In The China Manufacturing

Cast Bronze Manufacturing

C93200 Tin bronze sleeve bearing/bushing with a made-to-order oil/ grease hole and internal groove. Grooved Bronze Sleeve Bearings | Products & Suppliers. Solid bronze plain bearings for heavy duty applications.

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Self Lubricated Bronze Bearings Oilless Bushing & Bearing

“Chemical Composition according to ASTM B505/B505M-18.”

  • Your china online source for bronze bushings.
  • Various Material & Sizes
  • Bearings & Cast Bronze Materials Made To The Highest Standards in China. Shop Our Huge Range Of Sizes Bronze Bushing!

Shop Top Quality Bronze Bearings From China Direct Prices! In Continuous Cast Bronze Bearings. Request A Custom Quote! Metric Sizes & Inch Size. Custom Bronze Bearing Material Design. Top Customer Service.

Expensive price, cast bronze bearings & bushings completed reliably from develop to finished parts.

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Design & Development of Bronze Bearing Material

A Refreshing New Experience Of Bronze Bearing
• Purchasing & Import Bronze Bushing From China.

  1. Dimensions of Finished C93200 Tin Bronze Bearing Part
  2. Customized Bronze Bearing Material According Customer Request.
  3. Made To Order Bronze Alloys Bearings
  4. Professional supply & sale of oilless lubricating oilless bearings:
  5. A Broad Range of Inch & Metric Sizes, including NAAMS Bronze Graphite Bushing Sizes.
Custom bronze bearings Services

Dimensions of Finished Part, Have a Large Project?

Create your bronze bearings material for example c93200, c95400, c86300 and more, save cost, let it be unique for your application.

Casting Bronze Bearings Supply – High-quality factory bushing bearing price, C83600 Bronze Bushing, Pursue high self-lubricating technology & good self-lubricating material bronze bushing, combine the best quality bronze bearing & reasonable price. Cast Bronze Bushing Lubricating Products, Competitive Prices. High Quality Products.

  • Get all the latest Dimensions of Finished Part.

  • Design meet your application, temperature

  • All-in & one-stop self-lubricating bronze bearing and bushings supplier

Choose from our selection of bronze bushings, including sleeve bearings, flanged sleeve bearings, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

Get your bronze bearings!
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Bronze Bushings Available – Email Us Today!

We are c93200 tin bronze bearings suppliers. We design and develop sleeve bushing and flange bronze bearing solutions with a professional design using latest self-lubricating bearings technologies and experience. Understanding the types of bronze bearing material and determine which bronze bushing material is best for your application.

Short Lead Times!

We specialize in delivering on-time quality bronze bearings parts.

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C93200 BRONZE BUSHINGS for sale

Continuous & Centrifugal Cast Bearings

Diversified Bronze specializes in the use of graphite as a lubricant in custom machined parts such as wear plate, thrust washer and bearings.

Graphite is a form of dry lubrication that reduces friction between two metal surfaces. This form of lubrication can withstand higher temperatures than liquid or oil-based lubricants. Graphite is achieved by grooving the inside face of the bearing, then pressing graphite into the cavities under extremely high pressure. Graphite is often used in the lubrication of bearings for hard to reach places that cannot be lubricated manually.

Alloy C932 Bearing Bronze – CNC Machining

Industries Served, C93200 bearing bronze custom parts

Your Single Source Supplier, C 932 Bearing Bronze is our most popular alloy. We many industries including: Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Mining Equipment, Railway, and More…

Good in severe and contaminated conditions

Saves You Time & Money In Research, Design & Bronze Bearings Costs. E-mail Now! Cast Bronze Bushing, Tin Bronze Parts Specialists For Manufacturing & Machining Of All Types, Flange,Sleeve,Washer, Plate. Wide Variety & Selection. Machined Bronze Bearing Parts. Expert Customer Service. ‎Materials for CNC, custom metal and bronze parts Many of metals for CNC machining.

Lubrication groove bronze bearing applications

Dredging industry
Mechanical engineering

Bronze Alloy 932 – Bronze Bushing

Industries Served, C93200 bearing bronze custom parts

Specializes In Bronze Bushings, Bronze Flange Bushing, Wear Plates And Thrust Washers. Centrifugally Cast, Custom Machined Bronze Bushings, Self-Lubricating Washers, Continuous Cast Centrifugally Cast Bronze Parts. C932 Bearing Bronze Product Guide from Online Metals. C93200 Bearing Bronze / SAE 660 Bearing Products. Cast Bronze C93200 (SAE 660) Sleeve (Plain) Bearings. Shop Online Metal Bronze Bearing Today & Save With Time and Cost! Order Today!

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Oilless graphite slide plate
Bronze Bushings Feature

Let’s see how we can help you for your plugged graphite bronze bushings.

We’d love to join forces with you to discuss bronze bearing material design, bushing bearing size, cast bronze bearing material & type development or to hear your new startup idea.

  • Large Workload Capacity
  • With CNC machines, we have the capacity to handle your larger jobs.
  • View Our Complete CNC Machining Portfolio

C93200 Leaded Tin Bronze Bearings, SAE660

We manufacture cast bronze bearings according to China’s national standard but also can produce it as the related standards of the ASTM(UNS, SAE), EU and JIS, etc. What’s more, we can also develop the bronze alloy bearings material according to the special requirements and drawings of customers


C93200 Alloy Bearings, C932 Leaded Tin Bronze

✔ Cast Bronze Bearings, C93200 – (SAE 660) Cast Bronze Sleeve Bushings Available in metric size & inch size.

C93200 Leaded Tin Bronze Bearings, solids bronze bushings, standard cast bronze bearings, RG7 parts, wear plate, thrust washer,Automotive Automotive Fittings, Fasteners Washers, Industrial Thrust Washers, Pumps, Bushings, Machine Parts, Main Spindle Bearings, Machine Tool Bearings, Bearings for Cranes, Bushing Bearings, Roll Neck Bearings, Rolling Mill Bearings, Bushings for Presses, Pump Bushings, Water Pump Bushings, Diesel Engine Wrist Pin Bushings, Forging Press Toggle Lever Bearings, Hydraulic Bushings, Hydraulic Press Main Lining, Pump Impellers, General Purpose Bushings, Fittings, Pump Fixtures, Insert Bearings.

Chemical Composition

Cu%1 Pb% Sn% Zn% Fe% P%2 Ni%3 Al% S% Sb% Si%
Chemical Composition according to ASTM B505/B505M-18
0.20 1.50 1.00 0.005 0.08 0.35 0.005
Cast Bronze Sleeve Bushings


Solid bushing, bronze with lubricant plugs embedded,

DIN 1850/ISO 4379,


oilless-bushingflange bronze bushings


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Lubricated Bearings Demand


We also specialize in precision grooving within tight tolerances for all types of parts and for a wide variety of industries.


Custom bearings can be designed and manufactured according to customer specifications, including requirements for special dimensions and material. Our inventory provides for a large supply of bronze plugged graphite bearing used in bearing manufacture.


Send Us Your Specifications I.D. O.D. Length with Quantity by email and “Get a quote today”

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Solid bronze bearings Materials

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Solid bronze bearings are made from C93200 grade cast bronze. All the surfaces of this bronze bushing or flange bearing are machined. Many other alloys are also available besides the standard material. Most common among these are C86300, C86400, and C95400. Available with plain or grooved bushing. Self-lubricating flange bushing or plugged graphite. Cost-Effective Prices. Highlights: Brochures Available, Offering Cost-Effective Prices.

  • Short Periods Of Delivery. Small Minimum Quantities.

  • We Design, Manufacture and Supply Metric & Inch Size Bearing. Are you looking for plain bearings and do you want to contact a technical sales?

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