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This is a metallic bushing bearing material in which aluminum alloy and bronze alloy comprise a two- or three-layer structure with a steel backing.

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Manufacturer of bronze bushing & self lubricating bushing according to customer’s drawing. Explore our extensive range of plain metallic bushing bearing to suit all applications. Offering a wide range of professional services to support your business.

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Tribology Surrounds You. Switch from Steel Bearing – metal polymer composite bushing. Composite bushing bearings are self-lubricating, which means you never need grease. Extend the life of your equipment by switching to composite bearings and bushings. Composite China Supplier. Consisting of a steel backed for high mechanical strength and a sintered bronze layer, Metal-Polymer bearings are impregnated with an anti-friction overlay.


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CuSn8 & CuSn6 bronze material wrapped bearings. the solution for extreme temperatures. our self-lubricating bearing & bushings are utilized on a global scale. we offer a broad range of self-lubricated bearings replacement parts. within our lead-free replacement bearings, lead is replaced by other elements, but the products still offer exceptional lubricity, tightness, wear, strength, hardness, and machinability.

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OEM Spare Parts – producing plain bushes parts.

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We stand behind the quality of our sliding bearing & bushings products. Explore all of our world-class bronze bushing, plug graphite bearing, flange bearing, wear plate & more. Understanding the types of bushings and determining which one is best for your needs.

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Solid Self Lubricating Bronze Bearings

We consistently monitor our standard-stocked inventory options and production processes to ensure that we remain the supplier of choice for our customers. we have earned a reputation for meeting customer requirements for reliability, availability, and value. Developing lubricating bearings material with good wear- high load-bearing capacity and self-lube of wear surface is one of the important questions in tribology. Tribological Coatings, Providing design freedom for more efficient tribological surface solutions. It is the science of friction, wear, and lubrication between moving surfaces. Self-lubricating Bearings Material technology and material surface engineering play a key role in solving friction problems.

Misconceptions about Thin-Walled Bushings

We manufacturing metal thin walled bushings tailored to your needs.

Self-Lubricating Bearing Coating Solutions

Traditional friction system solutions are too expensive and also face short wear life, reliability issues, equipment failures and tight tolerances. In contrast, our systems offer better performance and simpler design, with the following key benefits.

● Providing customers with solution design, self-lubricating bearing coating materials, coated bushings, friction bearings and a one-stop logistics supply service that can make the customer’s job much simpler.

● We have the experienced tribologists, engineers and polymer expertise to provide our customers with the superior support needed to optimize system performance.

● friction bearings are coated with complex geometries that meet high standards of dimensional control, adhesion and robust tribological performance.

● Solutions can be customized to control surface friction in a way that best meets the customer’s needs, helping customers get the job done with fewer self-lubricating bearing parts.

Self-lubricating bearings, an environmentally friendly solution.

VIIPLUS’ total tribology solution allows for greater synergy between object contact surfaces, and polymer coated bearings have been shown to.

  • Significantly reduce friction in dry conditions
  • Improved wear life
  • Reusable
  • Stable performance
  • Environmentally friendly

We provide valve manufacturers with a solution for in-house self-lubricating bearing coatings. Previously the customer was struggling with complex logistics and quality issues between the product’s coating formulation developer and the coating applicator, resulting in performance issues.

After entering into a partnership, we were able to provide the customer with a one-stop, high performance, improved self-lubricating bushing coating solution through a targeted opportunity assessment and project management. Other Industry Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Applications

Automotive Suspension Systems

In the field of seat suspension, We provides a maintenance-free, low-friction, while quiet-running solution that extends application life.

  • Harbor Cranes

Whether it’s strict near-water grease and oil rules, or maintenance costs associated with safety and noise, vibration and acoustic roughness issues, we provide engineers with an operational and compliant solution that reduces costs and increases efficiency.

  • Linear Reciprocating Motion

For surface actuators in flight control systems, efficient and powerful electric linear motion is especially important. The polymer coating enables near-zero stick-slip effects and relatively constant friction levels under nearly all temperature and load conditions, making it the ideal solution for a new generation of surface actuators. There is no panacea for improving efficiency – that’s why we offer self-lubricating bearing pairing solutions. Based on solution design, formulation, coating and logistics knowledge, as well as tribological expertise and a global team, we offer a unique and comprehensive solution that is what sets us apart. As a one-stop shop, VIIPLUS is well versed in polymer science, has expertise in materials design, and has strong coating and logistics capabilities. We have all the relevant polymer materials and technologies to provide optimal solutions regardless of shape or material. Self-lubricating bearing engineering solutions offer superior performance and targeted service capabilities designed to break boundaries and create a better quality of life together with you.

Common bushings with thick walls are not necessarily better than thin walls?

First, it’s important to understand the basic differences between thin-walled plastic bushings and thick-walled bronze bushings. The standard wall thickness of a thick-walled bronze bushing is between 1,50 and 4,00 mm. In contrast, the wall thickness of plastic bushings is much thinner, usually between 1 mm and 1.5 mm. Due to the thin wall, the bushings not only have many benefits, but also perform just as well, if not better, than thick-walled bushings.

Thin-walled bearings with thick-walled bushings have a thin wall, while bronze bushings usually have a thicker wall.

thin-walled bushing

In many cases, the application will benefit from using a thin-walled bushing instead of a thick-walled bushing.

For example, a wrapped cusn8 bronze bushing is designed with a thinner wall, and a steel backed bronze bushing for better heat dissipation. Heat buildup increases the amount of wear on the bushing, and it is critical that the heat be able to dissipate through the shaft and housing. Excessive heat buildup is more likely for thick-walled bronze bushings.

The better the heat dissipation of the bushing, the higher the PV allowed. Higher PV values allow the bushing to handle more speed and load combinations.

In addition, thin-walled bushings are able to hold tighter tolerances. They also have less opportunity for deformation, which is common in thick-walled bushings.

Finally, thin-walled bushings are ideal for applications where weight and fuel economy are an issue, such as in race cars, snowmobiles, automobiles and motorcycles. Thin wall bushing materials are lighter in weight, reducing costs and freight.

Thin-walled metal bushings weigh significantly less than thick-walled copper bushings.

Are thin-walled bushings not as strong as thick-walled bronze bushings? The wall thickness of any bushing is not directly related to its strength. Other more important factors that should be considered include the weight, coefficient of friction and wear capacity of the bushing.

Thin-walled bushings have a shorter life than thick-walled bronze bushings. It is reasonable to assume that because the bushing has less material (thinner walls); it will not last as long as a thick-walled bronze bushing. This is incorrect because the thin walls of the thin-walled bushing help dissipate any heat build-up, which actually prevents wear.

Bronze bushings are designed with thicker walls to compensate for wear, but even with the added material, the bushing surfaces are still prone to wear. In high speed applications, constant relubrication of the bushings will help prevent wear. However, if bronze bushings are used to facilitate other types of motion; excessive wear can lead to increased clearance between the shaft and bearing. If this happens, a number of problems can occur.

It is important to remember that wear depends on the composition of the bushing material, not the wall thickness. For this reason, VIIPLUS continues to develop new metallic self-lubricating bearing sliding materials to minimize wear and provide long-lasting, maintenance-free solutions for a variety of applications.


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China OEM Plain Bearing, metallic bushing bearing – Manufacturers & Suppliers. High Quality Solid bronze bushings are available in metric sizes as straight or flanged bushings.a. Quality China Cast Bronze Bearings.Solid bronze bushings can be lubricated with oil or grease, Order Solid bronze bushings online!

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