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Viiplus has excelled in manufacturing durable, trusted metal bushing bearings for products around the globe. Our metal bearings are the top choice for manufacturers in the automotive, marine, and industrial markets.

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We Manufacture Metal Bushings Bearings For High Performance In Varitey Application.

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Our Self-lubricating Metal Bushings Products Are Engineered To Exacting Standards.

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We Build Plain Bushings Bearing Products To Enhance The Way We Live.


Metal Bushing BenefitVariety Application & Bearing Types

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With the increasing requirements for specifications of high-performance equipment and systems in industrial applications, metal bushing bearings need to operate under extreme conditions and have a variety of characteristics.In order to meet the ever-changing needs of customers, metal bushing bearing manufacturers are using different materials to make different metal bushing bearing parts, of which metal is one of the most important materials.

metal bushings bimetallic bearing

Modern bearing technology in metal: We have the right solution for you.

Metal are processed in a series of ways to maximize their performance and longevity. Using improved metal bushings products can make the product run more efficiently, quietly and smoothly. In addition, maintenance costs are lower compared to conventional steel bearings.Can also be used for insulation, lubrication free occasions, easy processing, high efficiency.

Metal bearing technological innovation to promote enterprise development.

Choose from our selection of metal bushings in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

high quality self-lubricating-bearings

Metal bearings and Maintenance-free sliding bearings

An integral manufacturer from sheet sintering to finished metal bushings products.

Constantly study the latest self-lubricating bearings technology & materials and research & development of the new products.

Feature a hardened steel backing with an inner lining of PTFE or POM. Cylindrical, flanged and thrust bushings forms are available.

metal bushings POM composite bush

Metal bushings POM lined

Dry sliding bearing POM material

metal bushings PTFE material

Composite Bushings

Plain bearings PTFE material

The Self-lubricanting material, bearing & bushing provider for industrial progress;

Our self-lubricating metal bearings products are widely used in more than 30 fields such as automobile industry, metallurgy, engineering machinery, construction machinery, plastic machinery, machine tool industry, water conservancy and hydropower.


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Choose Your Metal Bearings Polymer Coating Material

Currently used metal bushing bearings can be generally divided into metal rolling bearings and metal sliding bearings; The working principle of metal rolling bearings and metal sliding bearings can be distinguished by their names. The friction of metal rolling bearings when they work is rolling friction, while that of metal sliding bearings when they work is sliding friction.

Standard and correct bearing material design, select the metal bearing products for customers efficiently and correctly.

POM metal bushing material

POM has excellent sliding and wear resistance, high heat resistance and chemical stability.

Features: High mechanical strength, high rigidity, high hardness; Excellent elasticity; Good creep resistance; Even at low temperature, high impact strength; Very good dimensional stability; Good sliding performance and wear resistance; Excellent mechanical properties.

metal bushings composite bushing bearing material
metal bushings POM bushing bearing material

PTFE bushing bearing material

The smallest friction coefficient, and when the load increases, the friction coefficient decreases accordingly, often add glass fiber, graphite, bronze powder, etc., to improve the performance indicators, the working temperature is relatively plain plastic bearing for your application.

High Performance, Low Wear Solutions

Plain bearing design, modification, manufacturing and quality

Metal bushings products are more and more widely used because of their excellent performance, and metal bushing bearings are being welcomed by more and more users. Because metal bushing material have excellent self-lubrication, wear resistance, low friction and special anti-bite characteristics, even in the case of poor lubrication conditions can also work normally, so it is very ideal as bearing materials.

metal bushings widely used in agriculture
metal bushings widely used in agriculture

Viiplus’ Self-lubricating Metal Bushing Bearing Series are made of metal bearing materials and processed by injection molding, providing excellent wear resistance and low friction under both dry and lubricated conditions.In addition to high impact load resistance and noise reduction, our metal bushings provide environmentally friendly, grease-free operation that minimizes maintenance requirements.

We are your specialist for plain bearings and metal bushings components.

Custom Engineered Self-lubricating Metal Bushings Bearing Solutions

Self-lubricating metal bushing benefits

  • No lubrication: dry friction operation, no lubrication required
  • Weight reduction: Lightweight components reduce unnecessary weight
  • Wear and corrosion resistance: Wear and corrosion resistance, ideal for harsh, dusty and humid environments
  • Noise reduction: Damping and non – stick – slip characteristics reduce noise problems
  • Flexible design: Injection molding offers flexible design options
  • Dimensional stability: excellent dimensional stability and low friction system
self-lubricating metal bushings

Bearings and Bushings are Made from what Metal?

There are so many options for bearings and bushings on the market today, including metal, polymer, and composite.

Metal bushing benefits in variety applications

DU bush,teflon bushing,PTFE lined bearing

Types of Composite Bushings and Bearings

Exactly what is meant by the term “composite bushing” can vary according to manufacturer. For example, there are composite bushing designs that combine a steel backing with a sintered bronze layer covered with a polymer lining such as PTFE. There is also a more classic approach to composite bushings that combines a polymer resin with glass fibers, often filament wound, and a PTFE lining to reduce friction and provide lubrication.

Composite Options for Bushings and Bearings

When it comes time to select a bushing or bearing for a particularly sensitive application, it might be wise to add composites to your list of potential bearing materials. Composite bearings may be primarily metal with a low-friction polymer lining, or they may be filament wound fiber reinforced materials with a polymer matrix. Regardless of which type of composite bearing is under consideration, remember that they can offer added benefits such as improved strength, stiffness, wear properties, and reduced friction while possibly eliminating the need for lubricants.

Benefits of Composite Bearings

The goal of a composite bushing is to combine the best properties of multiple materials. For example, a steel backing provides additional strength, stiffness and durability but on its own doesn’t have the right tribological properties to be an effective bushing.

1. Strength and Stiffness and Low Friction

When a steel backing is combined with PTFE or POM, the strength and stiffness properties are enhanced by the low friction of the polymer material. The use of a polymer layer such as PTFE also deals with issues such as corrosion and unwanted chemical interactions by providing protection the metallic layer(s).

2. Many composite bearings are, by their very nature, dry-running.

They can be designed so that no grease or lubricant is required, which can be very important for applicants that are sensitive to contamination or other instances where grease could pose a problem. When designed correctly composite bearings can provide extreme low friction, almost eliminate issues with stick-slip, and reduced break-away torque requirements.

3. Dimenstional Stability

Another issue that composite bearings can address quite well is dimensional stability.Some polymers are especially susceptible to dimensional changes through absorption of water or reactions to temperature variations. The use of composites can significantly reduce those problems.

What Are the Benefits of  Metal Bearings and Where Can You Get Them?

Bi-Metal bearings are made from metal alloys, which can include tin, lead, zinc, and bismuth. Of course, each metal bearing will contain a different combination of alloys, depending on the desired strength and other requirements. Bimetal bearings are beneficial in that they offer an extended service life under normal operating conditions. When it comes to excess momentary overloads, these bearings also perform well. When there is an alignment or lubrication problem, the metal bearing can compensate with greater ease than other types of bearings.

The metal bushings & bearings are widely used in pump and rolling mill industries, mining, and marine, and our bearings are used in fans, electric motors, turbine generators, and many other machines.

Extensive Experience with Metal Bearings

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