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PTFE Composite Bushings

composite bearings are self-lubricating, which means you never need grease.

Extend the life of your equipment by switching to composite metal bearings & bushings.

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Switch from Steel Bushings – Composite Metal Bushing

Switch from Steel Bushings – Composite Metal Bushing Sleeve, self-lubricating, which means you never need grease. Metal Bushing Sleeve Supplier. Steel Backed Bronze Composite Bushings.

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Our comprehensive understanding of the self-lubricating bearings products and solutions we provide ensure you enjoy the high performance, great value and save your cost.

Metal bushing sleeve bearing is an important part of modern mechanical equipment, almost exists in every corner of our life. From the controversial new energy vehicles to the world’s leading domestic high-speed rail; From office chairs in office buildings to hospital beds; Refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, range hood, mobile phone… Metal bushing sleeve are everywhere, but most people’s cognition of bearings may be just a small part of steel casting.

As everyone knows, under the rapid development of industry, metal bushing sleeve bearings have derived numerous categories. The raw materials used in the production process of metal bushing sleeve bearings are also far more than steel. Material as the basis of all application development determines the application level and height, as an indispensable mechanical part, bearing is bound to become one of the representatives of industrial material application.

Common bearing materials mainly have three categories of metal materials, porous metal materials, non-metallic materials.


Our engineers collaborate with your design team to customize a composite solution that meets the needs of your application.

Corrosion resistance for dry and/or wet environments

Custom Designs


Design Flexibility. High strength. Light weight. Large or small size.

Metric Size


Low coefficient of friction, coupled with high load bearing capacity.

PTFE Material

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Tailored to meet your design and performance needs, metal bearings that provide strength and performance. because they last longer and can save you money over time. Bearing alloys, bronze, aluminum-based alloys, zinc-based alloys, etc., are called metal materials.

Metal Bushing Bearing alloy, also known as white alloy, is mainly an alloy of lead, tin, antimony or other metals. It has the characteristics of good wear resistance, high plasticity, good running performance, good thermal conductivity, good adhesive resistance and good adhesion with oil. But the strength of bearing alloy is very low, can not be made separately bearing bush, can only be attached to the bronze, steel or cast iron bearing bush for bearing lining.
Among all Metal bushing bearing materials, its embedding and friction are the best, and it is easy to run in with the journal, and it is not easy to bite and stick with the journal. Suitable for heavy load, medium and high speed occasions, the price is more expensive.

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The alloy has high strength, good friction reduction and wear resistance. Bronze is the most commonly used copper alloy material for metal bearings, mainly tin bronze bushing, RG7 bronze and aluminum bronze bearing and so on. For example:

  • ISO 1338 Cu Sn7 Pb Zn3
  • DIN 1705 Cu Sn7 Zn Pb (RG7)
  • N P-1585 F-Cu Sn7 Pb6 Zn4
  • ASTM C 93200
  • SAE 660

Metal Bearing: Cast Bronze Bushing

Lower bearing, self lubrication bushing & maintenance costs

Maintenance-free bearings help improve productivity

Tin bronze has the best antifriction and is widely used. It has higher hardness than bearing alloy and poor running-in and embeddedness. It is suitable for heavy duty and medium speed occasions. We supply a complete range of flange, straight bushings available in all bronze bushing type.


A flexible design allows for an optimized performance tailored to you


Lead bronze has strong adhesion resistance and is suitable for high speed and heavy load bearings. Discover more about materials and sizes available. Competitive Prices. Fast Delivery. Custom Pieces. Certified Quality. Direct supplier. Long time experience.



Performance stability across a wide range of temperatures

Aluminum bronze has high strength and hardness, poor adhesion resistance, and is suitable for low speed and heavy duty bearings. Aluminum base bearing alloy has good corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength and good friction performance. Based on these characteristics, aluminum-based alloys have replaced more expensive bearing alloys and bronzes in some areas. Aluminium-based alloys can be made into single metal parts (such as bushings, bearings, etc.) or bimetallic parts.



Our engineers will assist your team in determining the best metal bushing sleeve type, and metal bushing material finishing for your ideal application. Your chosen metal bushing composite construction can allow for these features in your bearings:

We continue to provide professional metal bearing products and tribology services to global customers.

A unique, non-metallic material composite bearing material

Non-metallic materials in the application of the most is a variety of plastics (polymer materials), such as phenolic resin, nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc.

Polymer does not react with many chemical substances, especially strong corrosion resistance; It has a certain self-lubrication, can work under no lubrication conditions, and has a certain lubrication ability under high temperature conditions; Good embeddedness; Friction reduction and wear resistance are better. However, polymer has poor heat conduction ability, higher linear expansion coefficient steel, lower strength and yield limit than steel, and will appear creep phenomenon at room temperature, so it is not suitable to make bearings with strict clearance requirements.
Carbon-graphite can be used as bearing material in bad environment, in which the more graphite content, the softer the material, the smaller the friction coefficient. Liquid lubricants can also be impregnated by adding metal, polytetrafluoroethylene or molybdenum disulfide components to the carbon-graphite material. Carbon-graphite is self-moistening and can also be used as water-lubricated bearing material.
Rubber is mainly used as a lubricant with water and the environment is dirty.
Wood has a porous structure and can be improved with fillers. The filling polymer can improve the dimensional stability, reduce the moisture absorption and enhance the strength of wood. Bearings made of wood can work in extremely dusty conditions.


Porous metal materials are bearing materials made of different metal powders by pressing and sintering. The material is porous, with pores accounting for about 10%~35% of the volume. Before use, the bearing bush is impregnated in hot oil for several hours, so that the pores are full of lubricating oil. Therefore, bearings made of this material are usually called oil-bearing and have self-lubricating properties.

When working, due to the suction effect of the rotation of the journal and the expansion of the oil when the bearing is heated, the oil enters the friction surface for lubrication; When not working, because of the capillary action, the oil will be sucked back to the inner bearing, so for a long time, even without lubricating oil can still work very well. If regular oil supply, the use effect is better.

But the toughness of porous metal material is small, only suitable for stable no impact load and medium and low speed. Commonly used are porous iron and porous bronze. Porous iron is commonly used to make mill bushings, machine tool oil pump bushings, internal combustion engine CAM bushings, etc. Porous bronze is used to make bearings for record players, electric fans, textile machinery and car generators.

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