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Bronze Bushing For Combine Harvesters


Bronze Bearing Bushing Manufacturer,Country of origin: china,for Combine-harvester bronze bushing parts. Industrial Focus Today, we power the hardest-working industrial machinery. Bronze bushing for transmission of Claas (Commandor, Dominator, Lexion, Medion, Mega, Tucano) combine harvesters. Dimention in MM: Inner diameter - 50 Outer diameter - 53 Height - 40. Aftermarket spare parts. Parameters Inner diameter , d mm 50 Outer diameter , D mm 53 Height , H mm 40 Special custom dimensions and imperial sizes are available on request. Bearing its free maintenance features, and under the condition of dust and outdoor characteristics such as good abrasion resistance, therefore widely [...]

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Forging And Pressing Equipment


Bushings for heavy metal-forming equipment Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing for Extruding machine,extrusion moulding machine.Case of plastic injection machine sliding bearing. Extrusion Moulding Machine Bushings A forging and pressing equipment manufacturing enterprise, its new forging and pressing equipment operating conditions are bad, the environment temperature is high, there is a lot of water vapor, before the use of aluminum bronze cover and steel cover, wear resistance is poor, can not meet the customer's design and use requirements.Moreover, the maintenance cost of users is very high, which affects the normal production of users.After that, the enterprise came to our company for consultation and understanding [...]

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Food & Beverage


Food & Beverage Machinery Bushings VIIPLUS self-lubricatng bushing bearings run longer under harsh operating conditions. That’s why they are especially well-suited to demanding requirements of extruders, mixers, peelers, breaders, deboners, slicers and other machines in food processing.Request A Free Quote. Mechanical Processing With the broadest range of products in the industry, VIIPLUS has solutions for mechanical processing thermal processing, and packaging and handling. Because self-lubricating bearings have the characteristics of no or less oil, and do not contain harmful substances, so in the cleanliness and environmental requirements of strict textile machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, beverage machinery and other industries have [...]

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Hydraulic Components Bushing


VIIPLUS Is a business unit working on the design self-lubricating bronze bushings, production sliding bearing, installation and marketing of hydraulic equipment oilless parts.The company provides a complete set of sliding bearing solutions for hydraulic system users.The products are: gear pump aluminum base assembly, sleeve, side plate;Oil distribution disc, return disc and shaft sleeve for vane pump and plunger pump;Cylinder sleeve and so on. Self-lubricating bearing products have been supplied in chassis walking mechanism, body parts, hydraulic components and other components.It includes bimetal boundary lubricated roll bearings, metal base self-lubricated bearings and metal plastic self-lubricated roll bearings.These bearing materials have excellent wear [...]

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Rail Bushing Strips


Rail Self-lubricating Material & Bushing Strips,Rail Bushing Parts | The VIIPLUS Bronze Lube Company VIIPLUS helps the rail industry keep performance on track, working with builders, owners and operators to maximize the reliability and efficiency of their locomotives and rail cars.High strength graphite bronze plugged bushing or composite bushing can be used for the working rails, which has good performance and is maintenance-free. The VIIPLUS Company works with the Rail market to ensure the reliability and efficiency of locomotives. Our self-lubricating bronze bearings can help increase loads and speeds, and improve safety and reliability. Impregnated with our self lubricant material, these [...]

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Self-lubricating Bushing Parts,Supply,Repair


Self-lubricating Bronze Bearing Repair Parts for Wind Energy. Wind energy is now even more attainable thanks to advancements in technology that are moving the industry forward. Equipped to Service, Support, or Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings Repair Parts and Equipment. Nationwide, We’ve Got You Covered.The energy needs are growing and The VIIPLUS Company is helping to address the reliability of natural resources. The below self-lubricating bronze products are helping. Featured Products and Services Self lubricating plain bearings with PTFE sliding layer.PTFE is a self-lubricating multi layer bearing consisting of tin/or copper-coated steel, a middle layer of sintered bronze and an inner layer, sliding [...]

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Outdoor Power Equipment Bushings


Mechanical components from VIIPLUS support consumer product equipment makers on self-lubricating bushings ranging from handheld tools and commercial lawn mowers to high-performance sport vehicles sliding bearings.Focus on sliding bearings, wear plate, thrust washer,gaskets, planing bearing and other components. Commercial Lawn Mowers Plain Bearings Metric bushing bearings parts The company continues to extend its products of VIIPLUS self-lubrication bearings to respond to customer needs and today offers one of the industry's broadest ranges of metric bushing bearings parts. Lawn mower is a semi-automatic mechanical tool used for cutting grass, cutting weeds that are growing too fast, and cutting and treating flat [...]

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Industrial Equipment Machinery


Cylindrical Bushes for Industrial Equipment & Machinery Industrial equipment and machinery operators leverage VIIPLUS International know-how to complement their self-lubricating bushing bearings. From precision equipments to sophisticated material handling systems, VIIPLUS engineers success for our customers. Sliding Bearing Technology, Sleeve bearings, bushing bearing manufacturer, plain bearings, bushings,self-lubricating bearing, cylindrical bushes, tribology, surface engineering Plain Bearings Metal Bearings Bronze Bushings Brass Bearing Cast Bronze Bushings Self-lubricating Bushings Polymer Coatings Bearings Design partners in reliable tribology, VIIPLUS offers globally expertise in polymer coatings, plain bearings and self-lubricating bushings for friction reduction.Featured Products and Services

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Brass Bushing Material | Quality Control | Inquiry Now!


Made-to-order online: Brass Bushings Quality Control In the production of sleeve bearings, bushings and thrust washers a wide range of bearing materials with good anti-friction properties are used for various applications. The components are normally produced from steel supports and solid bronze supports. It is important to consider the operating conditions and characteristics of the available alloys. Factors to consider when choosing a bearing material are fatigue strength, foreign particles, misalignment, imperfect lubrication and operating temperatures. See more: rolled bronze bearings are available flanged or unflanged and are intended for high loads. These bearings require lubrication and are available with [...]

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Dry Bushes


Dry Bushes Supplier Dry Bushes is a 3-layer bearing, wrapped of copper-plated steel with a layer of POM. Multi-layer bearings Pom Bushing Made in china.Multi-layer bearings are available in various combinations of sliding surface. These are available both as maintenance-free and requiring lubrication.View Bushings Details: Inner Diameter Customized Shape Cylindrical, Round Outer Diameter Customized Length Customized Feature High dimensional accuracy High tensile strength Easy to install Ability to resist high temperature and pressures Technical Parameters Maximum bearing pressure: 70N/mm2 Friction coefficient: 0.05~0.25 Applicable temperature range: -40℃~130℃ Maximum sliding speed: 2.5m/s Maximum allowable PV value: 22N/mm2.m/s How can we help you? [...]

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Self-lubricating bronze bushings

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