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Valve Bushing & Bearing forms made to order: Nonstandard parts Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

• Plain cylindrical bushes

• Plain flanged bush


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Production of Industrial Valves Bushing including Metal-Polymer Composite Self-lubricating Bushing Material

Stainless Steel  Bushing Bronze Layer Sliding Bushing PTFE Material

Stainless Steel Bushing,It is a very effective corrosion-resistant material that is made of stainless steel material as the matrix, sintered with corrosion-resistant alloy powder in the middle, and rolled with low-friction material mainly made of PTFE on the surface.

Maintenance-free supports the custom design service, supply & maintenance of your valve bushing.

PTFE Material

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The difference between stainless steel 304 valve bushing and 316 valve bushing

The quality of 316 stainless steel Valve Bushing is greater than 304 Valve Bushing stainless steel, 316 stainless steel on the basis of 304 into the metal molybdenum, this element can be more consolidated the molecular structure of stainless steel. 304 stainless steel bushing is commonly used in daily life, while 316 stainless steel bushing is used in the valve, medical, or heavy industry equipment.

  • Straight Sliding Bushings
  • Flanged Sliding Bushings
  • Thrust Washer Sliding Bushings
  • Strip Sliding Bushings
  • Customized Sliding Bushings


We are experts in Stainless Steel Bushing.

The material is based on various high-quality metals, and the surface is covered with a low-friction and wear-resistant woven material mainly made of PTFE and other additives. This material structure has a higher bearing capacity and longer service life than general three-layer composite materials.

Stainless steel-backed 304 bushing and Stainless steel-backed 316 bushings have different advantages:

304 stainless steel bushing processing performance is good. 316 stainless steel bushing has good corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance, and high-temperature strength for valve bushing.

*Industrial High-Performance Valves Bushing


Tech. Data




Max. load Static 350N/mm²
  Dynamic 180N/mm²
Max. speed Dry running 0.5m/s
  Lubrication >2m/s

Max. PV




Friction coefficient μ   0.03~0.20
Temp.   -50℃~+250℃
Thermal conductivity   42W/m・K
Coefficient of thermal expansion   11×10-6/K


Bronzelube self-lubricating bearing products are designed for a wide range of industrial applications and services.

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