Project Description

VIIPLUS offers a standard assortment of Low maintenance slide bearings according to ISO 3547 and DIN 1494.

Lead-free bearing is a new product developed according to international environmental requirements on the basis of general self-lubricating bearing materials.

This multilayer sliding bushing dry sliding bearings is widely used in general machinery, especially in food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, tobacco machinery, lead-free effect meets the European environmental requirements, is the direction of oil-free lubrication bearing development.


  • for rotating and oscillating applications
  • low maintenance
  • long maintenance rates
  • low wear
  • good damping behaviour
  • no water absorption


  1. Copper plated steel backside
  2. porous layer of sintered bronze
  3. Coating : ptfe,metal-polymer

Fitting tolerances

  • housing H7
  • shaft h8

Assembling instructions

The edges of the mounting hole and the shaft must be chamfered. It is recommended to use an arbour press. Please avoid damaging the sliding surface. The butt joint should not be in load direction.