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Plain Bushes Strip and sheets

Our Bushings strip and sheets make sure that you can rely on us for the aspects most important to you: punctual delivery, reliable supply, and consistently high quality.

strips, low-maintenance, with steel backing and lubrication pockets
composite bushing strips

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Make your space useful and different

Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and modern interior designs all over the world.

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bronze plating bushings
Amazing Features


strips, maintenance-free, with steel backing.

Cylindrical plain bushes comprise a steel backed

Metal-polymer composite plain bearings

Top Quality

The promise of strips high quality, meet your requirement.

Thrust Washer

Thrust washers, maintenance-free, with steel backing

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More dry bushings from china

We manufacture ISO 3547/DIN 1494 Wrapped dry sliding bearings.Eco-friendly, lead-free, RoHS-compliant.Tin plating.

POM boundary lubricated lead-free material

Boundary lubricated lead-free material, with low friction coefficient, good wear resistance, long service life and other advantages.


The bushing product can be used for food machinery and other occasions with high environmental requirements.

Technical Parameters

Maximum bearing pressure: 70N/mm2

Friction coefficient: 0.04~0.20

Applicable temperature: -40℃~130℃


Wrapped dry sliding bearings