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Self-lubricating bearing in automobile industry application

Quality Automotive Bush SupplierInnovation Self-lubricating Bearings Solution

Tailored Solution

Viiplus offers an exclusive range of Automotive bush bearings to help the automotive industry in its various applications.

Taking the automotive industry to the fast lane with self-lubricating bearings bush.

  • PTFE multi-layer bearings, sintered bearings, metal composite bearings, as well as a variety of other products are used in power trains.
  • Many oilless bushings are used in steering columns, gear boxes, as well as suspension parts, and play an important role in the steering function.
  • The excellent durability and low friction of the sliding bearings guarantee a smooth operation with no noise. The bearings are also used in door hinges and pedals.
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Tribological Coatings Polymer Bearings Bush  for Automotive Applications


Replacement Suspension Bushings & Kits –

Metal-Polymer Bearings
The Viiplus metal-polymer bearings include PTFE and thermoplastic based materials. They share a common structure of a steel backing bonded to porous bronze interlayer that is impregnated and overlaid with a low-friction polymer bearing layer.

Self lubricating bushings for automotive applications

With the automotive electrification, intelligence, sharing, digitization and stricter emission standards, the demand for new materials with high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection will grow rapidly, and the demand for high-performance materials for automotive products is increasing day by day.

Automotive-bush Industry status:

At present, energy saving, environmental protection and electronic information technology are the key development direction of auto parts manufacturing industry in the future. With the development of new energy vehicles, lightweight is the trend, so the development of new materials is the key to the automotive industry. Lightweight requires the miniaturization and simplification of the functional parts of the automobile. Components of rolling bearings or copper bushing are complex in structure. Some automotive functional parts actuators require full cycle maintenance free, and rolling bearings or copper bushing need regular refueling maintenance. Automotive industry competition is fierce, cost reduction is an inevitable requirement of the industry, the need for low-cost high-performance materials.

Choose from our selection of self-lubricating bearings, including oil-embedded sleeve bearings, dry-running sleeve bearings, and more.

PTFE dry sliding bushings

Polymer Sleeve Bushing

flange composite bushings

Flange Polymer Plain Bearing

PTFE lined thrust washer

PTFE Polymer Coating Washer


Tribology automotive bush solutions

As the world’s high quality manufacturer of high performance plain bearing tribology solution and self-lubricating bearings supplier, Viiplus with solid professional knowledge of authority, for multiple areas of the world’s customers provide fast and efficient service, our bearings bush products all over the world every day in all kinds of play a role in critical applications, constantly promote industrial world development and progress.

More than bearings. Customized Solutions.

Viiplus is used in the automotive industry for seat sliding bearing applications to improve seat comfort, as well as providing transmission tribological self-lubricating bearings solutions and tribological coating bearing bush solutions.

With increasing demands for noise reduction, electrification, autonomous driving and comfort, automakers need to study every component of their vehicles to reduce weight and expand space.

Viiplus self-lubricating bearing and surface solutions not only meet stringent design, function and emission standards, but also help improve the safety and reliability of vehicles, enabling them to have better fuel economy and greatly improve customer satisfaction. Viiplus has also introduced bearing polymer coatings as an environmentally friendly plain bearing solution that can replace traditional hard chromium plating solutions with high toxic levels and high cost.

Self-lubricating Bearings Automotive Seat Application

Self-lubricating Bearings Automotive Seat Application

Automotive bush benefits:

Noise elimination, Vibration damping, Improved comfort, Weight reduction

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Our self-lubricating bearing is also the ideal bearing for high performance suspension scheme.

Viiplus’ tribology automotive bush solutions are designed to create a superior driving experience. The range of plain bearing materials has enhanced performance to meet the strict performance requirements, with reliable long life and low coefficient of friction, providing significant advantages for smooth operation, dimensional stability and high-precision motion.

Exceed Expectations: Reliable sliding bearings solutions for automotive applications

  • Steering system: steering support base, steering column, steering oil pump
  • Variable speed system: rear output shaft, spindle, reverse shaft, clutch, pump, solenoid valve, planetary gear set, shift fork
  • Seat: seat adjuster, height adjustment mechanism and seat frame
  • Axle: transmission train, kingpin
  • Braking system
  • Hinges: door hinge, trunk, hood hinge, automatic door closing device
  • Engine management: water and oil pump, tensifier wheel, pulley damper
  • Wiper
  • Cabriolet roof
  • Interior
  • Suspension and shock absorbers
  • The control rods
  • The pedal

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Viiplus offers a comprehensive selection of plain bearing solutions to meet the world’s demanding bearing needs. We manufacture Metal-Polymer Bearings, Engineered Plastics Bearings, Composite Bearings, Metal & Bimetal Bearings, in addition to a range of supporting assemblies, bushing blocks and thrust plates.

Self-lubricating bearings bush in the automotive industry

Find out how automotive companies around the world are using industry and application specific sliding bearing solutions to increase productivity, flexibility, and efficiency.

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Incorporate new automotive bush solutions to undercar issues.

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