The High Temperature Bronze Bearing Solution

Self-lubricating Bronze BearingFor High Temperature Applications

High temperature bronze bearing

The first and foremost is to be able to withstand high temperatures.There are many kinds of high temperature bearing, according to different needs, different environments, can be installed in different types of bearing.

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High temperature bronze bearing
High temperature bronze bearing
High temperature bronze bearing
High temperature bronze bearing
Bronze Bearing Solution

Graphite bronze bearing in tunnel kiln car application

High temperature bronze bearings solutions, wide range for different thermal levels.

High-Temperature graphite bronze bearings provides a layer of dry lubrication that operates in high-temperature environments.

Graphite bronze bearing production
Graphite bronze bearing

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Graphite bronze bearing, because of its unique wear resistance, self-lubrication and high temperature resistance, is used in heavy load, low speed and high temperature tunnel kiln car, instead of needle roller bearing, has high practicability and better economy.

“High-Temperature Performance Bronze Bearings Solutions”

Cast tin bronze inlaid graphite bronze bearing in high temperature application

Bronze bearings operate at higher temperatures without losing ability to carry loads without creep and at sub-zero temperature without becoming hard and brittle. They have excellent heat dissipation for high loads and speeds

Type of self-lubricated Bushing, Made in china

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Suitable for extreme Temperature demanding conditions.

  • Ordinary high temperature bronze bearing
  • Special high temperature bronze bearing

High temperature bearings are widely used in metallurgy, furnace, glass, blast furnace, painting equipment and other high temperature operating machinery.

Bronze bearings belong to the category of sliding bearings with high density, high bearing pressure, good wear resistance, long service life and other advantages, widely used in lifting machinery, construction machinery, automobile tractor chassis, machine tool industry and mining machinery.

Bronze Bearing Material

As a bearing material, bronze has the advantages of high density, large bearing capacity, good wear resistance, long service life and so on. It is also widely used.

Copper alloy has high strength, good friction reduction and wear resistance.Bronze has better properties than brass and is the most commonly used material.There are several kinds of bronze, such as tin bronze, lead bronze and aluminum bronze, among which tin bronze has the best anti-friction property and is widely used.However, tin bronze has higher hardness than bearing alloy, poor running-in and embeddability, and is suitable for heavy load and medium speed occasions.Lead bronze has strong adhesion resistance, suitable for high speed and heavy load bearing.Aluminum bronze has high strength and hardness and poor adhesion resistance. It is suitable for low speed and heavy load bearing.

Special bronze alloys bearing for High Temperature!

Looking for a bearing that can withstand extreme temperatures and still maintain excellent performance?

And alloy Cupb5sn5zn5 material tin bronze bushing with graphite for temperatures up to 400°c,without graphite lubricate can provide up to 600°c High temperature resistance.We have been committed How to help optimize and improve bearings for various high temperature applications such as industrial valves.We are more than a metal lubricating bearing supplier.Is your tribology partner.We will work with you from the earliest days of the design to help you find potential risks and help you go further in the future.

High Temperature Bearing Solutions

We offer a range of bronzes especially suitable for applications such as mold,stamp tool , marine tube bearing bushings accessories or valve and pipeline components.For pieces with an bronze bushings & sliding bearings diameter of ≤ 400 mm. For larger sizes values to be agreed with the order.For Small size ≥8 mm.

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