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  • Pivot points bushings 

  • Excavator bucket agricultural machinery bushing bronze sleeve harvester spare
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Bronze Bearing Bushing Manufacturer,Country of origin: china,for Combine-harvester bronze bushing parts.

Industrial Focus

Today, we power the hardest-working industrial machinery.

Bronze bushing for transmission of Claas (Commandor, Dominator, Lexion, Medion, Mega, Tucano) combine harvesters. Dimention in MM: Inner diameter – 50 Outer diameter – 53 Height – 40. Aftermarket spare parts.


  • Inner diameter , d mm 50
  • Outer diameter , D mm 53
  • Height , H mm 40

Special custom dimensions and imperial sizes are available on request.

Bearing its free maintenance features, and under the condition of dust and outdoor characteristics such as good abrasion resistance, therefore widely used in agricultural machinery industry, such as combine harvester, planter, banding machine, grinder, tractors and other oil cylinder, suspension system, such as joints can’t come on or it is difficult to form the part of the oil film.


A spare part for the transmission of the Claas combine harvesters.Our bronze bushing products are widely used in all industries.


Ensuring the optimal level of friction between the elements of the node during its operation.

This spare part is used for replacing worn out or damaged parts during repairs.


Bronze product in the form of a piece of a hollow cylinder with collar, internal perforation and slot in the side surface.

Longer service sliding bearings life

Downtime for more difficult repairs, bearing replacements, or just lube joints is a waste of money and time.Proved superior to conventional lubricated copper, steel and rolling bearings, they are often used in demanding applications in construction and agricultural equipment.

Sliding Bronze Bearings are widely used as follows:

  • Links and pivot points
  • Hinge
  • The pedal
  • Steering and mounting components
  • King pin
  • The hydraulic cylinder

Reliable Self -lubrication bushes solution

In agricultural equipment, bearings are subject to friction and wear during edge and interface lubrication. Our bearings offer more reliable performance than copper bearings with a load capacity of up to 620 MPa to protect the shaft or pin from wear, good corrosion resistance and shock resistance and edge load capacity.

Eliminating the use of grease to reduce maintenance on self-lubricating bearings is ideal for applications that require a longer life and can be maintenance-free under operating conditions with insufficient or lack of lubrication.

  1. improve performance and extend service life
  2. excellent low friction performance
  3. cost reduction
  4. environmental protection

Bearing replacement parts

It provides solutions to meet the specific needs of each application, providing a wide range of standard or custom bearings with superior performance under a variety of load, speed and temperature conditions.

The self-lubricating materials we use for bearings are corrosion resistant, providing superior wear resistance, chemical resistance, cavitation resistance, flow corrosion and fatigue resistance. Without lubrication, the equipment no longer needs to be stopped for maintenance, resulting in a low maintenance cost and a very economical environmental product.

Design partners in reliable tribology,VIIPLUS offers globally expertise in polymer coatings, plain bearings and self-lubricating bushings for friction reduction.Official

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VIIPLUS applies its deep knowledge of metallurgy, tribology and mechanical systems to improve the reliability and efficiency of equipment and machinery self-lubricating bronze bushings worldwide.

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