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We offers a wide range of metal polymer bearings with PTFE ideal for all applications: du bushes, composite bearings, dry sliding bearings, dx bush bearings, etc.

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Self-lubricating Bushing & BearingMade To Order

We have everything you need for your marine bearings.

Self-lubricating bearings advanced engineering composite materials, exclusively manufactured by Viiplus, and are widely recognised as the industry standard for demanding applications such as stern tube, rudder and propeller bearings, steering gear, cranes, davits and many other applications.

Plain bearing composite materials combine high strength with excellent wear resistance and durability, yielding high performance bearings for all types of service conditions, especially in arduous abrasive and sand laden waters, thus reducing maintenance and operating costs for end users.

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plain bearing composite material
plain bearing composite material
plain bearing composite material
plain bearing composite material
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The world’s leading composite bearings for the shipping & marine industries.

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Composite Bushings Solutions for Port machinery

The mixture of PTFE and lipophilic fiber can form a good transfer film to protect the grinding shaft during movement.

The sintering layer and the copper substrate have good thermal conductivity, which can quickly transfer the heat generated in the process of operation.

port machinery bushings
PTFE composite bushings

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We offer a large selection of graphite copper sleeve and flange bushing.

MAINTENANCE Self-lubricating flange bushing, highly durable, and reliable bushing supplier with or without graphite plugged. Learn more!


oilless bushing

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Marine bearings are available in tubes, half shells, stave bearings, fully machined bearings and can include bronze or stainless steel housings if required. Bearing design including calculation sheet and technical assistance can also be provided to ensure the customer achieves the optimum solution.

self-lubricating bushings

Keeping the Bearing in Motion

  • Market-Leading Wear Performance
  • Does Not Require Clean Water Systems
  • Excellent Stability
  • Low Noise
  • Shaft Friendly
  • Accepts Misalignment
  • Approved by All Major Classification Societies
  • Significant Worldwide Stocks
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Works with All Lubrication Systems
  • Easy to Machine, Fit, and Install
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Viiplus offers a growing portfolio of self-lubricating bearings and marine bushings products and services to keep industries moving efficiently and reliably.
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