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The use of robotics and automation continues to grow more prevalent across industries, particularly in manufacturing, as companies are realizing the full potential of its ability to reduce costs, boost productivity and deliver greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Typical industrial applications for robots include welding, painting, assembly, product inspection and testing. As technology advances, bearings in automation are showing exponential improvements in endurance, speed, and accuracy, with more sensitive applications in medicine and other high-tech sectors becoming commonplace.

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Low-cost automated self-lubricating bearings.

Low-cost automation: We introduce self-lubricating bearings for robots

Lightweight self-lubricating bearings for robotic applications.

Fast, low-cost self-lubricating solutions.

This lightweight self-lubricating bearing wear-resistant bushings are used for gearbox bushings. Self-lubricating bearings revolutionize automation

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The use of self-lubricating bushings is compact and lightweight. Light weight, is currently on the market metal bearing heavy light robot bearing material, self-lubricating bearing cost budget lower areas.

Many novel and innovative self-lubricating bearing ideas have thus become feasible, with a variety of possibilities for low-cost self-lubricating bearings. For example, graphite copper bushings are used in robot arms.

In addition, the price of self-lubricating bearings for robots is relatively low worldwide, so it is extremely cost-effective to use this automation product.”


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Beautifully crafted leather products.

In addition to the price, the self-lubricating bearing reduces costs and has a simple structure. with robots, as we offer self-lubricating bearings.

Additional support can be provided to users, such as assisting them in selecting the right low-cost automation bushing solution. After sending an immediate email for a free online consultation, users can also test and select a matching self-lubricating bearing. Depending on the self-lubricating bearing option, a fixed price quote will be provided.

With Low Cost Self-Lubricating Bearings, users can find self-lubricating components from a variety of materials, such as various robot bushings, etc. On a “build it or buy it” basis, customers can configure bushings for their robots in suspension or order self-lubricating bearings directly for standard size robotic solutions.

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If you need help in selecting the best self-lubricating bearings products for your robotics & automation application, please remember that design engineering and application assistance are available from Viiplus as part of our value-added services designed to make your job easier.

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We offer a large selection of graphite copper sleeve and flange bushing.

MAINTENANCE Self-lubricating flange bushing, highly durable, and reliable bushing supplier with or without graphite plugged. Learn more!


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Viiplus’ high-performance self-lubricating bearing solutions are engineered to ensure extended equipment life and reduce downtime. Our experts work side-by-side with robotic equipment bushings manufacturers to design and develop the optimum sliding bearings solution to meet customers’ application needs.


As the world changes, so do we.

Our growing portfolio of plain bearings products is designed to meet our global customers’ evolving needs.

The Viiplus Company is a global robotics & automation leader with a growing portfolio of engineered bearings and self-lubricating bearings. With more than a century of knowledge and innovation, we continuously improve the reliability and efficiency of global industries to move the world forward.

Use our bushing & bearing knowledge to make the world’s automation industries work better.

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Metric & Inch, Advancing Our Position as a Global Automation Industrial Bearing Leader.Inquiry Now! Self-lubricating Bushing Technology! Stepping forward together with our customers, Technologies for top performance!

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