Bushings for heavy metal-forming equipment

Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing for Extruding machine,extrusion moulding machine.Case of plastic injection machine sliding bearing.

Extrusion Moulding Machine Bushings

A forging and pressing equipment manufacturing enterprise, its new forging and pressing equipment operating conditions are bad, the environment temperature is high, there is a lot of water vapor, before the use of aluminum bronze cover and steel cover, wear resistance is poor, can not meet the customer’s design and use requirements.Moreover, the maintenance cost of users is very high, which affects the normal production of users.After that, the enterprise came to our company for consultation and understanding of self-lubricating bearings, and our company also went to the r&d department of the enterprise to fully communicate and exchange, according to the different parts of the equipment and different requirements, recommended the use of our high-strength self-lubricating bearings of different materials.After the use of the customer comparison verification, the performance is good, the maintenance cycle than the original extension of more than 2 times, greatly reduce the use of the enterprise’s cost.Now all the equipment of the company adopts various self-lubricating bearings produced by our company.

Bronze Bushing Special manufacturing

Extrusion molding machine with a variety of materials of bronze bushing bearings products, mainly tin bronze bushings and aluminum bronze bushings, some parts of which can choose graphite bronze bushings or other types of oilless bearing, self-lubricating bearing, the effect will be very good.

Plastic injection machine sliding bearing

A domestic injection molding machine enterprise to develop a new type of all-electric servo injection molding machine, referring to foreign leading enterprises, need to choose high quality self-lubricating bushing, especially injection molding machine locking mechanism bushing (connecting rod bushing) because of the pressure, high reliability requirements, must choose high strength self-lubricating bushing.My company according to many years of experience in supporting industry, my company’s patent to recommend products, high strength graphite copper sleeve, and according to the customer the design of the machine, the machine other moving parts, such as copper rod set of copper (junior), shot move the guide rod copper sets, crosshead copper sets, thimble copper set of design and product selection and so on, and the use of liner products provides the rationalization proposal and installation, etc.For the customer to shorten the r & d and manufacturing cycle, made a contribution.After more than two years of use, very successful.Now, our company has been chosen as the partner for the development of machines of the same type and other tonnage by our customers, and the cooperation between us is very pleasant.

Injection molding machine with a lot of copper cover, there are two plates of copper parts, connecting rod copper bushing, copper bushing, bearing (guide bronze bushings), two plates sliding bronze plate, copper plate, according to different parts of the work requirements, respectively can choose graphite bronze bushing, high strength graphite brass bearings, composite bushing, graphite bronze wear plate ,turust washer and so on.Different self-lubricating bronze bushing product collocation can achieve the best use effect, cost-effective.

Die Casting Machine Oilless Bronze Bushings

Die casting machine working environment, high temperature, water and gas pollution, poor lubrication effect, very suitable for oilless lubrication bearings;Die casting machine many parts on the use of bronze bushings, tie rod bronze bushings, connecting rod bronze bushings,slide plate bronze wear plate,brass plate, according to different parts of the work requirements, respectively can choose graphite bronze bushings, high strength graphite bronze bushings, composite bushing, graphite bronze plate and other products.Different parts of the selection and matching of appropriate products can achieve the best use effect, cost-effective.

Heavy equipment self – lubricating bearings

self-lubricating bearing for crusher.

The bronze bushing bearings used in the crusher is a special tin bronze cover, which requires large bearing capacity and allows high linear velocity.

Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing for Press machine,punching machine.

Mechanical pressure machine with a large number of bronze bushing bearings products, there are aluminum bronze bearing, tin bronze bushing, bronze guide plate, in some specific parts, can choose graphite bronze bushing and plugged graphite bronze plate, can achieve better results.

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