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The application of self-lubricating bearings in automobiles is being promoted rapidly.

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Let’s Face It – Self-lubricating Bearings Work In A Tough World.

Bearing damage and  failure analysis

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The quality of bearings used in various parts of automobiles plays a very important role, and is also one of the key parts of the production of automobiles.

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Self-lubricating bearing

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A major imperative in bearing design is to reduce friction to improve the performance and life characteristics of the bearing.

oilless bushings in mining equipment
oilless dry sliding bushings composite bearings


For long-lasting, low friction performance

How to correctly identify whether self-lubricating bearings are damaged?

“Saving energy and reducing consumption” is the focus topic of the automobile manufacturing industry. There are various ways related to it, and improving fuel efficiency is one of the key ways.

In order to improve the fuel efficiency, the first step is to further improve the ignition and improve the thermal efficiency, and the second step is to reduce the friction in various fields of the self-lubricating bearings of the automobile power transmission device and improve the transmission system efficiency.

Self-lubricating bearings can more efficiently boost the automobile power transmission device to reduce friction, improve the transmission system efficiency and gasoline and diesel efficiency, boost the automobile new energy and cost increase.

pom composite bearing bushings

The performance of metal-polymer bushings in compressors is not only dependent on clearance, but also on the material’s ability to withstand the speeds, loads, temperatures, and corrosive attacks seen in these applications. Typical compressor bearing failures include wear, fatigue and cavitation. Thanks to the science of polymer bearings combining fillers in PTFE, metal-polymer manufacturers have been able to design materials that can withstand wear and fatigue as well as, and in most cases, better than bearings. traditional compressor.


In specific application, Viiplus self-lubricating bearings mainly show great advantages incomparable to other types of rolling bearings.

Application in automobile manufacturing industry

1. Shock Absorber:
McPherson structure shock absorbers are applied to rolling bearings, the key has the support point, adjust the torque and absorb the vibration from the road surface when the vehicle is operating, the key is divided into two types of rolling bearings and rolling bearings, rolling bearings — self-lubricating bearings key is oilesps-bearing.Compared with rolling bearings, the greater advantages of self-lubricating bearings are automobile lightweight and cost reduction.

2. Steam exhaust pipe:

The key to the use of self-lubricating bearings on the exhaust pipe is to develop the muffler around the lower end of the intake branch pipe and the rear end.Because of its excellent airtightness, excellent attenuation coefficient vibration characteristics and is widely used, and self-lubricating bearings because of its brief for the overall exhaust pipe design scheme to save a very large indoor space.

3. Steering machine:

Self-lubricating bearings at the present stage are booming upward development trend of a variety of electronic power vehicle steering system (C-EPS, R-EPS, P-EPS, DP-EPS, etc.) are inseparable from RackGuide(i.e. Supportyoke) and Rackbushing, the 2 commodities are the key security personnel parts for the car,The need is obvious.

4. The window:

The internal product key is divided into Seat Damper and seat Bushings. Seat hydraulic dampers are used in SUVs and MPVs, and self-lubricating bearings ensure the safety of the rear seat when it falls to the ground. They also improve the overall level of the seat interior.

5. Body:

Engine cover door hinge, side door hinge, car trunk door hinge and other car body position can choose the oilless cladding bushing, self-lubricating bearing excellent characteristics and quality assurance so that the oilless cladding bushing has been continuously sold in the market without doubt.

Metal-Polymer Bearings for Automotive Applications

To improve performance, manufacturers of automotive air conditioning compressors are constantly in the search of new bearing solutions enabling:

  • More compact designs to reduce weight for lower fuel consumption and easier installation
  • Smoother operation to reduce NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) for greater customer satisfaction
  • Better compatibility with new, more environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Greater suitability under low-speed idling and stop-start operation for reduced fuel consumption

Automotive Compressor Bearing Solution

The DP31 self-lubricating metal / polymer bearing structure consists of a strong steel base, an intermediate layer of sintered bronze, impregnated and coated with an anti-friction coating consisting of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), fluoropolymer and other fillers that improve performance.

The design, structure and composition of DP31 self-lubricating bearings are ideally suited to compressors and have successfully replaced needle roller bearings.

Automotive Bearings – Benefits

For compressors, the benefits of metal polymer DP31 composite bearings include:

  • Compact, weight-saving designs ; thin-wall bearings allow housing dimensions to be reduced
  • Better damping and lower operating noise due to the absence of moving parts and metal-to-metal contact between the bearing and shaft.
  • Conformable bearing liner for better compensation for misalignment and edge loading from shaft deflection, particularly on the pulley side
  • Simpler assembly due to the absence of moving parts
  • Improved reliability and self-lubrication properties during low-speed idling and stop-start operation
  • Compatibility with new refrigerants
  • Environmentally friendly lead-free bearing composition

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