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Viiplus provide a wide range of heavy duty top rollers / carrier rollers and bottom rollers / track rollers.

Bimetal Bushings For Track Roller


Full range of excavator or buldozer undercarriage bushings

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Viiplus is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of track roller bearing components and solutions. In track roller applications, safety and reliability are particularly important; Engineers are working to reduce space, reduce weight and improve passenger comfort. Tribology Bimetal Bearing Bushing Solutions, surface solutions developed over many years that not only meet and exceed regulatory and safety requirements, but also help provide an excellent safety experience for the track roller. Because of its superior track roller bimetal bushing performance and stable solution, VIIPLUS is widely trusted by domestic and international customers, including all major commercial automobile manufacturers as well as bearing suppliers.

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Do you have a special application in which you use self-lubricating bushings plain bearings?

Fiberglide bushing self-lubricating washer fabric

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Track Roller Technology – Reduce weight & save space

We are in providing the high quality undercarriage bushings for construction equipment.

Bimetal flanged sliding bearing structure is more compact, lighter, cleaner, to replace the larger, heavier, need to lubricate metal bearings, thus saving space and reducing weight.

Bimetal bearings do not require hardening and processing of grease channels, while also saving space and weight and simplifying assembly. Low friction materials reduce power losses, thereby increasing output and efficiency.


Quality Flange Bearing Track Roller For Excavator Undercarriage, Bimetal Busing Improve energy efficiency & reduce costs

Our Heavy Duty Bimetal Bushings For Track Roller Can’T Be Beaten On Price Or Performance

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Thanks To Our Global Network, We Can Deliver Rapid Bimetal Bushings Solutions To Meet Our Customers’ Specific Individual Needs For Track Roller.


Surface dry bearing solutions

Surface solutions are grease – and lead-free, complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Compared to traditional roller bearings, a wide range of custom-made surface solutions offer many advantages, such as safety, greater load capacity, higher impact resistance and quieter operation. And according to customer needs, customized exclusive solutions and products.


Lead-free bimetal bearing ,Environmentally friendly & customizable

Precision Track Roller Bushing Available Online Sourcing At We offer a comprehensive range of bimetal bearing combinations, safety, quality, customer service, and application expertise in the global market. Sincerely welcome customers of various industries and fields to contact us and have cooperation.


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High-Quality Undercarriage Parts, Track Roller Bimetal Bushing Collar Type

Our research and development team professional experiences for the design, engineering, and development of innovative undercarriage bushings solutions, both for standard and special applications.

Track rollers also called bottom rollers and bottom rollers are used to support the weight of track excavators and to roll on the tracking link. It is also used to maintain the connection of the track to prevent lateral slippage. When the excavator spins, the lower roller of the mini excavator forces the track assembly to jump to the ground.

Structure of undercarriage track roller

Carrier Roller Excavator Undercarriage Upper Roller

Track rollers often end up in mud, water and simply get hit hard. Therefore, they must be reliable and durable.

  • Track roller with good quality bronze bushings – bimetal bushings
  • Well lubricated oil recycle system
Undercarriage bimetal bushing parts? – Bimetal bushings bearing collar types available

Bimetal Bushing Material

  • Steel+CuPb10Sn10

Bimetal bearings are suitable for heavy loads and shock loads. Our bimetal bearings are corrosion resistant and easy to install, making them ideal for emergency changeovers.

  1. Sinter bronze powder: good wear resistance and excellent load carrying capacity.
  2. Steel backing: gives exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation.
  3. Copper plating 0.002mm, good corrosion resistance.

Excavator Spare Parts Undercarriage Parts Bimetal Bushings

Bimetal bushings for excavator track roller is based on steel plate which special alloy is sintered on it. It shows high loading ability and high ability of fatigue resistance.

Provide all-round design services to meet their every requirement.

Complete undercarriage bushings solutions

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