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Viiplus provides applications for the widest machine tool range, including machine tool bushings.

Machine tool bushing

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Machinery – Machine tools bushings selection

Wrapped bushings

Extended Life

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Bronze bearing

High Performance

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Sleeve bushing

High Reliability

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Machine tool bushings

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Graphite plugged bushing



Groove ball bearing

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Bimetal bushing

Safe & Reliable

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Wrapped bronze bushings

Reasonable Price

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Composite bushings POM material

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Customized Solutions

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The standard for machine tool bearings

Based on our complete machine tools bushings portfolio, we develop tailor-made oilless bushes to fit your custom requirements.

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Do you have a special application in which you use self-lubricating bushings plain bearings?

Fiberglide bushing self-lubricating washer fabric

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Sliding Bearing Technology

The machine tool bushings industry and its related manufacturing technologies are the backbone of modern manufacturing.


Individual, cost-optimised bushings solutions for your machine tool

Perfectly coordinated connection technology adapted for extreme requirements

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Our self-lubricating bearings solutions can be used on converting, separating or assembling machine tools. In the process we employ technologies that are established and certified worldwide.


Provide an integrated oilless bushings solution to the costumers At

We can also apply a combination of techniques to obtain machine tool bushings.

Customized solutions for machine tools bushings

Machine tools enable the production of other industrial machinery and equipment as well as a myriad of sophisticated components for a variety of industries: they are the starting point for almost all metal fabrication activities. Without a high precision machine tool, we could not find products like bicycles, airplanes, watches, cars or computers in the market, because each of them needs a machine shaped part.

The type of metalworking machine tool bushings is very diverse, depending on the technology used.

boccole autolubrificanti bushing

Range of machine tools bushings safety services

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