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Metal Dry Bushing- The Tribology Solution

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We manufacture Boccole Autolubrificanti bearings for exceptional performance

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Boccole Autolubrificanti Online

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Dry Bushing Supplier – DU Type

Our dry bearings are the top choice for manufacturers in the automotive, marine, and industrial markets.

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Do you have a special application in which you use self-lubricating bushings plain bearings?

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Viiplus is the professional manufacture & sale of dry bushing and bearings. There is no oil production & operation of thousands of different specification of bearings products. High quality factory. Short & Reliable Delivery. Safety Quality Assurance.


Check out our online metal dry bushing product catalog with more than 1,000 products with full specifications & size available for download – all free of charge!


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Self Lubricating Bushings – Select, Configure, Order. Delivers on time and at competitive prices.

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Online dry bushing and bearing catalog from Wide Selection to handle your Boccole Autolubrificanti manufacturing needs.

Improve technology without lubrication

Dry bearings are the easiest and most convenient method of lubrication. However, any bearing surface based on dry lubrication gradually wears out during relative movement.

oilless bushing

Metal Dry Bushing – The Ultimate Tribology that Expands our Horizons

This environmentally friendly, lead-free, self-lubricating metal-polymer bearing requires no additional lubricant. It combines a low friction polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) bearing surface with the strength and dimensional stability of a metal substrate.

Dry Bushing Material

  1. PTFE+Filler
  2. Steel backing
  3. Copper-plating/tin-plating

Dry bushings characteristics

  • Applicable in dry lubrication and suitable for the field that requires small size and light weight.
  • Low friction-coefficient and abrasion resistance in high load and low speed condition.
  • Applicable in wide temperature range.
  • Provides superior chemical resistance, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, and heat conductivity.
  • Standards parts and custom-made parts available

Dry bushing application

  • Agricultural machinery: tractors, combine harvesters, crop sprayers, bulldozers, graders, etc.
  • Automotive: power steering pump, steering gear thrust gasket, disc brake, shock absorber, door hinge, windshield wiper, chair adjuster, air valve and solenoid valve, etc.
  • Office and business machinery: copier, fax machine, printer, mail processing machine, etc.
  • Hydraulic components and valves: gear pump, piston pump, vane pump, ball valve, butterfly valve, cylinder, cylinder and other hydraulic components;
  • Home appliances: refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, washing machines, microwave ovens, fitness equipment, etc.
  • And other logistics machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, port machinery, mineral machinery, forest machinery and all kinds of engineering machinery and equipment.

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