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Plain bushes are used not only for rotary and oscillating motion but also for linear motion with short or long stroke lengths. Sliding bushings are a separate type of plain bearing used to prevent friction. They are cylindrical bushings used inside a shaft, pin or hinge to prevent wear in the bore. Sliding bushings are inserted into the housing to provide a bearing surface for rotating applications.

Metal/polymer composite plain bush, maintenance-free, ISO 3547, with steel backing
Bush, Metal/polymer composite plain bush, maintenance-free, ISO 3547, with bronze backing
Wrapped Steel Flanged Bushes, Please select your sizes & options…
maintenance-free, polymer composite plain bearings with the sliding material ptfe, lubrication is not necessary at any point during the operating life due to the use of PTFE as a dry lubricant.

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Metal-polymer Composite Plain Bearings

With bearings to help stage lighting artistic effect performance, coruscate people’s aesthetic experience.

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Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated

Metal-ploymer Composite Plain Bearing Bushes – Excellent Supplier from China.

Together with you, we translate technical challenges into tailor-made solutions. Optimal service is therefore the standard for us.

Metal-ploymer composite plain bearings
Metal-ploymer composite plain bearings

Maintenance-free, Low-maintenance, Special designs, Special materials, Metal-polymer composite plain bearings

■ Bushes
■ Thrust washers
■ Strips

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Bronze Bushing Projects.

Minimal stock keeping and fast deliveries.

We offer an extensive range of bronze bushing products for your requirements.

wrappeed bronze bushings

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Metal-ploymer composite plain bearings
Metal-ploymer composite plain bearings
Metal-ploymer composite plain bearings
High Wear Resistance with Low Friction

Metal-polymer composite plain bearings, low-maintenance

ISO 3547
With steel backing

Metal-polymer bearings offer excellent friction and wear resistance properties and can be operated dry or with external lubrication. Due to their unique composite structure, they achieve superior performance.

Metric bearings and custom imperial bushings: standard bushings shapes in special dimensions, half bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping, bearings with locating grooves, lubrication holes and machined grooves, custom bushings designs

High Quality Bearing Bush Manufacturers

The promise of composite bearings high quality, meet your requirement.

Bush Type Bearing

Cylindrical bushings, flanged bushings and strips are standard fabrication.

Specialists in Grease lubricated metal-polymer plain bearings DX bushes type

Customer plain bushes

DX marginally lubricated bushings for grease or oil lubricated applications

Standard parts contain grease indents in the sliding layer; plain sliding layer available by request

Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds

Suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements

Wide range of parts available from stock

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Metal-Polymer Composite Plain Bearings

Choose your proper composite bearings to meet your requirements that can attach your application.

Reliable & Safe POM Composite Plain Bushes and Bearings Supplier 100% lubricating

Sliding material: Self-lubricating and lubrication bushings

With a global supply chain, we offer fast and reliable plain bearing solutions to meet the demands of the market – anywhere in the world.

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Metal-polymer composite plain bearings –An economical alternative

Metal-polymer composite plain bearings are bearings for very small radial or axial design envelopes. They operate with little noise and are particularly suitable where high loads must be supported in combination with a relatively slow rotating and rocking motion. These products are available as bushings, flanged bushings and thrust washers in two material groups.

Metal-polymer composite plain bearings are a cost-effective alternative for many industrial and automotive applications.


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Metal-ploymer composite plain bearings for stage lighting equipment

Durable – low-friction – economical

Bearing Bush Material-POM Material

Bushing & Bearing Construction – We Develop Solutions For Producing Your Composite Bearing Parts, POM Composite Bushings Supplier, Straight Bushings & Flange Size! Metal Bushing Material, Sourcing Online

High Performance Composite bushings

Save the time and costs, increases the service life, prevents failures.

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Metal-ploymer composite plain bearings for stage lighting equipment

Plain Bushes Industry & Application


The composite sliding bearings developed by us are maintenance-free, self-lubricating, easy to install, suitable for rotation and linear motion, etc. They are very suitable for stage lighting equipment, so that the stage lighting equipment system can serve the art stage more accurately and successfully.

Our metal-polymer composite plain bearings solutions are not only suitable for stage lighting equipment, but also can be used in more fields, such as: automotive industry, textile industry, food filling, fitness equipment, etc.

bushing application - automotive


bushing application - textile machine

Textile machine

bushing application - food machine

Food machine

fitness equipment


bushing application - agriculture


bushing application - construction


Polymer composite plain bearings design.

Breathtaking design for home living.

The low-maintenance, polymer composite plain bearings with the sliding material ptfe receive an initial lubrication at the start of operation. Since the sliding layer has lubrication pockets, this initial lubrication is sufficient in most cases.

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