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plastic bearings bushings

We are dedicated to providing high-performance plastic bearings bushings for elevator application.

Long-lasting, self-lubricating plastics

Let our experts assist you at finding the most efficient plain bearing manufacturing method, along with the ideal high-performance plastic material, to meet your specific requirements.

Viiplus Quality Plastic Bearings Bushings, Escort Elevator Safe And Efficient Operation.

The two types of elevators are vertical elevators and escalators or sidewalk elevators.

Elevator, has become an essential transportation equipment in daily life, and the safety of the use of the elevator, is closely related to us.

Due to the large equipment maintenance project in the elevator industry, the requirement of long life of bearings is particularly prominent. EPB engineering plastic bearings bushings are used in many parts of elevators.

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Custom plastic bearing and parts

The excellent wear resistance and maintenance-free performance of EPB engineering plastic bearings bushings are used in the brake components of the elevator traction machine, which can achieve long-term maintenance-free to ensure the normal operation of the traction machine.

plain plastic bearings bushings for escalator
plastic bearings bushings

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Custom Bearings Made From High-Strength Plastic

We are a world class leader in elevators escalators & moving walkways plastic bearings bushings. New elevators plastic plain bearings, modernization tools, & world class service packages for your business.

Plastic Bushing Production.

Moving Our Bearing Forward, For Good.

Worldwide, we associates are committed to positively moving our world forward – through our bushing products, services and actions.

sleeve bearing with flange, mm Excellent price

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plastic bearings bushings
plastic bearings bushings
plastic bearings bushings
Maintenance-free and lubrication-free.

Maintenance-free plastic plain bearings.

Sleeve plastic bearings bushings, mm

  • Popular material worldwide
  • High wear resistance
  • Resistance to dust and dirt
  • Cost-effective
Optimized Materials

Excellent cost-effectiveness.

Custom Bearings

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

Engineering plastic self-lubricating bearings

“Have Your Custom Design Plastic Plain Bearings Produced & Manufactured!”


The plastic self-lubricating bearings delivery service is quick and reliable available from stock.

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Sleeve bearing with flange, mm

Custom Service

Different dimensions available from stock!

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plastic plain bearing in Escalator For Airport

Change your plain plastic bearing now and reduce costs by 40%.

Learn more about self-lubricating plastic plain bearings from, designed for maximum service life in extreme industrial conditions with very low cost.

Always self-lubricating, Always long-lasting

10+ years of experience & testing plain plastic bearings guarantee predictable service life

Plain bearings are manufactured from innovative high-performance plastics for a wide range of applications.

plastic bearings bushings for elevator

Plastic Plain Bearings Bushings Alternative For Your Application

Bearing design online

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Request a custom plastic bearings bushings!

Maintenance-free plastic self-lubricating bearings are innovative and versatile
  • 100% self-lubricating and maintenance-free
  • Corrosion-resistant and hygienic
  • Good edge-load resistance
  • Wear-resistant in dusty and dirty environment
  • Savings potential up to 40%
  • No minimum order cost or quantity
  • Shipped from stock in as little as 24 hours
  • Service life can be calculated online

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Plain bearing application examples

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Quality and design services

Extended Service Life Solutions

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Plastic plain bearings are particularly cost-effective

We have been continuously working to develop and perfect our unique and innovative bearing manufacturing processes.

Plastic bearings for elevator industries

  • Rotating escalator chain
    PEC03 Escalator Rotary Chain: It has a patented structural design and uses EPB15 plastic plain bearings as the key wear resistant bearings; offers dustproof, quiet and maintenance-free operation;
  • Traction machine
    EPB plastic bearings: excellent wear resistance and maintenance-free performance; used in elevator traction machine brake components and offer normal traction machine operation without long-lasting maintenance;
  • Escalator step chain
    EPB7 Plastic Plain Bearings: Provide long term operation and double safety precautions when used in holes on the roller sprocket shaft. If the rolling bearings fail or jam due to gaps, the plastic roller bearings will keep rotating and achieve a perfect combination of rotation and sliding.
  • Escalators to the airport
    EPB3 plastic sleeve bearings: can be used in airport moving floor chains together with aluminum components for maintenance-free, quiet operation;

EPB Engineering Plastic Bearing Bushings Exist!

  •  The most versatile EPB plastic bearings.Can meet the operating temperature below 80 degrees for most applications, excellent wear resistance and reasonable price is often the design engineer’s first choice of material.
  • Continuous use temperature: -40C/+80C
  • Strong versatility is suitable for most medium and low load occasions
  • Suitable for dry operation, maintenance free
  • Different axial material wear is very small
  • Low friction coefficient
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High Performance Plastic Bearing Polymer-tech Solutions

Plastic bearings bushings for elevator industries

The maintenance needs of equipment in the elevator industry place particularly high service life requirements on bearings. EPB plastic plain bearings are widely used in elevators.

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Besides our online plastic bearings bushings Catalog, other online plain bearings catalogs are also available.

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plastic bearings bushings

High performance polymer technologies creating value for customers

Engineered plastic bearings are made from thermoplastic bearing material processed by injection moulding.

plastic bearings bushings

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Plastic flange bushings

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