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Online Low-maintenance Wrapped Bushing CuSn8 Bronze

Wrapped bronze bushing is a standard item of our company.

These wrapped bronze bushings made from rolled phosphor bronze alloy CuSn8, are extremely versatile and well suited to a wide variety of applications.

Cusn8 gleitlager
oilless bushing


The wrapped bronze bushings designed for slow and heavy loads, especially suited for oscillating movements and are ideal for the construction, mining / quarrying, agricultural and automotive industries.

Wrapped Bronze Bushing Design.

Quality Wrapped Bronze Bushing – Metric Size.

Find your proper wrapped bronze bushing to meet your requirements.

wrapped bronze bushing inch size

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CuSn8 Gleitlager
wrapped bushing
diamond wrought bronze Bronze-wrapped bushing
Online Bronze Bushing

Customized wrapped bronze bushing, meet your requirement.

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Bronze Bushing CuSn8 Material

Wrapped Bronze Bushing With Diamond Pockets CuSn8 Material

Wrapped Bronze Bushing Structure
  • CuSn8 bronze with either grease pockets or holes

Wrapped bronze bushing Material
  • Support materialCuSn8P (DIN 17662)
  • alternative CuSn6P available
The CuSn8 material composition
  • Cu – Balance
  • Sn – 8.5%
  • P – 0.2%
Wrapped bronze bushing featrue
  • Easy for fitting and lubricating
  • High load capacity
  • Inner Diameter machineable available on request
  • High level thermal conductivity
  • Minimum overall dimensions
  • Chemical resistance
Quality Bushing By Quality Team.

“Order Wrapped Bronze Flanged Bushings Online.”

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FB090 Wrapped Bronze Bushing – Metric Size.


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Cusn8 Gleitlager

Online Wrapped Bronze Bushings Better by Design.

Lubrication should be done through the shafts or radial through the housings. All common grease-types or oil can be used.

  • Full range of wrapped bronze bushing bearing
  • Professional high quality factory,90% for export and get very good feedback from customers
  • Customized size and small quantity is accepted
  • ISO DIN1494 standard

Searching your wrapped bronze bushings size.

  • The products inside surface is full of diamond oil indention, which can stock grease.
  • Minim oil lubrication, can be applied in water-lubrication environment
  • Good anti-abrasion, low coefficient of friction, long operating life.
  • Can work consecutively at 100℃~+200℃.
  • Good mending, low-noise, non-pollution
  • This wall, light, can reducing the volume of the machine
  • High density, high load no alveoli
  • The products now are applied in different machine, such as auto machines, pumps, plastic injection machine, auto industry, heavy equipments, etc.

* This type of material is often used for agricultural machinery, brakes and certain construction machinery.

wrapped lubricating bronze bushing

Wrapped bushing, Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

Specific load capacity static < 120 [N/mm2] Temperature strain – 40 [°C] to + 250 [°C]
Specific load capacity dynamic < 40 [N/mm2]
Sliding speed ≤ 2.5 [m/s] Max. PV-value 2.8 [N/mm² x m/s]
Friction value 0.05 [µ] to 0.12 [µ] depending on lubrication The percentage of contact area on the ID > 75 [%]
Support material CuSn8P (DIN 17662) alternative CuSn6P available
Housing Ø H7 Shaft tolerance f7 to h8
Bushing inner-Ø after mounting H9
Steel, hardened or untempered
Surface roughness ≤ Ra 0.8
Economic solution for bronze bearing application due to a thin wall thickness. High load capability and good stability with low abrasion. Suitable for rough working conditions, good corrosion resistance.
Agriculture machinery, truck cranes & construction machinery, suitable for impact loads
It is a low maintenance bushing material. An initial greasing during installation is necessary, after that periodic greasing with oil or grease is mandatory. The diamond pockets are an excellent lubrication depot and keeping maintenance to a minimum.
Housing Chamfer min. 1.5 mm x 15-45°, for easy bushing alignment
Shaft Chamfer 5 mm x 15°, for easy insertion of the shaft
We advises to use a force fitting mandrel for the installation of the bushing. It might be necessary to apply some grease on the outer surface of the bushing when press fitting it into the housing.
Gluing Adhesive should not contact the sliding surface!
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