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VIIPLUS helps the rail industry keep performance on track, working with builders, owners and operators to maximize the reliability and efficiency of their locomotives and rail cars.

High strength graphite bronze plugged bushing or composite bushing can be used for the working rails, which has good performance and is maintenance-free.

The VIIPLUS Company works with the Rail market to ensure the reliability and efficiency of locomotives. Our self-lubricating bronze bearings can help increase loads and speeds, and improve safety and reliability.

Impregnated with our self lubricant material, these bearings are composed of ptfe and special pom material uniformly dispersed within polyacetal plastic resin, a plastic material offering excellent bearing characteristics.

Type with metal backing dry bearing

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  • Metal Bearings
  • Bronze Bushings
  • Brass Bearing
  • Cast Bronze Bushings
  • Self-lubricating Bushings
  • Polymer Coatings Bearings

Engineered for Increased Loads and Speeds

Design partners in reliable tribology,VIIPLUS offers globally expertise in polymer coatings, plain bearings and self-lubricating bushings for friction reduction.official website:www.viiplus.com

The self-lubricating bronze bushing bearing meets the growing demands of rail transportation: increased loads, speeds and longer wheel life. Its oilless bearings simple design incorporates fewer components, reduces bushing bearing weight and offers improved safety and reliability.

Self-lubricating Bearings Solution

VIIPLUS Sliding Bearing Repair brings the rail industry service experts who can replace worn and damaged parts and return the like-new oilless bearings to reliable service.


  • No oil supply required.
  • High-load, high-speed capabilities.
  • Stable shape and dimensions.
  • Thin-wall construction for compact equipment design.
  • Superior wear resistance where oil film formation is difficult, e.g., reciprocating and oscillating motion, frequent start/stop.
  • Availability of standard parts such as wrapped bushes and thrust washers.

Forging the Future of self-lubricating bronze bushings making

VIIPLUS custom bearing solutions and our knowledge of the industry align well with performance expectations from the world’s steelmakers as they push for even greater operational efficiency and reliability, in both new installations and on existing mills.

VIIPLUS works with builders, owners and operators to unlock thinking and develop new technologies. Together, we strive to meet the world’s growing energy needs and address the long-term reliability and economic viability of our natural resources.


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