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In the production of sleeve bearings, bushings and thrust washers a wide range of bearing materials with good anti-friction properties are used for various applications. The components are normally produced from steel supports and solid bronze supports. It is important to consider the operating conditions and characteristics of the available alloys. Factors to consider when choosing a bearing material are fatigue strength, foreign particles, misalignment, imperfect lubrication and operating temperatures.

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Our rolled bronze bearings are available flanged or unflanged and are intended for high loads. These bearings require lubrication and are available with perforations or internal lubrication pockets.Rolled bronze bearings with or without flange which requires lubrication. Suitable for high loads.

Bronze Bushing Bearings Material

  • Nickel Bronze (Lead Free)
  • Copper Lead
  • Leaded Bronze
  • Phosphor Bronze (Solid)
  • Leaded Bronze (Graphite Indented)
  • Leaded Bronze (Ball Indented)
  • Lead Bronze (Diamond Indented)
  • Phosphor Bronze Bushes

Advantage of Bushing

A bush is a ring that ACTS as a liner.In the ministry of hydraulic special oil-free liner high speed operation, after a long period of operation will aggravate wear, if the gap between the hole and shaft is lower than the minimum standard should be replaced parts, so the current shaft sleeve or bushing primarily with low hardness and high wear resistance data.In this way, the bushing of agricultural machinery accessories can reduce the wear and tear to a certain extent, extend the working life, and save time and money for the enterprise.

Bushing classification:

One, for the convenience of disassembly and assembly.

Ii. Plain bearing application,How can we help you?

Bushing is usually avoid axial stress set up move to avoid rolled FB090 bronze bushing central) changes (such as the thickness, the broken shaft on the vertical axial flow pump, oblique flow pump, deep well pump, collar or acetate bearings and rubber bearings “smooth vice”, but in some horizontal pump, for example, in the open double suction pump, bushing axial adjustment effect, while packing sleeve and packing complete sealing effect.Above all wear-resisting effect attributes to protective, above all is wear-resisting effect attributes to protective

The primary effect of the bushing is the plain bearing.In order to save data during the production process, the thickness of the shaft wall is determined according to the bearing load.Generally choose cast copper and bearing alloy materials.According to the requirements of the structure of the sleeve can be divided into open and not open two kinds.

Shallow ground says: if need not bushing, after attrition, what replace is part.The replacement is now the bushing (designed to reduce the hardness of the bushing so that it becomes a bearing part in the conflict pair)..Because of its processing convenience, replacement cost is low, also easy to replace.And, of course, there’s the help effect.So the effect of bushing is economy, easy to replace, standardization.

Bronze Bushing, Brass Bushing ,and Copper Bearings Material

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