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Special Machinery

Customized complete bronze bushes solutions from a single source

From the idea and development through to the design and implementation of machines and facilities: At Machinery everything comes from a single source. This makes us a preferred partner for production solutions across a range of different sectors..


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Make your space useful and different

Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and modern interior designs all over the world.

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Grease lubrication

Brass Bronze Bushes selection.

We stand behind the quality of our Plain bushes products and brass bronze bushes.

Top Quality

Lifetime lubrication, freedom from maintenance.

Large Bearing

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

For shaft diameter

in mm

“Maintenance-free plain bearings.”


High precision components, systems and bronze bearing solutions.

bronze bushing

Oil lubrication groove design.

By providing high-precision bronze bushings and systems for engines, transmissions & chassis applications, as well as rolling and sliding bearing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, is successfully advancing its “Drive efficiently for the Future” strategy.

Supplier application.

With our suppliers, we strive for top class performance on behalf of our customers.

* Our enterprise, is one of the undisputed supplier of the highly competitive brass bronze bushes industry in china.

groove bronze bushing
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More brass bronze bushes products from china

Brass Bronze Bushes – Bronze Bushings Supplier from China-

Brass Bush,Heavy Duty Brass Bushes Supplier and Manufacturer,Brass Bronze Bushes,Rg7 Bronze Bearings,Standard Dimensions Made-to-order from china.The brass bronze bearings are produced with an grease groove type,As both the manufacturer of the self lubricating brass bushes providing oilless bearings parts services. Viiplus depends on precision components and assemblies to keep its in top condition.

Bronze bearings with lubrication grooves

One We Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include brass bush,Heavy Duty Brass Bushes,Heavy Duty Brass Bushings,Brass Bush Supplier, self-lubricating bronze bushings Exporter.

VIIPLUS was involved in early projects , our self-lubricating bronze bushing engineers still conduct this type of oilless parts material , taking us deeper into industry.

  • Flanged bearings with lubrication groove
  • Straight bearings with groove
  • Cylindrical bearings
  • Copper Sleeve Bearing
  • Bronze Wear Plate
  • Bronze Sliding Parts
  • Bronze Graphite Bearings


Bronze bearings are made from machined cast bronze material. Alloy is Rg7 Bronze Bearings Material.

suited for medium to heavy loads and withstand dirty environments excellent.

Brass bronze bushes

Oil Groove for Brass Bronze Bushes

Oil penetration is an essential part of the functionality of many bronze cast bearings. Both the oil hole and the grooves introduce the lubrication and distribute it appropriately on the bearing surface. Grooves are generally required for grease-lubricated bearings, since grease neither has the mobility of oil nor grease dissipates the generated frictional heat.

Oil grooves can be machined in many different styles. Each style is designed for optimal lubrication distribution for your unique application. Over the years, many companies have developed their own names for various styles of groove. We often receive inquiries from the customer who has an impression that can call a groove style that originally came from a bearing manufacturer that no longer exists.

Lubrication Brass Bronze Bushes

RG7 brass bronze bushes is intended to be lubricated for optimal life. All common greases and/or oils can be used.

Special manufacturing

Drawing bronze lube parts and special sizes can produced upon order.RG7 Brass Bushes can also be manufactured in other alloys. Please contact us for a quotation or more information.


  • Suitable for high loads
  • Multiple areas of us (universal bearing)
  • Long life
  • Wide temperature range


Forest machinery, pump housing parts, cylinder bearings, shipping & container industry etc.

Rg7 brass bronze bushes is simply a quality universal bearing that works for a variety of bearing applications.

Our innovations will be aboard upcoming projects.

Providing the best range of brass bronze bushes, bronze bushings, bronze bearings, bell bushings, self-lubricated bearings, gleitlager, and slide bushings with effective and timely delivery.

brass bronze bushes

Brass Bronze

  • High Quality

  • Custom Design