Food & Beverage Machinery Bushings

VIIPLUS self-lubricatng bushing bearings run longer under harsh operating conditions. That’s why they are especially well-suited to demanding requirements of extruders, mixers, peelers, breaders, deboners, slicers and other machines in food processing.Request A Free Quote.

Mechanical Processing

With the broadest range of products in the industry, VIIPLUS has solutions for mechanical processing thermal processing, and packaging and handling.

Because self-lubricating bearings have the characteristics of no or less oil, and do not contain harmful substances, so in the cleanliness and environmental requirements of strict textile machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, beverage machinery and other industries have obvious advantages.

Self-lubricating bearings are reliable performers in food conveyors; modular belt conveyors; wire belt conveyors and packaging machinery

Handling & Packaging

Reduce maintenance

Premium self-lubricating bronze bushing s tout longer operating lives, even in demanding environments.

Filling Machine Oilless Bushing

Filling machine self lubrication bearing bushings manufacture in the domestic , our company’s consistent purpose is “meticulous design , elaborate manufacture , painstaking management and sincere.”

Filling machinery and other packaging machinery of a variety of rotating sliding parts, can choose to include graphite bronze bushings and composite bushing of a variety of oilless bearings, no need for oil maintenance, keep the machine clean, to avoid pollution packaging products;Improve the reliability of the machine, wide application, good performance.

Improve food safety

Our self-lubricating bushings meet RoHs. You gain reliable operations with peak performance in critical machines.

Decrease unplanned downtime

Durable self-lubricating bearings and predictive maintenance can help you avoid sudden, expensive downtime.Avoid costly replacement with sliding sleeve designed to handle corrosion, thermal expansion and harsh chemicals.Eliminate downtime for mandatory cleaning or continuous Lubrication.

Increase overall productivity

Our self-lubricating bearings are designed for efficiency.You can maintain optimal uptime.

Longer Life, More Productivity

Featured Products and Services

  • Plain Bearings
  • Metal Bearings
  • Bronze Bushings
  • Brass Bearing
  • Cast Bronze Bushings
  • Self-lubricating Bushings
  • Polymer Coatings Bearings

Design partners in reliable tribology, VIIPLUS offers globally expertise in polymer coatings, plain bearings and self-lubricating bushings for friction reduction.official website:

High and low temperatures are among the demanding environments that viiplus self-lubricating bearings are designed to withstand. Our bearings, belts and chains provide reliable, uninterrupted service in ovens, fryers, boilers, steamers, coolers, freezers and chillers.

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