VIIPLUS Is a business unit working on the design self-lubricating bronze bushings, production sliding bearing, installation and marketing of hydraulic equipment oilless parts.

The company provides a complete set of sliding bearing solutions for hydraulic system users.The products are: gear pump aluminum base assembly, sleeve, side plate;Oil distribution disc, return disc and shaft sleeve for vane pump and plunger pump;Cylinder sleeve and so on.

Self-lubricating bearing products have been supplied in chassis walking mechanism, body parts, hydraulic components and other components.It includes bimetal boundary lubricated roll bearings, metal base self-lubricated bearings and metal plastic self-lubricated roll bearings.These bearing materials have excellent wear resistance and dust resistance under high load bearing conditions. At the same time, self-lubrication technology greatly extends the maintenance cycle of the bearing, improves the utilization rate of the equipment and reduces the maintenance cost.

Featured Products and Services

  • Plain Bearings
  • Metal Bearings
  • Bronze Bushings
  • Brass Bearing
  • Cast Bronze Bushings
  • Self-lubricating Bushings
  • Polymer Coatings Bearings

Our Self-lubricating Bearing Bushings Widely used in hydraulic pneumatic, forging machine tool industry, plastics machinery, lifting transportation machinery, port machinery, office, gym machinery, textile machinery, food packages, filling machinery, chemical machinery, printing and packaging, paper making machinery, automobile, railway vehicle, shipbuilding industry, machinery, metallurgical machinery, engineering machinery, etc.

Design partners in reliable tribology,VIIPLUS offers globally expertise in polymer coatings, plain bearings and self-lubricating bushings for friction reduction.official

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