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Gear Pump Bushing Design Supply Company, polytetrafluoroethylene

(PTFE) sliding layer!

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Customer Made Gear Pump Bushings Material

Bushing: Design

Surface: metal steel backing

Carbon Steel

Copper plated on both sides optional


Made in China

Gear Pump Bushing Size & Type Design

Bushings for Gear Pump

gear pump bushing

Customized Gear Pump Bushing

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PTFE self lubricating bushing

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Low-friction Pump Bushings – Gear Pumps & Motors |


Wide Range of Gear Pump Bushing Applications

Gear pumps bushings are used in many applications:

  • The chemical industry
  • The automotive industry
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction machinery
  • Foodstuff engineering
  • Machine tool manufacture

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Gear pump bushing design completed reliably from start to finish

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Gear Pump bushing bearings: bushing blocks offer quiet operation, reduced energy losses & improved volumetric efficiency especially in the medium.

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Your Customized Gear Pump Bushings Solution

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gear pump bushing diagram
Gear Pump Bushing Manufacturing – Made In The China

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Gear Pump Bushing Supply

Professional manufacture & design team at from China.

Custom-made Gear Pump Bushings

Customized gear pump bushings meet different customer’s request.

Gear Pump Bushing Projects

Lubricating Bushing, Protect your pump with these wear parts.

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Lubricating Bushing Supplier

With our gear pump bushings solutions department, we offer numerous global companies in the technological fields product solutions that, thanks to their unique added value, set new standards in terms of service life, wear resistance or temperature resistance.

pump bushing
gear pump bushing dimensions

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gear pump bushings
Gear Pumps bushing
pump bushing
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Gear Pump Bushing

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Lubricating Bushing Features

Long-lasting, Self-lubricating Hydraulic Pump Bearing & Gear Pump Bushing professionally developed bearings can meet the special application requirements of the fluid power industry. Under high loads and high speeds, bronzelube’s solutions are stable and reliable, and support most fluid power applications.

Gear Pump Bushings Characteristics

  • Aluminum bearing alloy widely used in external gear pumps and motors
  • High strength aluminum alloy with anti-friction and wear resistance properties
  • Suitable for use with oil lubrication
  • High load capacity
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good friction
  • Excellent machinability

Gear pump bushings Bearing forms made to order:

High performance lubricating bushings engineered solutions and designs with or without assembled bearings according to customers’ requirements.

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Latest Reliable & Safe Gear Pump Bushing

External gear pumps and motors assembled with hydraulic gear pump bushings are widely used in many sectors, such as construction, agriculture, automotive and material and chemical handling equipment.

Built with few components, these reliable, lightweight and robust pumps offer excellent performance in volumetric efficiency. When mounted with low-friction gear pump bushing bearings, they can provide fixed flow efficiencies of more than 95% for hydraulic systems.

Gear Pump Bushing Main Application

Industrial & Automotive: Hydraulic external gear pumps and motors

cylinders bushings-structure

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