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The specialist for manufacturing and supply marine bush bearings. Slide Bearings. Radial/axial bushing bearings. Thrust Washer. Highlights: Highly Qualified Staff Available.

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We have the latest self-lubricating bearings measurement and quality-assurance systems to guarantee high quality of entire production.

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Modern design individual box securely protects the sliding bearings.

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Marine & ShipInnovation Self-lubricating Bearings Solution

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Viiplus’ marine self-lubricating bearings bush solutions are designed to provide easy, reliable, cost-efficient products and services that are intended to keep operations running smoothly. With a full portfolio of high-quality components, including the trusted bushing and bearing products, together with access to marine bush-dedicated engineering and technical team, we are confident that together we can make a real difference to your self-lubricating bearings bush business.

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Smart, safe, and emission-compliant marine bush solutions


Our company is a professional self-lubricating bearing manufacturer integrating bearing design, research and development, manufacturing, and trade. 

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  • Reduced maintenance and operating cost
  • Reliable – reduces drydockings
  • Proven performance in workboats
  • Easy machining and installation
  • Quick Delivery
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High-Performance Bearing Bush Products That Have Earned Your Trust.

Experience. Performance. Service. – produces and supplies full range of industrial and marine bush bearings globally

We design a complete range of non-polluting sliding bearing and bushings solutions for the global marine, hydro power, pump, and industrial markets. Our engineering and technical service teams along with our global distributor network will work with you from design to install to guarantee that your needs are met.

In addition to producing national standard bearings, we can also customize bearings to meet the special needs of customers.
Customize bearings according to the drawings or dimensions you provide.
And the sample customization you provided.
And will provide you with one-to-one technical guidance consultants, and provide you with technical support for bearing production and use.

We look forward to sincere cooperation with you. Looking forward to your inquiry, please leave messages to us, we’ll contact you asap!

PTFE dry sliding bushings

Bronze Backed Bushings

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Dry Sliding Bushings

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Bronze Bushings

Bearings that have. Nothing more to proven

Customized Plain Bearing Solutions For Marine Industry

The ocean is a silent carrier of history and culture and an important channel for international logistics.

Because ships sail on the water for a long time, all equipment and machinery are required to be wear-resistant and able to resist sea breeze and sea water erosion. Self-lubricating bearings bush, as one of the important parts of ship machinery, are related to the operation of ships, especially deck equipment bearings.

Wide assortment of industrial, automotive, agricultural slide bushing bearings.

In order to promote the development of water transport, the engineers have developed a variety of plain bearings bush suitable for marine machinery by using exquisite technology to use PTFE fiber and high-strength fiber filled internal lubricant and high-temperature epoxy resin as sliding layer, and high-strength bushing material as bearing layer.

  • Extreme carrying capacity and dry friction free maintenance performance -Swing and rotating mechanism of ship windlass
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust – Lifting system for life-saving equipment
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Innovating And Cost Saving –  Sliding Bearings Solutions For Marine

High performance self-lubricating bearings and technical solutions can work with less oil or no oil lubrication at all, reducing pollution to the environment.

Our wide range self-lubricating bearings and technical solutions offer low friction, corrosion resistance and no maintenance, which significantly reduces system wear and extends component life, thereby reducing maintenance costs and reducing pollution.

All Bushing Bearings Manufacturing Is Consistent Quality – Download Our Catalog! Production and Supply – Wide Range of Industrial, Flange and Self-lubricating Bearings Globally. Technical Support. Quality and Precision. Developed Logistics. Team of Professionals.

Custom Engineering,  Self-lubricating Bearings Solutions

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We produce and supply industrial, slide oilless bearings.

  • Selecting the right dry sliding bearings product for your marine application.
  • Engineering the proper installation.
  • Establishing an effective maintenance program.
  • Keeping your vessel operating cost effectively.

Benefit for marine industry: Sliding bearing does not swell or distort in water; does not delaminate or distort under higher loads; does not corrode; does not require lubrication; is resistant to oils and fuels; bearings are easy to fit and remove; prolongs shaft life.


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Your Partner For Standard And Special Bearings For All Bushings & Bearings

Our company has strong technical strength, excellent processing equipment and complete testing equipment to ensure quality of self-lubricating bearings.

Marine bronze bearing

1) Material: Bronze
2) Used with sealing apparatus
3) Remark: The rubber bushing is suggested to be used when the lubricatin medium of stern tube is water

We mainly produce sliding bearings used in marine products: Propeller shaft, intermediate shaft, coupling, rudder stock, rudder blade, hydraulic nut etc.

Bronze Bushings in  Marine Applications
Marine equipment
Shafts (propeller shafts)
Port hole rings
Transducer nuts
Ornamental fixtures
Submarine/Torpedo parts
Ship trimmings
Marine hardware
Bushings and bearings
Marine engine parts
Ship building (in general)
Valves (in contact with sea water)
Pump bodies
Marine components
Outboard motor components
Lock washers


Our standard self-lubricating bearings parts is just what you are looking for!

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When you choose a bearings bush solution, you also need to have the people to keep the that vision moving forward.

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Our innovative plain bearings technology that can build what you need will ensure your business continues to be effective.

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Self-lubricating polymer bearing solutions reduce operating costs, provide long wear life, eliminate oil and grease, and endure abrasive conditions. Sourcing From

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