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Plain bearing selecting: Introduces the plain bearing material, structure and key techniques of expert based on self-lubricating bearing technology.

Bearing Selection

In selecting bearings, the most important thing is to fully understand the operating conditions of the bearings.

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Learn more about self-lubricating plain bearings from, designed for maximum service life in extreme industrial conditions with very low cost.

In industry, quality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are all important factors in choosing plain bearings products.

plain bearing design and selection
    • Self-lubricating and maintenance-fre
    • No minimum order cost or quantity
    • Wear-resistant in dusty and dirty environments
    • Corrosion-resistant, good edge-load resistance

Self-Lubricating, Maintenance-Free, Longer Service Life For Plain Bearings Bush

With the same size compared to other types of bearings, such plain bearings friction coefficient is small, extreme high speed, high precision, when a user selection of the preferred plain bushing bearing type.

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Designing a true maintenance-free sliding bushings

Specialist in developing high performance self-lubricating bearings, cast bronze bushings, plain bearings bush PTFE/POM material, graphite bronze bushings, metal & bimetal bushings bearing solutions.

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It’s time to learn the guide of plain bearing design and selection!

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Reduce costs, improve plain bushing & bearing technology! The use of high quality bearing components is essential in any equipment in any field.From automobile to household equipment, from production equipment to electronic equipment, can use more cost-effective engineering plain bearings plastic sliding parts. As an expert in high-performance self-lubricating plain bearings, we can help you with your continuous improvement through telephone and online.

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Plastic Plain Bearings vs POM or Other Material

It is not easy to compare the performance of a variety of different engineering plastics and find a suitable one for bearings.

First look at the composition of the plain bearings plastic, the second step to compare the plain bearings bush material properties of the table.


POM usually refers to is not pure POM, pure POM can not meet the requirements of bearing life.

plain bearing design POM material
plain bushings long service life

Self-lubricating sliding bearing with appropriate material

Which material is the better bearing material?

Life calculation, real data obtained from actual wear tests.

Free, open online computing tools. You can compare more than 60 different plain bearing materials, from low cost to high end different plastic polymers, easily find the right plain plastic bearing for your application.

Self-lubricating, Long service life. Reasonable Plain Bearing Price Sourcing Online.

Out of all the bearing types available, plain bearings tend to the be the least expensive.

Why is plain bearing life and reliability often more important than bearing price?

If several plain bearings can meet the speed and load requirements you need, then the next thing to do is to compare the bearing prices.

Please do not just compare plain bearing prices, because in terms of long-term costs, the cost of bearing failure is usually much higher.

Metal bearings replacement
agriculture sliding bearings

Knowing how long a plain bearing will work is priceless

The use cost of bearings depends on mechanical equipment, sometimes it is huge.

For these applications that bring high use costs due to bearing damage, it is very valuable to know in advance how long the bearing can last, and it is also an important factor to bring long-term use to your equipment and reduce the comprehensive cost.

Replacing old bearings and installing new ones is a complex process.

More popular plain bearings material worldwide with excellent price/performance ratio

  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Loss-lessness
  • Cost-effectivness
  • Environmental Friendliness

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