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  1. Meet the requirements of demanding and maintenance-free;
  2. Self-lubrication under long-term use conditions to meet the cost control requirements;
  3. Rotation, oscillation and linear reciprocating motion under the conditions of high load and low speed;
  4. Use in situations where traditional lubrication cannot be reached or is prohibited;
  5. Long-term stable use under special working conditions such as dust, impact load or irradiation.

Advantages of self-lubricating bearings

  1. No oil supply device, oil injection hole, oil tank processing and other costs, can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost.
  2. The reduction of the cost of sports greatly reduces the amount of lubricating oil and the maintenance cost of equipment, and also eliminates the risk caused by insufficient oil supply.
  3. Shortening design time Oil-free can greatly simplify design and structure, reduce cost and save design time.
  4. In addition, the use of self-lubricating bearings can also improve the mechanical performance, prolong the service life and improve the reliability and other aspects of significant results.
  5. Recycling and environmental protection of lubricating oil requires no waste oil recycling treatment, which is conducive to environmental protection.

Self-lubricating bushings (non-lubricating bushings) consist of one of the four basic compositions:

  • Strong bronze cast with solid lubricants
  • Bronze coated bushes
  • Bronze powder with steel material
  • Sintered bronze

self lubricating bronze bushing

Self-lubricating bushings are used where excessive friction is a concern.

Self-Lubricating Bushings is suitable for such high-load, low-speed, high-temperature applications such as: iron and steel manufacturing equipment, automotive machinery, injection molding machines, food processing, paper, chemical and textile machinery and other heavy industrial applications.

  • Self lubrication capacity and extremely long life
  • High load, anti-wear and low-friction attributes
  • Suitable for extreme temperatures and low speed
  • Chemical resistant and anti-corrosive
  • Suitable for reciprocating, oscillating or intermittent motion where it is difficult to form an oil film

Bearing manufacturer Viiplus specializes in providing the perfect bearing, including plain bearings, sliding bearings, bronze bushings and self-lubricating bearings to maximize performance and efficiency for the industry worldwide. , using the best materials, such as solid lubricant with its exclusive and advanced manufacturing technologies.

What makes a system self-lubricating?

  • Lubrication is an integral part of the bearing material.
  • Lubrication (usually oil or grease) is NOT added to the original bearing design.
  • Lubrication will NOT break down and be ineffective over time (lubricant aging).
  • Lubrication is applied evenly to the surface of the shaft.
  • The additional components do not increase the cost of the overall system.

The self-lubricating sintered bearing is a high porosity metal component (20-25% by volume) impregnated with lubricating oil.

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