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Bearings For Food Applications – Self Lubricating teflon bearing

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When corrosion resistance and maintenance-free characteristics are required,

a stainless steel on PTFE teflon material Spherical Plain Bearing.

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Our engineers collaborate with your design team to customize a composite solution that meets the needs of your application.



Straight Bushing Custom Design

Corrosion resistance for dry and/or wet environments


Metric Flange size

Design Flexibility. High strength. Light weight. Large or small size.

PTFE material

Low coefficient of friction, coupled with high load bearing capacity.

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Morbi lobortis netus ac eget at montes.

Carrot planter bushing design: offers high quality of PTFE lined plain bearings, collar bushings and washers starting at ID Ø2mm up to Ø300 mm. Select the required plain bearing teflon coated dimensions below and order online for immediate delivery.

Sowing is the most important production link in the process of agricultural production, seeder can according to the agronomic requirements, accurately send seeds, chemical fertilizer to the seed bed, it not only greatly reduce the labor intensity of farmers, but also can save seeds, grab agricultural time, improve the quality of sowing, for farmers to increase production and income provides a reliable guarantee.

The operation principle of the seeder is to drive the seed platoon and fertilizer platoon through the transmission system, according to the requirements of the amount of fertilizer will be from the seed fertilizer box into the seed platoon and fertilizer platoon to the seed trench and fertilizer trench opened by the trencher, then the soil covering device, the compaction of the seed bed, to complete the sowing operation.

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Do you have a special application in which you use self-lubricating bushings plain bearings?

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Engineering Section for Plain Bearings:

Agricultural sprayer is a kind of machine to disperse the liquid, which is a kind of pesticide application machinery. It mainly has the following three working principles:

  • Man-driven sprayer relies on hydraulic force, namely hydraulic pressure, through which the liquid is pumped out.
  • Pneumatic sprayer spray by air flow, can carry out low and trace spray. Compared with the hydraulic sprayer, the droplet uniformity is better and the droplet size is smaller, so it can carry out drift or targeted spray.
  • Centrifugal sprayer is a spray instrument which disperses or atomizes the liquid by the centrifugal force when the centrifugal nozzle rotates at high speed. The spray droplet size is relatively uniform, the droplet diameter is adjustable, the centrifugal nozzle speed is high, and the droplet is small. It can spray pesticide with greater viscosity. Can be used for ultra-low volume spray and low volume spray.

Unique design solutions to complex problems: your supply chain for Bushing

Lower bearing, self lubrication bushing & maintenance costs

Stainless Teflon Bearing For Carrot Harvester

Carrot harvester, consisting of a head, a transmission and a carriage. The front end of the “manipulator” to uproot the carrots, through the caterpillar to deliver the carrots to the car, in the process of cleaning up the carrots with mud.


A Flexible Design Allows For An Optimized Performance Tailored To You Made For You, So You Can Make Moves

Agricultural machinery is often in heavy load, vibration, impact of the bad environment work, the reasonable use and maintenance of bearings is very important. The sliding bearings supplied by us are very suitable for high speed and heavy load agricultural machinery operations with huge impact and vibration because of their large bearing capacity, reliable operation, impact resistance, vibration absorption and splitting.

Specializes in the design and manufacture of PTFE lined sliding bearings!


Longer Lasting Harder Working, Performance Stability Across A Wide Range Of Temperatures

Self-lubricating bearing solutions are not only suitable for planters, sprinklers, harvesters, but also for a variety of agricultural equipment, such as tractors, excavators, lawn mowers, weeding machines, micro-tillers, etc. The liner systems for self-lubricating bearings do not require supplemental lubrication. The polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) teflon fibers in the liner act as the lubricant. When a bearing is operated, the pressure and movement of the inner ring shears PTFE teflon from the liner system. As the bearing operates, the PTFE teflon is burnished into the metal and also into the liner surfaces, thereby reducing the coefficient of friction. After the coefficient of friction becomes sufficiently low, no further PTFE is sheared from the liner. Through continued use, some PTFE on the surfaces may exit the bearing. When this occurs, friction increases and more PTFE is sheared from the liner and deposited on the ring and liner surfaces.



Stainless steel Teflon bearing bushings for combine harvester:

“The bearings met expectations and the material composition of the teflon bearings bushings was all round better suited to the application.”

Combine harvester bushing

Rely on the most complex farming machine

Robust bearing and self-lubricating teflon bearings solutions enable more uptime when farmers need it most.

A company is using teflon bearing bushings on six pivot points in its combine headers, which are designed for cutting crops such as beans.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Teflon Bushing Rated for heavier loads then bronze bushings. Instead of using oil-impregnated bronze or rubber-encased bushings, the company opted for teflon self-lubricating steel bushings, which are rated for heavier loads, easier to install, less expensive, and longer lasting. They are also better suited to the harsh environmental conditions, since they are completely dry running and dirt resistant.

The fabric provides high compressive strength while the resin/ PTFE wear coating provides the low coefficient of sliding friction. The bond side of the liner is coated with a high temperature resin only. Stainless steel-backed bushing a woven fabric where PTFE fibers are woven with other supporting and bondable fibers. The process used to produce the PTFE fibers results in a fiber, which has 25 times the tensile strength of that of the base resin. The weave of the fabric exposes the PTFE fibers on the working surface. The supporting fibers are interwoven with the PTFE fibers and are predominantly exposed on the surface that is bonded. This construction provides positive locking of the PTFE fibers for strength and resistance to cold flow. It also provides a high-strength bond to the backing material of the bearing. It provides positive locking of the PTFE fibers for strength and resistance to cold flow; a bearing surface, that is almost entirely PTFE; and a high strength surface, that is bonded to the backing material of the bearing.

Porous metal materials are bearing materials made of different metal powders by pressing and sintering. The material is porous, with pores accounting for about 10%~35% of the volume. Before use, the bearing bush is impregnated in hot oil for several hours, so that the pores are full of lubricating oil. Therefore, bearings made of this material are usually called oil-bearing and have self-lubricating properties.

When working, due to the suction effect of the rotation of the journal and the expansion of the oil when the bearing is heated, the oil enters the friction surface for lubrication; When not working, because of the capillary action, the oil will be sucked back to the inner bearing, so for a long time, even without lubricating oil can still work very well. If regular oil supply, the use effect is better.

But the toughness of porous metal material is small, only suitable for stable no impact load and medium and low speed. Commonly used are porous iron and porous bronze. Porous iron is commonly used to make mill bushings, machine tool oil pump bushings, internal combustion engine CAM bushings, etc. Porous bronze is used to make bearings for record players, electric fans, textile machinery and car generators.

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“Our productivity with the new stainless steel bushing increased 75 % without the hassle of finding use for the remnant metal material. The new teflon bushing is amazing!”

Lisa Smith, ThemeFusion

“We save at least 50 percent setup time using stainless steel bushing material. And by using teflon bushing with self-lubricating material, our job set up time is often cut in half.”

Melissa Greene, ThemeFusion

“We use a setup that replaces the teflon fabric bearings with stainless steel. Our parts are more resistant to corrosion. Reduced replacement time.”

Sam Lewis, ThemeFusion

“Great customer service. Quick deliveries. Quality stainless steel bushing bearings products.” “Quality parts (even custom bearings) delivered at good price, every time.”

Ben Springer, ThemeFusion

“This is why I came to china, to see the self-lubricating bushing factory plant. I love your bearings.”

Hannah Lennan, ThemeFusion

“Service and self-lubricating bushing support is top notch.” “always ready to answer any questions I have and even If he can’t, he finds out and gets back to me ASAP.”

Sarah Roberts, ThemeFusion



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Use teflon bushing bearings to promote the mechanization of carrot industry.

Services: Custom Design, Engineering Support, Short Lead Times.

Stainless-Teflon Bearing, Teflon Bushing for Automotive: tractors, combines, crop sprayers, earthmovers, and road graders. Plain Bearing Bushes PTFE lined. Composite bearing bush, steel backing, tin plated to reduce corrosion, porous sintered bronze and PTFE coating. Coating. With the improvement of material life, more and more people begin to praise the concept of healthy life, and beta-carotene begins to enter people’s vision. This nutrient found in carrots is A major source of vitamin A, which promotes growth, prevents bacterial infections, and protects epidermal tissues and epithelial cells such as the respiratory, digestive and urinary systems. Carrot, originally from Afghanistan in western Asia, was introduced to China through Iran in the 12th century. Up to now, the planting area of carrots in China accounts for about 40% of the total planting area of carrots in the world, and the total output accounts for more than 33%. It is worthy of being the world’s largest carrot producing country. However, in the process of carrot production, there have been many problems, such as excessive labor, high labor intensity and low efficiency. Especially in the planting and harvesting links, these two links accounted for more than 65% of the total cost of carrot manual operation, accounting for 30% of the total cost of production, the amount of labor accounted for more than 60% of the total amount of labor. In order to realize the vision of increasing crop yield, increasing agricultural efficiency and increasing farmers’ income, it is a key step to promote the whole-process mechanization of carrot production! Bronzelube understands the importance of this for agriculture and people’s livelihood and contributes a full range of tribology solutions and bearing products for industrial mechanization. Self-lubricating bearings are widely used in production machinery. It can be widely used to drive all kinds of machine equipments like machine tool, pump, fan, compressor, transport machine, agriculture machine, food machine and so on.